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The most confusing thing is they make the Cover just like a new original. But may they did best is the cover things.
posted a comment on 山崎ハコ* - 綱渡り. 7 days ago
Hedy dude . What's the Difference between 2 release? Only Cover?
posted a comment on 大村憲司*, 渡辺香津美*, 森園勝敏* & 山岸潤史* - Guitar Work Shop. 2 months ago
Is This a Live Album or just a collection?
wondering it.
posted a comment on Yussef Dayes, Alfa Mist Ft Mansur Brown - Love Is The Message. 7 months ago
Best Of The Year! Super Chill and let me Drunk.
posted a comment on Yoshinao Nakada, Meiko Miyazawa - Suite for Piano "Time" & Suite for Piano "Light and Shadow". 9 months ago
現代日本の音楽名盤1300 – 19
what does this mean? who whote this Ranking?
posted a comment on 現代日本の音楽名盤1300. 9 months ago
現代 日本 の 音楽 名盤 1300
what's these mean?
19/1300 ?
who whote it?
posted a comment on Thad Jones - Mad Thad. 9 months ago
Wired. <Mad Thad> and <Quincy, Thad, Jimmy, Jo, Eddie And Elvin ‎(LP)> diff cover and name. but same Album same songs.
posted a comment on Traffic - On The Road. 9 months ago
Same Cover, Diff songs. and others are 2*LP this is 1LP.
Gat means Gatefold Los Angeles Pressing ?
posted a comment on Seawind - Seawind. 10 months ago
Two same name Album. This one is orignal. The other seawind is too slow cant feel any Funk power.
posted a comment on Yumi Yamagata - Néo Classique = ネオ・クラシック. 10 months ago
There's no 11-13 tracks in LP version. so this should be CD track.
posted a comment on Eugen Cicero - Plays Schubert. about 1 year ago
Wondering why images doesn't shows. .... .. . .. . ..
submitted Eugen Cicero - Plays Schubert. about 1 year ago
submitted Eugen Cicero - Piano Solo. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on The Modern Playing Mate - The Modern Playing Mate. about 1 year ago
Kimiko Kasai wit Yuzuru Sera. What a Team! I want it !
posted a comment on Yuming = 松任谷由実* - No Side = ノーサイド. about 1 year ago
This Cover has a highly reflectings. It shows every camera and hands upon it. And funny thing is I was cheated as every Cover has a diff hand printed.
posted a comment on Yuzuru Sera & His "Young" Friends - Swing On Birdland. about 1 year ago
Mari Nakamoto is a Big One. By Yuzuru Sera's name a little less famous than Mari Nakamoto.
posted a comment on Kimiko Kasai - Thanks, Dear. about 1 year ago
What's Diff on Promo version? I found nothing from the images but sample version lebel.
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My Lebel said | AML 182 (SP 4141) |
The font size in parentheses is very small
like another Misprint type.
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Same question. So it edited by now. I haven't listen yet, is J-Pop right?
submitted Mikio Masuda - Smokin' Night. about 1 year ago
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Special Thanks To: (1) God (2) The Cat For Sitting Still
(3) Clive For Being In Florida For His Aunt's Wedding
submitted あべ静江* - Discography. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on 石黒ケイ* - ものがたり. about 1 year ago
Her Voice is deeply and emotional. Why I cant find her profile or detailed artist page.
These songs are beautiful !
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Notes was sweet thx for the tip 。 。 。
posted a comment on Terry Herman Trio - Blue Stardust. about 1 year ago
What a Great Cover! Nippon's Trio band. Rare to found.
posted a comment on Herbie Hancock - Head Hunters. about 1 year ago
Every disc page has a relative album to this disc. I know this one is a god like album.
And I just get a 180gram RE for this. So cheap. What a gift for Lucky fast speed hands.