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I have the 3X 8-track box set of this. Will create a separate entry for it some day.
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Additional note : MCA-451 comes with lyric insert sheet. USA pressing.
posted a review of XTC - Drums And Wires. 4 months ago
What a great album! Wasn't that familiar with this before I picked it up today for a dollar. Get it!
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Per Tony Visconti himself, he (TV) also produced B7 "Let Me Sleep Beside You" even though that is not noted on this album cover. TV believes this might be his first production for David Bowie.
posted a comment on Roberta Flack - Killing Me Softly. 7 months ago
I have Matrix variation
ST-A-732915-H PR-P AT
ST-A-732915-L PR

Don't know if this deserves a new entry, or adding a variation to an existing entry.
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I have a CD that is pressed/labelled by Rhino as "Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasons 25th Anniversary" disc #3... that is actually this Steve Miller Band album, "Book of Dreams". It was sent to the radio station I worked at as part of a Frankie Valli ... See full review
submitted Hot New Singles - The Sound Of Breaking Hearts. 8 months ago
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I believe the release number on this entry is also transposed and should be 314 519 798-2 and NOT 314 519 789-2 as shown. There were no photos on this entry to verify this transposition, so I didn't change it in the database.
posted a comment on Robert Wyatt - Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard. 8 months ago
I don't see it mentioned here - but the back cover of my copy (in hand) is rotated 90 degrees from the front cover's orientation. Don't know if this is part of all copies or if it's an anomaly.
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Copy I have in hand - the vinyl slides into the cover from the top (above JOURNEY) and not from the right side. Don't know if this is worth noting on the entry proper.
posted a comment on Heldon - Third "It's Always Rock'n'Roll". 8 months ago
Copy I have that I purchased in 1975 has the Disjuncta labels (no mention of URUS) on the vinyl, but the URUS name on the spine and bottom left of back cover. It's kinda a hybrid Disjuncta vinyl with URUS cover.
submitted Claude Bolling, Angel Romero (2), George Shearing - Concerto For Classic Guitar And Jazz Piano / Five Spanish Works For Solo Guitar. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Paul Collins' Beat - The Kids Are The Same. 8 months ago
I have promo copy. Matrix variation
Side One: PAL-36794 2G Wally Mastered by Capitol
Side Two: PBL-36794 2D Wally Mastered by Capitol
posted a comment on Jobriath - Creatures Of The Street. 8 months ago
Added Matrix from copy I bought in 1974:
Side One:
l 7E1010 A-2 SX
Side Two:
l 7E1010 B SX
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Matrix on the Promo Copy I have in hand:
posted a comment on The Young Rascals - Groovin'. 8 months ago
I think the "3" at the end of these matrix entries are actually sideways "W"s. Like the "AT" is sideways.
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This CD release Peter Gabriel - So includes a 12 page lyric booklet
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This might actually be a UK version. See the photo of the inside the gatefold label.
posted a comment on Genesis - ...And Then There Were Three.... 9 months ago
My copy matches the "RI" on the label. However the matrix on mine differs:
ST-A-784045-CCC-1-11 PRC (PR) on side one
ST-A-784046-CCC-1-111 PRC (PR) on side two
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Could the "YY" in ST-2-11532-J-8 2 ✲ YY
actually be JAY in script?
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Copy I bought when released in 1974 has simple matrix runouts:

Side 1: CHR-1067 31818-RE-1 PORKY
Side 2: CHR-1067 31819-RE-1 PECKO

No other markings of pressing plant or anything else
posted a comment on Jethro Tull - Too Old To Rock N' Roll: Too Young To Die!. 9 months ago
My copy (bought new when it was released) has slightly different run-outs, but I think this is the same version?

Side one: CHR-1-1111-W3 L@W3
Side Two: CHR-2-1111-W2 (was W1, with #2 scratched over the 1, or vice versa)
posted a comment on Big Country - The Crossing. 10 months ago
The copy that I bought in 1983 has HRM in matrix but no "53" on labels. Also has textured, embossed cover which is not mentioned for this entry.
submitted Bruford - One Of A Kind. about 1 year ago
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Typo on Side One label of the copy I have:
Track 1. "AINT'T" instead of "AIN'T" (has two TTs)
posted a comment on Pharoah Sanders - Elevation. about 1 year ago
Curious why the images of the cover have such a blue tint. Camera error? My copy's cover is grayish / pale lavender.
posted a review of Cris Williamson - The Changer And The Changed. over 2 years ago
I only recently became aware of Cris Williamson due to a story on NPR. Found this LP and "Portrait" at a local record store so I picked them up. Wonderful voice, thoughtful compositions, top-notch production. A nice new folk-rock discovery for my ... See full review
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Could this be a different Charly Records than the one attached to this listing??
posted a comment on Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Damn The Torpedoes. over 2 years ago
Matrix runout I have is slightly different than noted here.

Mine reads:
Side one MCA-2015-DJ-SS1
Side two MCA-2016-DJ-SS1

(the SS numbers are the same on both sides)
submitted All Night Chemists - Spots. over 2 years ago
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ditto ditto - my barcode is the 0 20831-3671-2 93 one, NOT the one listed for this entry. All other information in this listing is very close to my copy. Perhaps I should post a new entry. My copy also has 24 page booklet with lyrics, notes, and photos.
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Where is "Published By as Alucard Music" on the cover? I don't see that anywhere on my copy. Mine has the spaceship labels with the "Excellency Music" text, but no Alucard anywhere. Just curious as I'm trying to pin-point what version I have. I bought it ... See full review
posted a comment on David Bowie - Scary Monsters. over 3 years ago
No stamps with my copy and I bought it new when it was released.
But my matrix is a bit different... just slightly... i.e. no "brackets" around anything. "Sterling" is a stamp, but there's some etched initials or something elsewhere in the matrix. Tough ... See full review