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Turntable Ready Records

Our used records are handpicked and selected with our collection and customers in mind. After a brief visual inspection they are turntable checked for any storage warping and/or any significant mishandling by the previous owner. They then are then ultrasonically cleaned for a minimum of 15 mins in an eco-friendly solution that we make in-house including hepastat which is a hospital-grade disinfectant-cleaner praised for it’s anti-static purposes, triton x-100 a commonly used detergent in many laboratories, Isopropyl alcohol and deionized water. The records are then transferred to our VC-S2 which is a premium record cleaning machine supplied to us by Pro-Ject. Its powerful suction cleans away any possible dust or debris left behind and vacuums up all the solution from the previous step. From there the records are set in a drying rack before being placed into anti-static archival sleeves. All record jackets are cleaned with a soft microfiber towel to remove any dust or buildup and then placed in a new 3 millimeter sleeve. If there are any special artifacts such as lyric inserts, merch sheet, posters, photos…etc, they are carefully placed behind the jacket along with the cleaned record for a safe arrival on your doorstep.


We ship all orders next day M-F using professional packing materials using products from Uline & Bags Unlimited to protect your purchase and our hard work.

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