Hello Vinyl Maniacs!
Concerning my for sale list: i'm private "hobby seller", all the records are available and ready to ship immediately. Usually i ship the day after payment has arrived, sometimes the same day to.
As a vinyl addict myself, i will do anything possible to ship vinyls safe, always using new specific cardboard mailers, in the way to avoid terrific surprizes when stuff gets delivered.
Feel free to message me if you have any question open regarding the items i'm selling, but also about any other concerns regarding the music in general, if you like (you can also write at: blackflashrecords@gmail.com)

Also available a bunch of T-shirts, mostly new, listed below,
... and when in Berlin we can eventually arrange a meeting for trades or stuff.

T-Shirts list for sale/trade -- legend:
B = Black
W = White
Bp = With Backprint
Sp = Sleeveprint
XL or (S) = Sizes

New shirts:
Arts "Vault of heaven" by Antikillers/YA (S), #ed tag(9/33): multiprint on B.
Bitter American "7inch design" (M) : Gold on red.
Black Cobra "Logo"(L): silver on B; "Tentacles" & "Wolves" (both L): color on B.
Civilized "Negative Reflection" by Antikillers/YA (M), #ed tag: multiprint on B.
Crass "Field" (L) : B on nature.
Cursed: "Sheeps" (L): W on B; "He goat" (L): red on B.
Double Negative "Logo-split" (M): B on red.
Face Down In Shit "NPON" (XL), Bp: yellow on B.
Fucked Up "Generations" (M), Bp: black on orange.
G-Anx "Logo" (XL): W on B.
Hypnotics "LP backsleeve" (M) : Red/B on W.
Infest "Mankind" (XL): W on B.
Logic Problem "Euro-tour" (M + XL), yellow on grey.
Loser Life "Anarchy" (L): B on W.
Look Back And Laugh "Gig" (L), Bp: white on black.
Middle Class "Out of vogue"(M): black on yellow.
Neon Christ "Parental" (M) : B on grey.
Pulling Teeth "God free Youth" (M), Bp: color on blue.
Riistetyt "Lager" (S) : W on B.
Silvester Anfang "Ritual" (L) : W on B.
Skeletonwitch "Beyond the Permaflex" (S): color on B.
Sleep "Dopesmoker" (L), Bp: color on black.
S.O.B. "Logo" (XL): W on B.
Sourvein "Crow" (XL): silver on B.
SUNN 0))): "Black One" (M); "Grimm Robe Demos" (XL); "Oracolum" (S + M + L); all Bp, W on B.
The Ropes "Went gone/YA" (M): W on B.
Thrones "Bunny" - L or XL Bp: black/blue/silver on grey.
Wasted Time "Skeleton" (M + L): W on B; "Town" (M + L): grey on B.
White Cross "7inch logo" (S) : W on B.
Wolves In The Throne Room "Southern Lord" (M), Bp: gold on B.
Wretched "Lotta..."(L + XL); "Combattere..."(L + XL): W on B.

--- 2 diff. orig. Pushead-art (via Chaser/RIP): ---
"Skeletal" (L) still sealed, black on orange: full sized print!
"Septic Death" (XL) still sealed, white/black on black/blue, Bp: full sized print!

Used shirts (EX conditions, except noted):
Cada Um Tem "A tatuagem..." : W on B (M) - cheap!
Cocciolone "Mai piú..." B/Red on W (XL) - trashed but historical!
DK "Too drunk to fuck" : Red on B (M) - as new!
"Gegen Nazis!" : B on Grey (L) - very worn, old school print!
Heresy "Logo" (M) : W on B.
Ill Repute "What happens next" (S) : W on B - as new!
Madhouse: W on B (L) - trashed but cheap!
Meteors "Back in the jungle" : Orange on B (XL) - as new!
Misfit Society "Never follow" : W on B (L) - as new!
Motorhead "Ace of spades" (M) : W on B - as new!
Packebush HC/Punk Fest "2006": W on B (S), as new!
Pete At The Starclub "Reverse": W on B (S), as new!
"Potsdam": Silver on Bleu (M) - as new!
Signal Lost: W/Grey on B (L).
Straight Ahead "Lion" (M) : B on W.
Urban Waste "Logo" (M) : W on B - as new!
With Full Force HC/Punk Fest "2004": Color on B (L), as new.
JZO Sweatshirt w/Bp: W on B (L), as new.

Prizes may vary from item to item (i.e.: Wretched shirt is 10€, a Pushead one is way more expensive/best offer).
I've also done some baseball-caps with spray-painted logos (Infest, Fear, No Comment, ...), if you like.
Feel free to ask for more infos!
Recent Activity
posted a comment on Baader Brains - New Era Hope Colony Ep. 3 days ago
This "EP" is way longer than many other records listed as LPs. I find some listing strange, at least. Augh!
posted a comment on Swarm Of The Lotus - The Sirens Of Silence. 6 days ago
Does anybody know for what reason the two vinyl versions (but not the CD's) has been removed from the marketplace?
posted a comment on Ill Repute - What Happens Next. 7 days ago
'Wondering that nobody adds the info that the "Land of no toilets" EP tracks are included in this (probably nowadays it's more important to add/remove/change pictures all day long ...)
posted a comment on Motörhead - Ace Of Spades. 10 days ago
My copy was kind of noisy (way over average) from the beginning when it was new: wanted to ask if all copies are like this?
posted a comment on Various - Propaganda - Russia Bombs Finland. 11 days ago
Desperately looking for the insert of this (or a good copy) !
posted a comment on Various - Give Me Back. 13 days ago
One more time for all those to %$§!?&% to read carefully: this first press had a 12x12inch BOOKLET COVER, while the repress had a STANDARD COVER with BOOKLET INSERT on A4 format.
posted a comment on Various - Give Me Back. 13 days ago
so this has been released in 1991 ... ok, well ...
posted a comment on T.S.O.L. - Dance With Me. 16 days ago
Looking for the insert of this (or a good copy).
posted a comment on Government Issue - Joy Ride. about 1 month ago
The necessity of relisting the same records (part 756 ...) ...
posted a comment on Planes Mistaken For Stars - Fuck With Fire. about 1 month ago
Same thing with my turquoise-green copy, purchased around release date. Those infos are not very reliable immo.
posted a comment on Capitalist Casualties / Man Is The Bastard - Capitalist Casualties / Man Is The Bastard. about 1 month ago
This first pressing had an oversized fold-over sleeve, with the lyrics & infos printed on the inner side.
The repress has the standard pocket sleeve and insert.
posted a comment on MDC (2) - Millions Of Dead Children. 3 months ago
so on this there is a different track (Pecking order instead of Death of a nun) than on the original release?!... would be cool to add complete informations while listing stuff.
posted a comment on MDC (2) - Millons Of Dead Children . 3 months ago
kind of uncomplete ... are the songs on the vinyl also on the same order? (US edition is inverted on side-B)
posted a comment on Butthole Surfers - Hairway To Steven. 5 months ago
the necessity of re-listing the same records (part ...) :
posted a comment on Memory As Perfection / Scent Of Human History - Memory As Perfection / Scent Of Human History. 5 months ago
I have one on clear to. Supposedly 300 copies to fill up the classic 1000 copies press (tbc).
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Agnostic Front - United Blood E.P.. 5 months ago
+80 copies Vinnie Stiigma color wax edition super mega rare true NY/HC spirit (and i have all the copies!...)
posted a comment on Poison Idea - Feel The Darkness. 6 months ago
For sure there's another unofficial (german?) edition on red vinyl and with scratched out runouts, labeled American Leather. If i remember well this started to circulate around 2013.
posted a comment on No Tolerance - Boston Straight Edge. 6 months ago
Possible that this has been repressed? (just wondering that there's still this bunch for sale)
posted a comment on Blitz (3) - Voice Of A Generation. 7 months ago
Is this confirmed? I ask because i've purchased a copy today w/printed IS (no further inserts) in great conditions overall (just a bit basement-smelly...)
posted a comment on Ruinacre - Ruinacre. 8 months ago
"... all copies on clear vinyl ..." - except those on black vinyl.
posted a comment on MDC (2) - Millions Of Dead Children. 8 months ago
uh?!... kind of confused...: so the tracks on side-B of the two RRadical editions are inverted? (but has the same labels?... but different sleeves?...hmmhm)
posted a comment on Earth (2) - The Bees Made Honey In The Lion's Skull. 8 months ago
On the 2008 vinyl press the "leatherette" jacket was black (with hype sticker on shrink; on the 2014 pressing i.e., the jacket is brown and without the stticker).
posted a comment on Aus-Rotten - Anti-Imperialist E.P.. 8 months ago
the necessity to relist the same records... (part 436,000 ...)
posted a comment on Various - Off The Disk Records. 8 months ago
why is this tagged as "unofficial" release? (three more words...)
posted a comment on Vaccine (3) - Human Hatred. 8 months ago
5th press?!?... can anybody add more pressing infos on this?
posted a comment on Totalitär - Multinationella Mördare EP. 8 months ago
my copy has handwritten translated lyrics on a sheet with 2 office holes.
posted a comment on Forward (2) / Long Knife - Burning Spirits Long Knife Fatal Season Jjapanttour MMXV. 9 months ago
Not all the copies comes with stickers (i think such affirmation is false & tendencoius).
posted a comment on Cülo - Nuke Abuse. 9 months ago
My copy is on dark-grey with white&black splats: is all the regular press like that?
posted a comment on Herds - Spring b/w Katmai. 9 months ago
Why does this release not appear under the bands entry?!...
posted a comment on Melt-Banana / Three Studies For A Crucifixion - Melt-Banana / Three Studies For A Crucifixion. 9 months ago
so what really is the difference with the "silver" cover?!
posted a comment on Born Against / Suckerpunch - Alive With Pleasure / Suckerpunch. 9 months ago
the necessity of re-listing the same records (part eighty six ... thousand)
posted a comment on Black Flag - Damaged. 9 months ago
Looking for the spare cover of this: thanks in advance
posted a comment on Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing. 9 months ago
Supposedly on this edition there's not the "pay no more than 3,99" tag, only on the early (80's) ones.
posted a comment on Hummingbird Of Death - Goatmeal. 10 months ago
so this is a full lenght!?... okaaaeeeyy... (3 more words)
posted a comment on The Estranged - Static Thoughts. 10 months ago
has this never been repressed?!... 'wondering that such a good record still has this availability.
posted a comment on ZZZ Hacker - Kind, Sieh Da Nicht Hin!. 10 months ago
Can somebody do a copy of the insert? Would be cool!
posted a comment on Wretched - In Nome Del Loro Potere Tutto E' Stato Fatto.... 10 months ago
I think there were 2 pressings of 1000 copies each (tbc). Kind of difficult to get 1st hand infos as the members does'nt wanted to have anything to do with the band as soon as they quitted it. I got my copy in 1983 outside of the Virus (Milano) shortly ... See full review
posted a comment on Voicebox - Silence Lies. 10 months ago
Only the attitude is HC on this, the tunes surely not.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 10 months ago
posted a comment on Rudimentary Peni - Rudimentary Peni. 11 months ago
Can it be that some of this press cames with the 1st press sleeves? (my copy is more cardboard than paper...)
posted a comment on Orchid (3) - Orchid. 11 months ago
My copy has blank labels, is that standard?
2 more...
posted a comment on No Comment (3) - Common Senseless. about 1 year ago
Are all the copies of this in a very thin paper sleeve, or also in cardboard?
posted a comment on Mohinder - Transient Sequences. about 1 year ago
No, i'm not referring to the cover, as you can see i'm talking about the center hole...
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Heroin (3) - Heroin. about 1 year ago
Eight different edition of this... possible?!... 4 more words ohyeah
posted a comment on Bl'ast - Blood!. about 1 year ago
Possible that a part of the red vinyl press is without the 7"? (purchased this sealed, but there was no 7" anywhere...)