Hello Vinyl Maniacs!
Concerning my for sale list: i'm private "hobby seller", all the records are available and ready to ship immediately. Usually i ship the day after payment has arrived, sometimes the same day to.
As a vinyl addict myself, i will do anything possible to ship vinyls safe, always using new specific cardboard mailers, in the way to avoid terrific surprizes when stuff gets delivered.
Feel free to message me if you have any question open regarding the items i'm selling, but also about any other concerns regarding the music in general, if you like (you can also write at: blackflashrecords@gmail.com)

Anybody into collecting T-shirts?
If yes please get in touch and let me know your want or trade -list (sizes L or XL).
Here below a bunch mostly new, residues from my old distros, i want to get rid off, but i may have way more, so don't hesitate to contact me:

T-Shirts list for sale/trade -- legend:
B = Black
W = White
Bp = With Backprint
Sp = Sleeveprint
XL or (S) = Sizes

New shirts:
Arts "Vault of heaven" by Antikillers/YA (S), #ed tag(9/33): multiprint on B.
Bitter American "7inch design" (M) : Gold on red.
Black Cobra "Logo"(L): silver on B; "Tentacles" & "Wolves" (both L): color on B.
Cursed: "Sheeps" (L): W on B; "He goat" (L): red on B.
Double Negative "Logo-split" (M): B on red.
Face Down In Shit "NPON" (XL), Bp: yellow on B.
Fucked Up "Generations" (M), Bp: black on orange.
G-Anx "Logo" (XL): W on B.
Hypnotics "LP backsleeve" (M) : Red/B on W.
Infest "Mankind" (XL): W on B.
Logic Problem "Euro-tour" (M + XL), yellow on grey.
Loser Life "Anarchy" (L): B on W.
Look Back And Laugh "Gig" (L), Bp: white on black.
Middle Class "Out of vogue"(M): black on yellow.
Neon Christ "Parental" (M) : B on grey.
Pulling Teeth "God free Youth" (M), Bp: color on blue.
Riistetyt "Lager" (S) : W on B.
Silvester Anfang "Ritual" (L) : W on B.
Skeletonwitch "Beyond the Permaflex" (S): color on B.
Sleep "Dopesmoker" (L), Bp: color on black.
S.O.B. "Logo" (XL): W on B.
Sourvein "Crow" (XL): silver on B.
SUNN 0))): "Black One" (M); "Grimm Robe Demos" (XL); "Oracolum" (S + M + L); all Bp, W on B.
Thrones "Bunny" - L or XL Bp: black/blue/silver on grey.
Wasted Time "Skeleton" (M + L): W on B; "Town" (M + L): grey on B.
White Cross "7inch logo" (S) : W on B.
Wolves In The Throne Room "Southern Lord" (M), Bp: gold on B.
Wretched "Lotta..."(L + XL); "Combattere..."(L + XL): W on B.

--- 2 diff. orig. Pushead-art (via Chaser/RIP): ---
"Skeletal" (L) still sealed, black on orange: full sized print!
"Septic Death" (XL) still sealed, white/black on black/blue, Bp: full sized print!

Used shirts (EX conditions, except noted):
Cada Um Tem "A tatuagem..." : W on B (M) - cheap!
DK "Too drunk to fuck" : Red on B (M) - as new!
"Gegen Nazis!" : B on Grey (L) - very worn, old school print!
Ill Repute "What happens next" (S) : W on B - as new!
Madhouse: W on B (L) - trashed but cheap!
Meteors "Back in the jungle" : Orange on B (XL) - as new!
Misfit Society "Never follow" : W on B (L) - as new!
Motorhead "Ace of spades" (M) : W on B - as new!
Packebush HC/Punk Fest "2006": W on B (S), as new!
Pete At The Starclub "Reverse": W on B (S), as new!
"Potsdam": Silver on Bleu (M) - as new!
Signal Lost: W/Grey on B (L).
Straight Ahead "Lion" (M) : B on W.
Urban Waste "Logo" (M) : W on B - as new!
JZO Sweatshirt w/Bp: W on B (L), as new.

Prizes may vary from item to item (i.e.: Wretched shirt is 10€, a Pushead one is way more expensive/best offer), and as told, trades are welcome.
I've also done some baseball-caps with spray-painted logos (Infest, Fear, No Comment, ...), if you like.
Feel free to ask for more infos!
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posted a comment on Infest - Infest. 10 days ago
compliments! . . . . . . . . .
posted a comment on Negative Approach - Friends Of No One. 21 days ago
Probably the worst N.A. recordings ever surfaced . . .
posted a comment on Gray Matter (2) - Food For Thought. 23 days ago
Is this not exactly the same as that already listed 1990 edition (MPO, Made in France) ? Why relist?...
posted a comment on F.U.'s* - Kill For Christ. 30 days ago
Is that grey stripe on side two label (pic #4) on every copy?
posted a comment on Discharge - Why. about 1 month ago
so it is an unofficial release (asking because i have this one, thanks) ?
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Isis (6) - In The Absence Of Truth. about 1 month ago
'Wondering why this, as first pressing, is listed released in '07, while a bunch of other (later?) pressings, are listed released on '06: what's wrong?
posted a comment on Godspeed You! Black Emperor* - 'Allelujah! Don't Bend Ascend. about 1 month ago
Has this recently been repressed? Just wondering . . .
posted a comment on Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables. about 1 month ago
I have an italian pressing on Ariston with "PORKY PRIME CUT ß9" etched on runouts (sleeve seems to be same as the other two issued here): as it's not listed, does anybody have infos about this?
posted a review of Fuck Off - Carro Bestiale. about 1 month ago
this is a total illecit reproduction!
don't know what this character is trying to do with stuff he don't minimally has the connection!?...
posted a comment on Appendix - Money Is Not My Currency. about 1 month ago
Why is this labeled also as Propaganda?
Is there a Propaganda tag somewhere?
posted a comment on Critical Picnic - Critical Picnic. 2 months ago
A bunch of this (how many?) has "drawings" on the cover, hand made by label maker at release time.
posted a comment on The Bags - All Bagged Up: The Collected Works 1977-1980. 2 months ago
Thank you! (few more words . . . . .)
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posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
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posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Iron Lung - Savagery. 5 months ago
On the 1st picture one of the more "articulated" sleeves. Most of them are more simple and shows stamps of band and title only (as on pic.2).
posted a comment on Acrylics (2) - Structure. 5 months ago
There's also a repress with the band name printed on front of sleeve.
posted a comment on Poison Idea - War All The Time. 5 months ago
Sort of useless reissue, as there's still tons of the '16 version around.
posted a comment on Various - Sociopathic Mixtape Volume 5 . 6 months ago
I have ca. 1000 mixtapes, lovely home-compiled in this past decades: should i going to list 'em?... hm
posted a comment on Brainoil / Iron Lung - Brain Lung. 6 months ago
Is there any difference with the other/older entry? . . .
posted a comment on Floor (2) - Loanin' / Figbender. 7 months ago
So it seems that the correct date of this reissue of 500 copies on color, is 2008 (see comments on other entry) ? Please confirm.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 7 months ago
posted a comment on Exoteracy - Exoteracy. 7 months ago
My copy is on purple wax: are they all like that?
posted a comment on Leusemia - Leusemia. 7 months ago
It seems that the name of this band - at least at time of this release - was Leuzemia (not "Leusemia"), just look at the tape entry.
posted a comment on I Refuse It! / Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - Sfregio Permanente / Permanent Scare. 7 months ago
[quote=buddysrecords] Don't remember this version.. but Western Front was a tape label from France run by Gerard M who contributed early on to Max rnr etc so very likely he was in touch with these bands.. sells stuff on here as"gerardmiltz" (I think..... See full review
posted a comment on Big Boys (2) - Frat Cars. 8 months ago
Still wondering... as i have a Smilin Ear copy on black vinyl with printed sleeve/IS & labels (as on the yellow vinyl version, just on black): does anybody has infos about it?
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Various - No Core. 8 months ago
Looking for this: if anybody has a copy for sale/trade please contact me!
posted a comment on Old Man Gloom - Christmas Eve I & II + 6. 8 months ago
Is this not on that weird 3" cd format? ...
posted a comment on Total Control (13) - Henge Beat. 8 months ago
Not all pressing were identical: first had no barcode anywhere.
posted a comment on Rise Of Voltage - Time. 8 months ago
This is the band that features Dominik Paris on vocals, one of the greatest alpine-skyers of our days!
posted a comment on Mindrot - Live In The Studio Demo - February 1st, 1992. 8 months ago
My copy of this has a completely blank (white) shell.
posted a comment on Disarm (2) - Let's Take Politics Back. 8 months ago
i have a copy of their demo '96 cassette for sale/trade, if somebody is interested...
posted a comment on Concrete (5) - Concrete. 8 months ago
Can anybody tell me where this is numbered? (got it form the band at that time) My copy is dubbed onto a TDK D46: where they all like this?
posted a comment on I Refuse It! / Cheetah Chrome Motherfuckers - Sfregio Permanente / Permanent Scare. 8 months ago
My copy has a flyer wich states that it's a "Western Front Production", apparently issued 2 years later than the original edition. The cassette is a black case with little band stickers on each side: does anybody has infos about this?
posted a comment on Can't Relate - Demo 2008. 8 months ago
I've the original demo cassette (sprayed w/pro-printed j-card) of this, let me know if anybody needs this.
posted a comment on Vic Chesnutt - Ghetto Bells. 9 months ago
Looking for the insert of this! . . . .
posted a comment on Soilent Green - Sewn Mouth Secrets. 9 months ago
I'm looking for the insert of this: anybody? . . .
posted a comment on Sleep - Sleep's Holy Mountain. 9 months ago
Is there any differencies with that other plain black vinyl edition on Kreation, wich is already listed?
posted a comment on S.O.D.: Stormtroopers Of Death* - Speak English Or Die. 9 months ago
Please anybody can confirm that this was released with a printed innersleeve (as listed here) ? I just want ot get sure because i have this same edition (same matrix, runouts, labels, sleeve, etc.), but my copy has a printed lyric-sheet/ info insert,... See full review
posted a comment on Butthole Surfers - Locust Abortion Technician. 9 months ago
Probably released 1999, as on the 2013 Latino Bugger Veil reissue it says "back in print for the first time on vinyl since 1999" on the hype sticker.
posted a comment on OFF! - First Four EPs. 10 months ago
On one of the last images of this entry, we can see that one of the 7"s, has a different cover image than on the other sets: what about that, is it a special edition? - Thanks in advance!
posted a comment on Youth Youth Youth - Sin. 10 months ago
Need the insert of this (or a good copy), thanks in advance!
posted a comment on Wretched - Con Il Potere Che Tu Stesso Gli Hai Dato... ...Ti Obbligano Ad Obbedire. 10 months ago
It's funny that only specific colors or versions, like the black vinyl edt. in this case, are banned from the marketplace.
posted a comment on Wrecking Crew - Balance Of Terror. 10 months ago
What is the peculiar differencies with the other EU press? (is there any?...) Sad there's no pictures of the innersleeve.
posted a comment on Extortion (2) - Loose Screws. 11 months ago
This should be put in the long players section, imo.
posted a comment on The Next (12) - Tomorrow's Escape. 11 months ago
Supposedly a different band, considering the band members names, etc.
posted a comment on Cursed (2) - One. 12 months ago
My copy of this (?) looks more like black marbled, or very (very!) dark grey.