The Cooper Temple Clause Sinartu

August 31, 2016
But do you know of all the bands that were produced after they split up? 'Losers', 'Red Kite' and 'Type Two Error'? Losers are my favourite and have a new album coming out this year. Here's a song from each of them Losers, Type Two Error and Red Kite. I hope you enjoy.

M83 - Junk as reviewed by Sinartu

July 4, 2016
In my opinion, they tried to do what Daft Punk did with RAM; make a themed album from an era of music they love. However, it fell a bit short for me. It feels more like a side project or something.

Kurran And The Wolfnotes Sinartu

December 14, 2014
This band has completely disappeared off the radar. Were supposed to release their debut album in 2013... Anyone who can explain why would have my gratitude.

Losers as reviewed by Sinartu

November 17, 2014
edited over 4 years ago
One of the offshoots after the break-up of The Cooper Temple Clause (Tom Bellamy), it's hard to pin a genre to this band. A perfect blend of rock, techno and dance. A similar genre-mash-up to Innerpartysystem I suppose. Their single 'Azan' would have been lapped up by the media if released by any other similar band with a bigger following. The lack of press about the band makes me think they are deliberately staying out of the limelight perhaps? If you are a fan of electronic rock on any level, and enjoy something a bit different, give Losers a try.

The Ting Tings - Super Critical Sinartu

November 16, 2014
Now, I'll be honest and say I used to like a couple of songs by these guys, then they died out for me. But... man. This album is funky as hell and I am digging it.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - I’m With You Sessions - 7” Singles Subscription as reviewed by Sinartu

September 4, 2014
I can't speak for the quality of the vinyls themselves for I don't have a player, I got them merely for the collectors value and because I'm a huge fan of the Chilis. Song-wise, personally, I felt that most of the songs on these vinyls were quite weak to be honest. When compared with the B-sides of 'Stadium Arcadium' these tracks genuinely felt they were excluded from the album because they were of a lesser quality. In contrast I believe for a small period of time, the RHCP had even considered turning 'Stadium Arcadium' into a 3 or 4 disc set using the additional B-sides, something I could never see happening here.

Apart from adding to my collection, I purchased this set because I liked the look and the idea of the custom artwork on each vinyl. Having them all hung up on the wall to create the final piece of artwork sounded like a really unique touch regardless of whether I enjoyed the songs or not. HOWEVER, imagine my disappointment when I got a small refund from Warner Brothers with the 9th and final vinyl, consisting of a few dollars and received no customized plastic sleeve with which to display the set.

A short email to WB resulted in response only a few words long without an apology. I believe they said they had run out of sleeves and after the refund, were under no further obligation to supply me with one. Having no record player and being supplied with no sleeve has ultimately made these vinyls a complete waste of money for me - thank you Warner Brothers, thank you ever so much. I would be interested to hear if anyone else had a similar experience.

Tesla Boy - The Universe Made Of Darkness Sinartu

May 15, 2014
Yeahhh what's up with that? I'm very disappointed :(

Bibio - The Green EP Sinartu

January 26, 2014
Download card as well? I get rather peeved when they don't.

Switchfoot - Vice Verses as reviewed by Sinartu

December 17, 2013
This album is phenomenal. There are really few other words that describe it so accurately to be honest. When it rocks, it rocks hard with extremely catchy riffs and soaring choruses. The slower, more chilled tracks don't lose any of their beauty and are still beautifully composed and executed. With lyrical content ranging from the state of the media today to looking at inner-turmoil of the heart/soul. This is honestly a CD I think anyone could live their life to. Not to mention the 2nd CD: Hello Hurricane Live. - Oh my goodness. The album before 'Vice Verses', from start to finish, in amazing quality. Proof that Switchfoot put on a fantastic stage performance, every track on here is even better than the album versions (which are already good). If this release doesn't make you want to see the band live, then I don't understand you my sir/madam.

Sucré - A Minor Bird Sinartu

November 16, 2013
I just got a CD copy so might try and add it in. However, it's a rather strange copy! Its made when you buy it by Amazon then sent to you :S. Doesn't have any Credits or Liner notes or anything of that sort.