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submitted Moot Booxlé - Transmootation E.P.. 6 days ago
posted a comment on B.B.E* - Seven Days And One Week. 7 days ago
For me 'Seven Days And One Week' is one of the greatest techno tracks of all times - mostly underrated probably because it was also commercially very successful, which rather damaged the track!
posted a comment on Furious Frank - Venom Viper. 28 days ago
Excellent superb release, unfortunately the track 'Frau Freda', for example, has some strong distortions at the end after the last break that don't belong there. But I think many people will not notice that ;-)
posted a comment on Hypoxia* - Division Of Trust. about 1 month ago
Really a masterpiece that is unparalleled, but, really a great one, but is the poor vinyl production. I have now acquired several copies in Mint and they all have the same flaw. The needle plays unsteadily and already in the pressing there are... See full review
posted a comment on Aris 1201 - R2L Presents ARIS 1201. about 1 month ago
Huge dirty dark deep beats, totally reminds me of the legendary illegal Spiral Tribe Raves!
submitted NYC, New York / Kozmik Funk - NYC, 1984. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Untitled. 2 months ago
My copy is smooth like a pane of glass, it also came directly from the Giegling shop!
posted a comment on The Future Beat Alliance* - Mode 2. 3 months ago
+++ 25 years later still a masterpiece - the year is 2020 +++
posted a comment on Future Beat Alliance - Beginner's Mind. 3 months ago
Excellent work, superb sound quality on vinyls, but 'Beginner's Mind' is a the epic track on this Album and for me one of the best he ever made so far! - Take this masterpiece before prices get high ...
posted a comment on Straight Shooter - Flyin' Straight. 3 months ago
I want to sell this CD, please contact me by PM, very cheap price and in excellent M- condition!
posted a comment on Ilyes, Gauvain - Rixdorf EP. 3 months ago
Wonderful release that reminds me very much of the weddings of Gerard Hanson aka Convextion or E.R.P. but more in a Tech House style. In addition to that, two tracks of this EP have got the aftertaste of good deep house. That makes this release more... See full review
posted a comment on Macchina Nera - Inna Circle Outta Space. 3 months ago
Excellent hypnotic techno trip from munich s Macchina Quick...Tipp!
posted a comment on Various - Untitled. 3 months ago
For me the Purple C2 could be from M.RUX - Btw a sensational work at all ...
posted a comment on ARTBAT - Planeta EP. 3 months ago
Absolutely travelling, enchanted journey, three versatile melodic tracks, to swing your dancing leg. "Sand in your shoes" is world class belongs in the best sets of the best djs like Sven Väth, Anna, etc.
posted a comment on Wata Igarashi & Voiski Present WAV (2) - 9719 EP. 4 months ago
Excellent fresh deep shit directly from the source, highly recommended EP
posted a comment on Blue Planet Corporation - Overbloody Flood. 4 months ago
These are unstoppable pulsations, this is the overbloody flood. Pure adrenaline!
posted a comment on Various - Blue Compilation. 4 months ago
The only way to get 'Fuel On' from Koxbox on vinyl.
submitted F&E (2) - Sparse #4. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Oall Hates - Tranceporter . 4 months ago
This is really pretty good new shit that gives full throttle. Departure guaranteed !!
posted a comment on The Orb - Kompassion. 4 months ago
One of the best releases of Kompakt and I don't understand at all why the release on Discogs is completely underrated. Definitely 5 stars from me !
posted a comment on Melody Boy 2000 - Monotone Fantastique. 6 months ago
Sound Stealer is a milestone track, "streaming from detroit…" Essential record !!
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Untitled. 6 months ago
Super minimal and deep tracks for those who know what matters, Top Release!
submitted Alexkid - Wake Up. 6 months ago
posted a comment on John Tejada & Arian Leviste - It's The Beat EP. 6 months ago
Top release, unfortunately underrated here on Discogs. Great Deep-House record !!
submitted RDG (3) - Planetary Sound Fiction. 7 months ago
submitted The Mountain People - Mountain015. 7 months ago
submitted 2shy - Night Conclusion. 7 months ago
submitted Azari* - Atriarc. 7 months ago
submitted Martyn Bootyspoon - No. 1 Crush. 7 months ago
submitted Èbony - Long Distance / Order. 7 months ago
submitted Èbony - Blue Star / In the Valley. 7 months ago
submitted Temudo & Nørbak - Battered From The Fall. 7 months ago
submitted Nastia Reigel - Disarm to Surrender. 7 months ago
submitted Various - BhmWax001. 7 months ago
submitted Robin Saville - Build A Diorama. 7 months ago
posted a comment on Mihai Popoviciu - Time. 7 months ago
I would like to mention that this release is quite undervalued on discos and does not live up to the level of the tracks. To be honest I don't understand why that is so, maybe someone can give me an answer?
posted a comment on DJ Pierre & Supernova (16) - The Beat Remixes. 7 months ago
We all really need the tracks on vinyl. The precursor of acid should not let vinyl die!
posted a comment on Sandoz - Sandoz. 7 months ago
First I would like to mention that the name Sandoz is probably an allusion to the pharmaceutical company for which Albert Hofmann did research and discovered LSD for the first time. The 4 tracks are re-releases. The A-side tracks are from the release... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 7 months ago
submitted Kolja Gerstenberg - Jizzle Jam. 8 months ago
submitted Felix K - FLXK1 #2 / Die Verachtung EP. 9 months ago
submitted Lakoeur - Lakoeur. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Carl Craig & Pepe Bradock* - Angola. 9 months ago
I honestly find it quite disrespectful that no mention is made on the release that the vocals are by Cesaria Evora. This is quite a glitch in my opinion !
posted a comment on Soultek - Dreaming Under A Starlit Sky. 9 months ago
On the A-side 'Dreaming Under A Starlit Sky' offers a really interesting dub techno track. On the flip side AA1 fits deep house at it best! AA2 bids a dubby melodic detroit track!
posted a comment on Floating Points - Nuits Sonores / Nectarines. 9 months ago
The vinyl quality on the A-side of 'Nuits Sonores' is quite modest, too bad, because the song is great
submitted Levl (2) - LEVL #2. 10 months ago
submitted Felix K - FLXK1 #2. 10 months ago
posted a comment on Paul Twin (2) - White Island EP. 11 months ago
B1 Turbolence is perfekt to mix with Joachim (Neue Deutsche Welle Workout)
posted a comment on PST* & SVN (2) - Recordings 1 - 4. 11 months ago
Recording 4 is a real working track, excellent deep minimal techno
posted a comment on Various - PoleGroup 5 YRS - Disc 3. 12 months ago
Hammer release and par excellence techno of the finest, club guaranteed floor filller with goose skin !!