Started out buying records (ca. 1977) of my favourite 70's bands Roxy Music, Rolling Stones, Neil Young, Bob Dylan (really 60's) and Camel. Started buying CD's in the mid eighties, returned to buying (primarily second hand) vinyl in the mid nineties. Collect music to enjoy, not to sell or trade. I'm not a collector, rather i prefer playable vinyl over the (perceived) quality of first pressings, though in some cases i prefer the 'orginals'. My collection on Discogs is vinyl, only. No better way to enjoy music than in a live setting, haven't missed a U2 tour since 1987 (Vorst Nationaal-Belgium).
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Excellent sound! Better in my opinion than many official releases.
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I doubt whether or not guideline 2.13.2 should be applied in this case.
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