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posted a comment on Orca - Untitled. 9 days ago
underrated meaning not many people are aware.. just b/c those that discover it rate it high doesn't account for how overlooked it is. How often do you hear this classic getting any rotation in any sets people play using old skool jungle? I don't... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Tamsin & The Monk - A Better Place / Sanctuary. 9 days ago
While the Trace RMX of A Better Place is a masterpiece to say the least. Total perfection and everyone who knows of these rmxs always rates this version. And with good reason... But, I absolutely have always loved Bay B Kane's RMX of this ... He... See full review
posted a comment on Ant To Be - Nineteen / South Out. 14 days ago
Total gem of a slab of wax this one! Couldn't be happier w all aspects of this... The production, the mastering, the press, the obscurity of the artist.... Total gem! 10/10 stars if I could
posted a comment on Sully (5), Karborn - The Dancer. 16 days ago
would love to hear this mix... any chance of an uploaded file on YouTube from someone who has a copy to listen via?
posted a comment on Dub-One* - King Kong. 17 days ago
Soul Feeling is the tune on this release by far! So good!
posted a comment on David Kristian - Ectopic Beat EP. 18 days ago
totally underrated EP... spaced out jungle vibes that just sound so submerged.. awesome mix-ability with these tunes.
posted a comment on Harmony & Xtreme - X-Amount / Wicked & Bad. 21 days ago
Awesome thanks for the info! Really helpful! more words needed....
posted a comment on Dub-One* - King Kong. 21 days ago
Really happy to see Beau's name etched onto the matrix for this record! Haven't listened to my copy yet but I'm sure if it's a 1087 mastered release it has to sound a bit more round & warm than the recent releases from Sci Wax! They never should... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Faces Vol.1 (The Many Faces Of Killer Smile). about 1 month ago
Not a byproduct on colored vinyl. Picture discs yes. I would say this is a mastering issue.
posted a comment on Harmony & Xtreme - X-Amount / Wicked & Bad. about 1 month ago
When did this come out as a repress? It never went up on the deep jungle band camp. Is it going to come,out in a black vinyl version w more copies? Or more copies of the red vinyl would be awesome.
posted a comment on Various - Ultra Mix Drum & Bass. about 1 month ago
Pretty sure the Waves remix on this CD is the Guardian of Dalliance rmx not the Kid Loops... Can anyone else confirm this?
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Sidewinder Business. about 1 month ago
My copy has no etching in the run out. Anyone else have this?
posted a comment on Protential Bad Boy* / Bad Vibes (2) - Third Eye Special. about 1 month ago
Hey, realizing we never followed up on this.. are you still willing to sell this to me? I tried to PM you but you have contact disabled. Let me know if so. Thanks!
posted a comment on Tom And Jerry - How It Feels / Slam. 2 months ago
Got mine today, so shipping is a bit lagged from UK to US but not as bad as I thought during the pandemic.
posted a comment on The Rookie (2) / The Last Ronin - Dreader / Sound Informer. 2 months ago
anybody stateside received these yet? Still waiting on mine to arrive
posted a comment on Tom And Jerry - How It Feels / Slam. 2 months ago
anybody stateside received these yet? Still waiting on mine to arrive
posted a comment on Pharaoh Records. 3 months ago
Where is PH001-PH004? . . . . . .
posted a comment on Skynet - Severe Trauma / Telemetry. 3 months ago
my labels are switched. anyone else have this error on their copies?
posted a comment on Foul Play - Vol. 4. 3 months ago
No, his is an unreleased version. The Omni Trio version is stellar as well. But this remix is differemt altogether.
posted a comment on Sonar's Ghost - For Real. 3 months ago
Sonars remix of Crazy Daydreams was also on a CD off of Street beats. It didn't make the vinyl cut though.

posted a comment on 119 Cru - Californiadrumandbass. 4 months ago
What version of Mad PLO is this one? Always wondered... The breakdown is the best of them all
posted a comment on John B - Pressure / Travelogue (Remix). 4 months ago
I think you are referring to Travelouge Rmx as having an electro style while Collector Caveguy is referring to Pressure which def overshadowed the flip. Personally both are really great tunes but I always always always went towards Travelouge Rmx as... See full review
posted a comment on Various - The Jungle Book 2. 4 months ago
looking for track listing for Phantom 45 side and Dr Groo side.... any help?
posted a comment on Various - Platinum Breakz. 4 months ago
A shame this tune never saw a 12" single release....really wish this tune was a single track @ 45. My fav Peshay tune
posted a comment on Kid Lib - My Dreams / Dreamstate One. 5 months ago
Dreamstate One is one of Kid Libs finest tunes. MAAASSSIIVVVVE!
posted a comment on Kid Lib - Open Eyes / The Spice. 5 months ago
Anybodys copy have two info sides? Mine doesn't have the Amenology logo center label.
posted a comment on Jon Moskowitz - Presents Blue Eyes Meets Bed-Stuy. 5 months ago
Why is the vinyl edition banned for sale but not the cdr versions?

Anyone willing to trade/sell the 2 x LP vinyl I would be interested. PM me plz
posted a comment on J-Shadow - The Astral Series. 6 months ago
Pretty sure the Artist Gantz credited here isn't the correct artist.

This is probably the correct artist:
posted a comment on Loefah / D1 - Natural Charge / Crack Bong (Loefah RMX). 7 months ago
Any news on official release date? Need more words ...
posted a comment on Tim Reaper & Yorobi - Shefftrack / Drum Tree. 7 months ago
Where can this be bought from? Haven't seen it in usual outlets
posted a comment on Vibez '93. 7 months ago
Noticed a VIBEZ93005 is on preorder.. what happened to 004?
posted a comment on Coco Bryce - Night On Earth. 7 months ago
Love the message on the center labels "this record is everyones property and may be used for work, recreation and everything else. Thanks for listening."

Exactly what EVERY record should say.
posted a comment on Ricky Force / Voytek (2) - Modified Magic 006. 7 months ago
The Ricky Force tunes are big, Voytek's are pretty rough as well... But where is this available to buy from?
posted a comment on Eva808 - Prrr / ALL CAPS. 8 months ago
All Caps is a refix of Madvillians (Madlib & MF Doom) hip-hop tune All Caps.
posted a comment on Various - Extreme Justice Pt. 1 / PSI / Imagination / Seduction. 9 months ago
Just realized Imagination samples the intro to the Twilight Zone
posted a comment on Thugwidow - Hard Rave Aesthetic. 11 months ago
Missed out on the pre-order for the Risograph print if someone has an extra they want to trade/sell. PM me if so
posted a comment on Suburban Architecture - Visions E.P.. 11 months ago
Really good release. High quality production, all tunes are very good imho
posted a comment on FFF - The Dance EP. 11 months ago
Holy fuck! This record is MASSIVE! In the top 3 of 2019 for me possibly ... Any idea of artist(s) involved??

Just saw that a vid just posted of Gold Chains & Travel Fox is by FFF? I can hear his style in that tune. Is he responsible for all of... See full review
posted a comment on Ed Solo / Click & Cycle* - The Danger / 125th Street. 11 months ago
125th Street is a highly underrated tune for the era. Massive tune for the floor and chill as can be. For the true heads of some quality upfront dnb / hardstep bizness
posted a comment on Interface (7) & Minus (13) / Die* & Mensah (2) - Hardwork / Firing Line. 12 months ago
Hardwork is beast.. been wondering about the producer(s) behind this tune for quite a few years... big tune!
posted a comment on Scientific Wax. about 1 year ago
What was SW013 supposed to be? Just noticed it is skipped
posted a comment on Dead Man's Chest (2) - Diamond Life 07. about 1 year ago
where can i find a copy? nothing on Myor or DMC's bandcamps or redeye and the likes atm....
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Windowlicker. about 1 year ago
I think IDM is very appropriate term for this release. All his productions are so forward thinking and intelligent. Thus, Intelligent Dance Music (IDM). Yes, each song he makes can fit into different styles of Electronic music, but all can still be... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Vocoda / Dub Liner - Subscape / Sekkle. about 1 year ago
You can still get the original press with the label and the repress for less. This is for the Test Pressing which I'm pretty sure Dub only had like 10 or less made. It's not a greed thing as much as a nostalgia and collector thing. If someone is... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Collisional Process Vol 1. about 1 year ago
The Law & Kola Nut tune is vicious! This is an awesome jungle tune. Very impressed! 10/10
posted a comment on Aeon Four - Pure White EP. about 1 year ago
Totally agree. Respect is a tune that will stand the test of time. One of my absolute favorite songs ive heard in a while. Must have piece of wax
posted a comment on Tactical Aspect - Reset / Surrender (For Uni). about 1 year ago
Huge release, my fav tunes these guys have ever put out (even ahead of Paranoia)... Maybe one of the strongest AKO releases to date. 2019 starting off hard AF!
posted a comment on Sully (5) - Porcelain / Run. about 1 year ago
So so so so good! I mix this w the new Ricky Force off of Pressin Hard and all 4 tunes work so well together. The vibes of these two tunes are incredible. Sully on a roll! This is in my top 5 of 2019 so far, gonna be hard to knock it out.
posted a comment on Ricky Force - Two Minds / Forlorn. about 1 year ago
Man this release is in my instant top 5 favs of 2019. Ricky does no wrong but both of these hit certain chords of emotion on so many different level. Masterpiece release. Must have for any respectable jungle / dnb advocate.
posted a comment on Denham Audio x Mani Festo - To The Core. about 1 year ago
Coco Bryce's Rmx is sooo good. One of the best tunes Ive heard in 2019 so far. All edits are so intricate and well placed, such a stormer of a tune , just a shame its the last tune of 3 on a 12". Makes for a pretty low quality sounding cut