I'm a humble long-haired music loving hippie jukebox mechanic probably born a decade too late.         \m/ (-.-) \m/
Only vinyl here. Too many CDs to even try and keep up with, too many cassettes that I just don't care about documenting. x.X

My rig: Technics SL-QL1 Turntable, SU-G50 Amplifier, SH-GS70 Equalizer, ST-K50 Tuner, RS-TR333 Cassette Deck and SL-PD827
CD Changer; 1Mii B03 Bluetooth Receiver; AudioQuest Tower interconnects; Polk Audio RTiA1 speakers; OPPO PM-3 headphones;
Auralex ISO-Tone and ProPADs, homemade 12 gauge speaker cables; CyberPower GX1325U Uninterruptible Power Supply.