Most of the times i won't sell or trade records from my collection. You can always ask if you have something to trade for something from my wantlist.

If you want to sell me a record from my wantlist i'am always interested. Contact me with your price or else i don't reply. I DON'T DO EBAY so please don't send me any links to an ebay auction.

My favorite styles are:

- Acid
- Italo Disco
- Early Rave
- Hip House
- Industrial Hardcore
- Oldschool
- Techno
- Tekno

If you have anything from my wantlist and you want to sell it you can contact me by mail.
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posted a comment on bRz / Nebulous Bass - Mitose 01. over 4 years ago
A great record from members of the TDK & Plexat sound systems. Big thanks 2 Ernesto who gave me his last spare one. Awesome record
posted a comment on Various - Tekno Sucks Records 0085. over 4 years ago
Bought this record at a great tekno sucks party. At the entrance you had the choice of paying 5 euro's without this release or paying 10 euro's and get this release, so the answer what i did is very obvious, great release guys :D
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 9 years ago
posted a comment on Hammerhead - Hardcore Will Never Die. over 10 years ago
One of the best early releases of Mokum, very smooth pumping acid sounds. One record that you don't suspect to be on this label. I think this is the only release from hammerhead on this label. But such good one it is.
posted a review of Techno Fixx - Caution / The Edge. over 15 years ago
The Sexx Ambient Mix is very known in many oldschool/classics mixes in The Netherlands. This record was also spinned a lot in one of the best clubs of the past, named "Parkzicht". It's an very rare and hard to find record. The croud is still going wild ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Back 2 Basics Vol. 2 - We're Back Once Again!!!.... over 15 years ago
My search for oldschool started with this cd. I was addicted to oldschool from the moment i listened this cd. I spend much time and money on collecting the records that "my favorite" oldschool DJ (Stanton) had put onto this mix. It is still, i believe, ... See full review