June 7, 2018 lower shipping values
le 7 juin 2018, nouvelle valeurs postales
Canada, US and International buyers, I have a new mail broker. There isn't any deadline. When there is enough to use them, i shipped
I demand payment in canadian dollars, it is non negociable.

Montreal region, i deal strictly on the web and postal system. Non negotiable - If you absolutely need to pass by my home (nobody at warehouse), you pay my time and cost travel to my warehouse, covering my time, an hour, and my transport fee, for 20$. I assure you it cost less even for 20 records by mail.
Région de Montréal, je fais affaire seulement sur le web et le système postal. non négociable. - Si vous désirez absolument passer par chez moi (mais pas l’entrepôt), vous devez payer mon temps et mes coûts de voyagements à mon entrepôt, soit 20$, même 20 LPs par la poste c'est moins cher.
Any people not matching Paypal Address, verified and shipment obligation by Paypal, with Discogs identity address, will now get a refund right away. Paypal address being verified are a kind of insurance, so no match means that you could be in fraudulent situation. If the discrepancies is too wide, I refund without any questions.
Any PO Box for redirection as the PO Box isn't insured by Paypal and buyer address on it, it will mean refund and no negociation. My deal is 2 addresses mine and yours, if a third is involved it means too many problems, get another seller


Here are the basic shipping fee propositions, other possibilities exists, Communicate when you want something else. Besides Paypal I will accept payment in POSTAL money order, or international but in canadian dollars add to this Western Union, Moneygram and Ria, and money order from your bank that are issued in Canada through canadian banks.
PEOPLE FROM BRAZIL ARGENTINA AND PORTUGAL, Strictly with tracking number and full insurance payment would I ship to your country. People of Australia i loose too much money on exchange rate in the management of the Australian tax on this site, for this reason i don't deal with your citizens
all buyers read well the acronyms definition down below

When i grade the media, i grade strictly the surface that would be read by a diamond or laser. CD and vinyl treat the same. If there is no dominant art, the label side or labels will have acronyms as define below for them too, and mostly by eye, rarely by ear.
I will NEVER send pictures of record's groove, too easy to falsify with lights and angle. Je ne fais JAMAIS de photo de sillons de disques, trop facile de falsifier.
If you wisht to return the record, the refund will be done strictly after you returned the record, on reception and be sure you were right in your critics of my job.
If you want to make a deal, as i refuse on all records about individual ones, write before and say the nature or your order. Volume as number of records and value are my base for doing a bargain. A record alone of 150$ won't make a deal but many over 25$ might..

Take note the number of records is just for indication, real definition of value is the weight.
Canada 1x7" (100gr) : 2.80$CAd
cassette : 2.80$CAD
Canada 2 to 3 x 7"(200gr) : 4,10$CAD
one cd. : 4,10$CAD, digipak 2,80
Canada 4 to 6 x 7"(350 gr) : 5,80$CAD
Canada 2 cds (350 gr) : 5,80$CAD
1 Plate for 11,00$CAD
2 Plates for 11,50$CAD
3 Plates for 12$CAD
4 Plates for 12,50$CAD
5 Plates for 13$CAD
6 Plates for 13,50$CAD
7 Plates for 14$CAD

SHIPPING FEES FOR USA, sent by USPS media mail, All packets will have a tracking number:
USA 1 Plate, 1 to 10 x 7", 1 to 3 CD (454 gr, 1 pound) : airmail uninsured =7,50$CAD,
USA 2 to 3 plates airmail uninsured (908 gr, 2 pounds) =8$CAD,
USA 4 to 5 Plates airmail uninsured(3 pounds) = 8,50$CAD
USA 6 Plates airmail uninsured (4 pounds) = 9,00$CAD,
USA 7 to 9 Plates airmail uninsured (5 pounds) = 9,50$CAD
USA 10 Plates airmail uninsured (5 pounds) = 10,00$CAD

SHIPPING FEES INTERNATIONAL (ALL OTHER COUNTRIES BESIDE CANADA AND USA) - economic mail from USPS delivery window of 2 to 8 weeks (might be longer in certain countries).
Take note the number of records is just for indication, real definition of value is the weight. (delivery time between 3 and 8 weeks) :
INTL 1 Plates : airmail uninsured( 500gr) = 13,25$CAD
INTL 2 Plates : airmail uninsured (750 kg) = 19,25$CAD
INTL 3 Plates : airmail uninsured (1 kg) = 21,25$CAD
INTL 4 Plates : airmail uninsured (1.25 kg)= 25,25$CAD
INTL 5 Plates : airmail uninsured (1,5 kg) = 31,25$CAD
INTL 6 Plates : airmail uninsured (1.8 kg) = 37.25$CAD
INTL 7 Plates : airmail uninsured (2 kg) = 41,25$CAD.
Intl 1 x 7" (under 100grams) : 6,70$CAD
Intl 4 x 7", 1 or 2 CD --could be more if there is many without digipack (200 grams or less) : 8,70$CAD
Intl 7 x 7” (Under 320grams) 10,70$CAD

Cover condition and extras abbreviations

cc : cut corner
co : cut-out
coh : cut-out hole
hol : hole in label
is : inner sleeve
ins : insert
rw : ring wear (can be light or medium. if it's heavy, it will be noted)
shw : shrink wrap
soc : sticker on cover
sol : sticker on label
sr : sticker remains (glue)
ssp : seam split
stn : stain
stoc : stamp on cover
stol : stamp on label
taac : tape all around cover
toc : tape on cover
tos : tape on spine
troc : tear on cover
tros : tear on spine
wd : water damage
wkoc : wrinkle on cover or corner
woc : writing on cover
wol : writing on label
bc : Bent corner

NB - all the conditions related to the back cover, will be indicated as "obc". for example a sticker on the back cover will be "sobc", writing on back cover will be "wobc", and so on. Same would for On Label.
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