For my Greek friends
Ο λογαριασμός αυτός αποτελεί την συνέχεια του καταστήματος Sonic Boom (Κυψέλη 1995-2012 - Αγορές – Πωλήσεις – Εκτιμήσεις Συλλογών Δίσκων Βινυλίου , CD & Γραμμοφώνου ).Δεν υπάρχει πλέον φυσικό κατάστημα, στέλνω με αντικαταβολή, πληρωμή σε Alpha Bank ή Paypal και απαντάω στα ☎ 6987066499 &Ευχαριστώ, Γιώργος.

Use best offer & ask for combined shipping::
I have applied a "BEST OFFER" option on most of the items i have for sale, all serious offers will be considered and i will gladly accept reasonable offers on multiple items.
I would also suggest to check my catalogue for more items of your interest in order to combine shipping costs.I will gladly do my best to compact shipping costs on multiple item orders by myself where possible (Cardsleeves, slim cases, maxi singles) and please feel free to ask for shipping without jewel cases where possible.All these apply on multiple item orders because the shipping cost for anything from 1 up to 500 gr is flat.

I also offer combined shipping with items from my Filmogs profile.

Feedback Policy
I used to leave positive feedback right after i was receiving payment for many years.Unfortunately many people seem to forget that they have to leave feedback too when they are happy with the transaction and there is a small percentage of customers that use feedback for extorting purposes.Therefore, if you are happy with my service leave your feedback and you will get your positive one right away.If for any reason you feel dissapointed please contact me in order to resolve any problem.Communication makes the world go around, hard feelings don't.

Username Change
I used to go by as FREEDERRY in Discogs but as far as now i am able to change my username i decided to go with the more "music related" Sonic_Boom_Greece (after the store i used to run in Athens for a good 18 years) and leave the more "personal" (and awfully all-caps) FREEDERRY behind.

I work in the second hand records field for about 30 years.As an employee, as a store owner and now as the man behind the website.Always as a music fan & enthusiast though.Also not regular ranting at Against The Grain blog & the Sound Barrier web radio show.I use Discogs equally doing business & contributing to the database.Feel free to ask any questions regarding the items, my business policy or whatever comes in mind.

I would happily consider trading items only for items in my wantlist.

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