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posted a comment on Mayhem - De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas. 22 days ago
All the art here is a bit blurry. Dunno if that was a problem with the legit versions or not though.
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. 28 days ago
Really nice press. Loud, and a somewhat cheaper alternative to the mono EMI version. Still think it sucks that 3 songs are missing and replaced by a mediocre one though.
posted a review of Black Sabbath - The End (4 February 2017 - Birmingham). 29 days ago
This is great. The set is killer, the actual audio quality is top-notch and I don't know if the band could sound better. Ozzy sounds a bit weird during the song Black Sabbath, but gets over it fast. This is one any self respecting metalhead that enjoys ... See full review
posted a comment on Prince And The Revolution - Purple Rain. about 1 month ago
RIP Prince, another star in the heavens. Now watch his album prices soar.

Somehow just managed to pick up a copy of this, still partially sealed, with the hype sticker on the plastic AND a mint-condition poster... for $20.
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posted a comment on Urge Overkill - Saturation. about 1 month ago
Not half bad. Cool orange vinyl, kickass tunes and a good pressing considering it's 90s colored vinyl.
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. about 1 month ago
I also believe this is the only official CD release of the mono mix.
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn. about 1 month ago
I have this, but my labels are all black, no yellow on them. Is this some kind of variation or something? Help me!
posted a comment on Dead Boys* - Young Loud And Snotty. about 1 month ago
Sounds great, quiet as a mouse! The green vinyl looks pretty too.. Not to mention this album is a stone cold classic overall.
posted a comment on Descendents - Milo Goes To College. about 1 month ago
This one really isn't very good. My brand new copy came sounding pretty noisy and with a skip on "M 16". Lame.
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon. about 1 month ago
[quote=laroy2000] When I came home from Vietnam I felt funky( I was in a funk, they did not have Post stress and all that in 1973) I reported for duty at McGuire AFB, NJ on March 17, 1973, which I believe is the release date for Darkside of the Moon. Two ... See full review
posted a comment on Nirvana - MTV Unplugged In New York. about 1 month ago
[quote=Alastis] In all honesty, i don't remember anything that's even half gut-wrenching as this album. I can listen to separate songs from this one, but its extremely hard to sit through it in all of its entirety. Whatever adds emotional weight to all ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - No Alternative. 2 months ago
I thought this version, with the boy, did NOT have Verse Chorus Verse... Does it, anyone who owns it?
posted a comment on Stereolab - Emperor Tomato Ketchup. 2 months ago
Who the heck in their right mind puts glitter on vinyl? That's pretty unique in all honesty.. How's it sound?
posted a comment on Nine Inch Nails - Broken. 2 months ago
I have had absolutely no problems with this reissue. Sounds fantastic. My sleeve never came undone as soon as I took it out!
posted a comment on Metallica - Master Of Puppets. 2 months ago
[quote=Xmax2011X] Deluxe edition box set went up for pre order yesterday. Ordered mine immediately. 3 lps, 10 cds, 1 cassette, 2 dvds, hardcover book, folder with handwritten lyrics, lithograph, and 6 buttons. Ships out November 10th. Can't wait!!!!! ... See full review
posted a comment on Guns N' Roses - "The Spaghetti Incident?". 2 months ago
This looks the same shade of orange as Urge Overkill's "Saturation", which also came out on Geffen in '93.. interesting.
posted a comment on The Beatles - The Beatles. 2 months ago
I have #0811310. Got it for $40 at a local record store. Poster and photos were included, everything is in pretty great shape for its age. I don't think my copy has banding between songs.
posted a comment on Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown. 2 months ago
I have a version seemingly identical to this, but the label is white. Any input?
posted a comment on Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath. 2 months ago
This sounds fan-f__king-tastic. If you need a good vinyl copy on the cheap, this is the one. Plus, my copy came in a gatefold with the original inverted cross and all that jazz.
posted a review of Jane's Addiction - Nothing's Shocking. 2 months ago
My dad and I love jamming this record when we're home alone. He was a massive JA fan way back when they were initially around.. even saw them on the Ritual tour! this is some killer rock music though, way better than the hair metal nonsense that was ... See full review
posted a comment on Weezer - Weezer. 2 months ago
pretty simple question, does any version (CD/2xCD/Vinyl) contain a lyrics sheet?

To my knowledge, nope. I think you could mail away a couple dollars when this came out, and get a lyrics sheet like that though. My vinyl copy ... See full review
posted a comment on Weezer - Weezer. 2 months ago
It looks like they got the "Weezer" font wrong on this version, and I'm slightly irritated they didn't use the cover with their feet showing (that's only on the original Japanese press to my knowledge).. sounds awesome, by the way, though the outer edge ... See full review
posted a comment on Beck - A Western Harvest Field By Moonlight. 2 months ago
Is the last song on Side 1 a version of Rowboat or something?
because those are lyrics from that song, after all
posted a comment on Black Sabbath - Master Of Reality. 2 months ago
I have an original and it's embossed. Wish I had the poster though.
posted a comment on Green Day - Nimrod.. 2 months ago
It finally is a double album. on translucent yellow vinyl... and it sounds incredible!
posted a comment on Danzig - Danzig. 2 months ago
Yeah, mine is fully red. (I wrote that review on my old account, by the way)
posted a comment on Green Day - Nimrod.. 2 months ago
I was pleasantly surprised by this pressing. Super loud and clear, it sounds huuuge, almost like Green Day are in your room playing for you. The etching on Side D is pretty rad too. Get this one!
posted a comment on Beck - Colors. 2 months ago
This thing is super loud. I was surprised. Very fun, danceable, catchy tunes. I recommend the title track, Wow, Dear Life, and Fix Me.
posted a comment on Weezer - Maladroit. 3 months ago
anyone know how many were numbered? now it's ten words

There's 600,000 numbered copies, from what I've heard.
posted a comment on Goblin - Il Fantastico Viaggio Del "Bagarozzo" Mark. 3 months ago
I'd get this if you can't afford the original. SUPER thick/heavy vinyl, the art is absolutely beautiful and screams with color, and the vinyl is dead quiet (at least on my copy).
posted a comment on Skrillex - Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites. 3 months ago
I was about to cry if this hadn't made it to vinyl. This little EP changed my life.
posted a comment on The Doors - The Doors. 3 months ago
"The End" is NOT censored, no. Gotta love this album in mono! I think it's superior to the stereo mix by a country mile.
posted a comment on Ween - White Pepper. 3 months ago
This is never gonna come up for sale, is it? I would kick a baby to get one of these!!
posted a comment on Type O Negative - Slow, Deep And Hard. 3 months ago
I don't own an original, but other than the labels being frighteningly off center, this one sounds alright. Better than nothing!
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here. 3 months ago
Okay, apparently this pressing is ultra legendary for being the best CD version of WYWH, bar none. Someone who owns it, do you think this is true?
submitted Red Hot Chili Peppers - Freaky Styley. 3 months ago
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