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posted a comment on Dinosaur Jr* - Feel The Pain. 6 days ago
What does the poster look like? just a bigger version of the art on the cover?
posted a comment on The Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness. 9 days ago
Is it really that hard to reissue this? Come on Billy! I wanna hear this amazing album on vinyl, with this tracklist, but not for $200-400!
posted a comment on Immolation - Dawn Of Possession. 17 days ago
Why in the name of Satan is this so expensive?
posted a comment on Slowdive - Souvlaki. 18 days ago
Sell this to me. it has been in my wantlist for a year and has never once been for sale. i wanna get this version, not the US one with bonus tracks. Dagger ends this album perfectly.
posted a comment on D.R.I.* - Dirty Rotten Imbeciles. 21 days ago
My copy of this has all 26 songs on either side.
posted a comment on Type O Negative - Dead Again. 27 days ago
Deserves a reissue. this is an okay album. Hail and Farewell to Britain is one of my all time favorite Type O songs.
posted a comment on John Frusciante - Niandra LaDes And Usually Just A T-Shirt. about 1 month ago
If anyone wants to sell me this for a price that isn't hilariously ridiculous, get with me.
posted a comment on Murderdolls - Women And Children Last... And Revenge Was The Main Course (Last Aid Kit). about 1 month ago
I want this. willing to pay pretty nicely. have always wanted one, from the day it came out.
posted a comment on Mercyful Fate - Mercyful Fate. about 1 month ago
I feel like it should be noted that this release is sometimes referred to as Nuns Have No Fun.
posted a comment on Synthetic Socks - Synthetic Socks. about 1 month ago
If you want to sell this, pleaaaaase let me know.
posted a comment on Smashing Pumpkins* - Gish. about 1 month ago
is this the first vinyl pressing for the US? all the '91 copies i'm seeing were for Europe. oh, and how does it sound?
posted a comment on System Of A Down - Hypnotize. about 1 month ago
I had this as a kid, when it was new. It's alright if you want to listen to SOAD at a children's party or if you're a radio DJ or something, but pretty unnecessary otherwise.
posted a comment on Dinosaur Jr. - Ear-Bleeding Country: The Best Of Dinosaur Jr.. about 1 month ago
Sad to see "Said the People" not on here. Definitely my favourite Jr song.

That wasn't out yet when this was originally released, in 2001. Would be nice to get an updated comp including stuff from their reunion albums.
posted a comment on KISS - Sonic Boom. about 1 month ago
This album ain't essential to your collection, but I do like Russian Roulette and Say Yeah. the re-recorded songs are unnecessary, and the DVD is alright. overall, i'd rather spend my money on a copy of something like Rock and Roll Over.
posted a comment on John Denver - John Denver's Greatest Hits. 2 months ago
I have a copy of this that comes in a normal case with a J card, but the cassette itself is identical to this one.
posted a comment on Cheap Trick - In Color. 2 months ago
On my copy, Instead of "DEMONSTRATION NOT FOR SALE" it has "FOR GOVERNMENTAL USE ONLY"Anyone know anything about this?

Possibly a copy to be sold to anyone in the military? i've seen a copy of Pink Floyd's Meddle that said that ... See full review
posted a comment on AC/DC - Back In Black. 2 months ago
[quote=andr3wpd] My copy weighed in at 180g but not labeled as such. Matrix has RE-1 and RE-2 instead of RJ and no mention of Sterling.This is Edition generally available today in US stores and it is awful. Quiet, crackly, distorted. One of worst LPs ... See full review
posted a comment on Slipknot - Slipknot. 2 months ago
Why is this lumped in with the debut album? This is something totally different.
posted a comment on Ghost (32) - Prequelle. 2 months ago
Cassettes are cool. This band gets it. Too bad other bands aren't delivering the physical media that die-hard music fans want.

I'm a fan of cassettes and this album. How does it sound?
posted a comment on Mötley Crüe - Too Fast For Love. 2 months ago
Is it only this pressing that has the Leathur mix?

Nope. they pressed cassettes of the Leathur mix in '81 but they are extreeeeeemely rare and expensive.
posted a comment on Motörhead - Motörhead. 2 months ago
Nice little joke on the runout. oh, by the way, this album kicks ass. a lot of it sounds punky to me.
posted a comment on Voïvod - Killing Technology. 2 months ago
[quote=exumer] Killer album incorporating anti thrash guitar riffs and unusual (in its day) experimentation that stands the test of time and then some. Overlooked somewhat, yet it percolates as a huge metal statement in an era of hammering the E string ... See full review
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Collapse EP. 2 months ago
My copy does have the crackling on the right channel, but it is incredibly minor and only seems to be on side two. other than that, this is a pretty good sounding record.
posted a comment on Slipknot - Clan. 2 months ago
Well, this sure does suck except for No Life, Prosthetics and the MFKR songs.
posted a comment on System Of A Down - Mezmerize. 2 months ago
Is it just me or do certain parts sound incredibly brickwalled/compressed? Particularly the vocals. It's really apparent to me in songs like "Lost in Hollywood".

I feel like this album has always had its fair share of ... See full review
posted a comment on Obituary - Cause Of Death. 3 months ago
Whoever cut this vinyl should be ashamed of themselves. it SUUUUCKS. but this album doesn't, the album itself is rad!
posted a comment on Jet (2) - Get Born. 3 months ago
Music on Vinyl does it again! I haven't heard any other press of this album.. but this will do nicely if you want this on vinyl.
posted a comment on Dead Kennedys - Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death. 3 months ago
Includes a 24-page CD-booklet. Don't be fooled. The booklet is NOT full sized. Inconvenient. LOL

My dad bought the reissue of Plastic Surgery Disasters and we were laughing our asses off at the CD sized booklet.
posted a comment on Voivod* - Angel Rat Sampler. 3 months ago
Clouds in My House is remixed on this sampler. Sounds more radio-oriented.
posted a comment on Type O Negative - Bloody Kisses. 3 months ago
Did Type O themselves prefer this track list or is that just a lie I heard somewhere?
posted a comment on Carnivore - Carnivore. 3 months ago
The top record label states Roadracer, but the below, under album's Copyright section it states Roadrunner. I believe it to be Roadrunner, as I have seen albums from that production label previously.

My cassette copy of Type O ... See full review
posted a comment on Danzig - Danzig II - Lucifuge. 3 months ago
if anyone has the art for this and they're willing to let go of it.. shoot me a message, i need it
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - Oh By The Way. 3 months ago
Oh, by the way... here's some tips on how to spot a counterfeit.
-Meddle does NOT have a textured cover, and is spelled as "Medle" on the spine
-Obscured by Clouds also does not have its sleeve with the matte finish/rounded corners
-"" ... See full review
posted a comment on Alice In Chains - Jar Of Flies. 3 months ago
Was this EP actually known as Another Side of Alice in Japan, or did I read a lie?
posted a comment on Metallica - The Good The Bad & The Live:The 6½ Year Anniversary 12" Collection. 4 months ago
If you have the poster for this, let me know. my copy does not have it
posted a comment on My Bloody Valentine - Lost Tracks and Rare Cuts. 4 months ago
My copy of this is actually very pleasing to the ears considering it's a bootleg. Only complaint is the sides aren't labelled, but you can tell which is which once you listen to the long version of Glider and see how, well, long it is.
posted a comment on Crash Test Dummies - Give Yourself A Hand. 4 months ago
This album is one of the strangest fucking things I've ever heard. I absolutely love the beats and Ellen Reid's voice though.
posted a comment on Blink-182 - Enema Of The State. 4 months ago
How does this pressing compare to previous ones? Most of the previous pressings seem to get amazing reviews, but this one seems readily available here:

I just got ... See full review
posted a comment on Nas - Illmatic. 4 months ago
$100 for a cassette that sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Good luck with that.

A ton of the rap cassettes are expensive, it's crazy! I did manage to snag some good copies of Outkast's albums "Atliens", "Aquemini" and ... See full review
posted a comment on Voivod* - Dimension Hatröss. 4 months ago
Why no Tribal Convictions?
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posted a comment on Charged G.B.H* - Leather, Bristles, Studs And Acne. 4 months ago
I've heard that the first press does not have the "go!" at the beginning of Race Against Time? is it true?
posted a comment on Nirvana - In Utero. 4 months ago
I'm kind of surprised they didn't delete Rape Me from this version, for some reason.
posted a comment on Nirvana - In Utero. 4 months ago
Can I rip this onto my PC or is it protected?

You should be fine. If I remember correctly, I managed to rip all three studio albums onto my last laptop with no problems.
posted a comment on Anti-Heros - That's Right!. 5 months ago
this and Don't Tread on Me deserve reissues. hopefully with remastered sound. the snare on this is atrocious!
posted a comment on Slowdive - Souvlaki. 5 months ago
Sounds like they did a bang-up job with my copy. It has a slight warp, but is dead quiet other than some extremely light, and easily ignorable, crackle between songs. If you don't have $200-300+ to blow on an original copy, go for this!
posted a comment on Danzig - Danzig II - Lucifuge. 5 months ago
This should've been the cover all over the world. I don't really like seeing a close up on Glenn's chest, as ripped as he may have been.
posted a comment on Ween - The Friends EP. 5 months ago
Repress when?
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posted a review of Criss* - Cat #1. 5 months ago
Another solo effort by Peter, and this is a good one. The band may have looked like a dollar-store Alice in Chains, but they rocked! The re-recording of Beth wasn't really necessary, but Ace Frehley's presence on a few tracks is more than welcome!
posted a comment on Urge Overkill - Exit The Dragon. 5 months ago
If you wanna sell this with the medallion still intact, please get to me. thank ya
posted a comment on Slipknot - Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses). 5 months ago
Why would a promo CD for an album released in 2004 be created in 2008?