Iv'e been a dj since 2006 and its all i wanna be actually. Im on Discogs to Push and Premote South African House.
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posted a review of Sandboy And Nanar* - Night Song. over 10 years ago
This Record can be described with one word DEEP, every ones in a
while a record comes along that just hits the spot with every single track. It really makes you feel like you didn't waste your
money on 1 track that you wanted and 3 you didn't ... See full review
posted a review of Soul Central feat. Abigail Bailey - Time After Time. over 10 years ago
This Record is definitely my favorite from 2007
Soul Central never disappoints and this record is
no exception. On side A the Soul Central Vocal mix
witch you could easily play during peak time or
at those deeper soul sessions.
On side B,the real ... See full review