Welcome to my little corner of Discogs!

*** Yeah, I'm doing it. from now until hell freezes over I am offering FREE shipping on any cassette orders of 10 or more tapes to the US ONLY. Mention "YouMustBeDaft" to get your free shipping! ***

If you've come this far you're likely a little curious about a few things, and I will try to answer them here!

I am NOT a music store; I used to have a record shop some years ago in Hamilton Ontario but found that a steady paycheque was needed in order to facilitate a mortgage, family and a happy wife. Thus, I went back to school and became a nurse. Yes, when you' buy from me you'll understand how a nurse can take good care of the items you are considering buying.

I strive for high quality product which is accurately graded, and shipped in a secure manner. Read some feedback about the quality of items I deliver and how well I pack them. only a nurse can provide THAT level of care !

I have been collecting, selling and 'hoarding' (as my wife tells me) records for some 30 years...

I sell cassettes, vinyl and compact discs (few smatterings of DVD and Laserdiscs too!).

Things you must know; I grade the items both visually AND through play. Yes, that's right.. I play these damn cassettes. Please note that a chunk of them are not play graded, they will be noted in the 'notes' field as "plays great" ect.. Play testing assures you will get a 100% working product. Same thing with vinyl; I play grade any vinyl with even the slightest defect to assure there are no playback issues, and i'll note findings in the 'notes' field. ALL LPs and 12" records are VPI cleaned and resleeved at time of shipping. They are 'expertly packaged' to avoid damage in transit.

Please keep in mind that I add more than 50% of our cassette stock to the database, as cassettes typically don't exist there in the correct format. Trust that I am very diligent to assure you are getting the correct item each time.

Again I reiterate; Cassettes are play tested through to assure they are free of issues (you'll notice this in the item descriptions). But this doesn't mean there can't be an issue! Shipping can be rough on tapes, so I highly suggest you FFW & RW your tapes through before playing them. Another trick is to smack the tape in your palm if you notice it having issues; this helps to loosen the mechanisms which may be jostled in transit. As with everything I sell, I stand behind my product 100% and if an issue arises I will gladly deal with it.

Orders OVER $50 before shipping with receive an extra 10% off.

Records are scrutinized under bright light, and any scuffs/marks are play tested to assure there's no concern. This is also noted in the description for the item. All vinyl is VPI cleaned.

Shipping costs have been manually entered for each country and for the most part load correctly.

Cassettes and CDs typically cost $3.00 within Canada, $4.00 in the US, and $5.00 to the rest of the world. Vinyl is shipped via media mail within the US, and prices should be reflective of weight. International orders ship wither tracked or untracked, ask for a price quote BEFORE ordering. Items are shipped via DHL internationally.

Given that I work in long hours as a nurse, I only do shipping runs ONCE A WEEK. These are typically on my days off, and require an hour long trip to my shipper in Mississauga. If you require something quicker, let me know and I can always defer to Canada Post for quicker shipping.

Once items are mailed, I send out notices of tracking information ect after I return (where applicable).

Now some fun stuff! I also go haywire at Halloween and here's what I do: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oHi1fO08A9I

I also have random giveaways at various times, so watch for notices on this page as to when these occur.

Buy with confidence!
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