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posted a comment on Tony Stone - Love Don't Come No Stronger. 4 months ago
This Is Serious (Superbad Mix) Is A Funkier Remx,Slowed Down
posted a comment on Various - Classic Eighties. 5 months ago
(Julian Lennon ‎– Too Late For Goodbyes is the 12" extended version making a rare appearance on CD),yes but is it ripped or mastered from audio tape/vinyl or original master tapes
posted a comment on David Gibson (4) - Lock Up My Heart (I Need Your Love). 5 months ago
Sorry,but really disco !!??, basically pop\reggae pop,disco ended in the 1970s.....with much fan fare
posted a comment on Arcadia (3) - The Singles Box Set. 5 months ago
pity capital never had the brains to do so,would of made a fantastic collectors items,should of product one for the power station as well
posted a comment on Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam With Full Force - Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam With Full Force. 6 months ago
sorry to say its 1980s which most vilify as boring dull and dated,really have you ever heard anyone of credibility give a top of the hat to the 1980s music other than american artist or give honour and influence to the decade.....very few if any
posted a comment on Depeche Mode. 10 months ago
would cherish an album with every member.....vince clarke and alan wilder together with current members
posted a comment on Depeche Mode. 10 months ago
best ever created since the early years "its no good" "precious"...need to truly get back to their sampling roots,using un-natural sounds as effects/textures and instruments,its what made their music unique and quite interesting
posted a comment on Elton John And Billy Joel - Face To Face Live In Japan 1998. 11 months ago
hi powhatan, it is called time travel....everyone has/is doing it
posted a comment on Doctor & The Medics - Laughing At The Pieces. about 1 year ago
A Vinyl Remaster.....obvious on headphones and audio Programs,i believe the excuse the masters were destroyed or basically lost,save your monies and buy the 1986 vinyl
posted a comment on Milli Vanilli. about 1 year ago
blame it on the rain 12 '' remix which was played in Canada,sampled, tina turners "i can't stand the rain"
posted a comment on Britney Spears - Work Bitch. about 1 year ago
for an unofficial release the quality is quite good,superb even......sounds better than an official Mp3 LOSSLESS PROMO
posted a comment on Madonna - Dress You Up. about 1 year ago
I believe it is the same as the U.K (7 " Version) as some mixes do not differ with the U.K Mixes
posted a comment on Madonna. about 1 year ago
Madonna needs to make pop music once again and not bad high impact-aerobics music,yes and stop catering to the club girls/pre-teens...make pop music with music producers from your past who know you,craft something that will endure time like your early ... See full review
posted a comment on Ziggy Marley And The Melody Makers - Conscious Party. about 1 year ago
Should be "Canadian" Cd listing,for "Ziggy Marley And The Melody Makers ‎– Conscious Party"
posted a comment on Robbie Williams. about 1 year ago
not really Robbie Williams/Take That but more really(Nsync, 90s rap, 90s RnB, Backstreet Boys, Hanson, Arron Carter) in years to come,we will see the artists of today in the same sad situation.... one reason,but simply not the only reason as Cds become ... See full review
posted a comment on Professor Green feat. Lily Allen - Just Be Good To Green. about 1 year ago
Really i quite like (dub be good to be - beats International) yours might have soul but (beats international - dub be good to me),has more life,especially at parties
posted a comment on Various - Classic Alternatives. about 1 year ago
actually most compilations like these are more than likely vinyl rips,with a few original masters thrown in for good measure,japanese and several german/netherland remix album selections are the exception to the rule
posted a comment on Yello - Oh Yeah 'Oh Six (The Remixes Part 1). about 1 year ago
absolutely agree,imagination and creativity has been replaced for the love of money !!!
posted a comment on The Future (3) And The Human League - The Golden Hour Of The Future. about 1 year ago
(original member of the band talking about the musical background of 1977 that inspired them)

makes a person wonder.did you hear of any group or singer,having quite the same feelings towards the 1980s music goth/pop/indie/alternative/new wave/etc etc ... See full review
posted a comment on The Human League. about 1 year ago
or Giorgio Moroder......without this man,producer,donna summer was just another voice in the crowd
posted a comment on Madonna - Music. about 1 year ago
The beginning of Madonna's downward spiral.....remixes of later singles,nothing more than high impact noise !
posted a comment on Jessica Simpson - I Think I'm In Love With You. about 1 year ago
is this possible,the single being released in 2000,did or would the record company do this during 2000 as they would consider today
posted a comment on Timbaland With Katy Perry - If We Ever Meet Again. about 1 year ago
News Flash,most music today is lossy Mp3 sourced,its basically "no one cares"....the days of high quality sourced music ended before 2001,even remastered cds have quite a bit of defects
posted a comment on Eurythmics. about 1 year ago
I believe we the public,will never have the experience of seeing/hearing another superior talent like this....the music industry has very well changed
posted a comment on One To One - Angel In My Pocket. over 2 years ago
The U.K 7'' is a 7 '' Remix Edit,possibly the cassette version
posted a comment on Labi Siffre. over 2 years ago
"for the children" album should have UK 2006 Cd release listed
posted a comment on Dead Or Alive. over 2 years ago
shocked by the sad lost of pete,sorry that mr burns didn't take dead or alive as serious as should have been,especially when crafting music videos,yes music videos that could have been truly enjoyed for years to come,its understandable how pete ... See full review
posted a comment on Dead Or Alive. over 2 years ago
box set,box me.....there should be a singles box set as banarama did this.........there truly should be a pethra,of rare material out there,especially rare "you spin me round" remixes
but really if the record industry had a brain why not ... See full review
posted a comment on Metallica - Hardwired...To Self-Destruct. over 2 years ago
Very Def Leppard-ish,hysteria in the style and album Imagery but never heard the music
posted a comment on Belouis Some - Some People. over 2 years ago
and yes one or two songs still skip/defective,unbelievable as this is a second pressing.....amateurs who basically have not an ounce of interest in 1980's music,....i found a freshly wrapped copy from 1985 and copied the vinyl to Cd
posted a comment on Jack Wagner - Premonition. over 2 years ago
Premonition 7'' single is a remix version and not the album version
posted a comment on Shep Pettibone. over 2 years ago
shep should come from retirement and bring his classic flavour to present day artists,interesting it would be to see Mr Pettibone Remix Britney spears,Lady Gaga,ace of base,etc etc etc etc etc etc or even Madonna!!.......Classic music remixer he is but ... See full review
posted a comment on Eria Fachin. over 3 years ago
A Canadian and 1980s artist,simple reason information on her is little to none
posted a comment on Bros. over 3 years ago
Lets not forget,groups who where or are boy bands/boy+girl bands.....The Temptations,Boys II Men,The O'jays,The Sylvers,Gladys Knight & The Pips,The Pasadenas,New Edition,Rational Youth,The Spinners,The Jackson Five,Five Star,jake,TBTBT,V.I.P,The Crew ... See full review
posted a comment on Madonna - Like A Virgin. over 3 years ago
Amazingly 31 years and not a box set has been created for this fantastic pop album,scandalous to say the lest, maybe fans will have one for "the pension years"
posted a comment on All Saints - Pure Shores. over 3 years ago
A Very Popular Song & Cd Single in Canada....added note Canadian Single is not listed
posted a comment on Bananarama - In A Bunch (The Singles 1981-1993). over 3 years ago
do imagine how long fans of madonna,sade,dead or alive,kim wilde,alison moyet,whitney houston,pat benatar,boy george etc etc etc must wait ,as there will probably be dire nothing in the future for them,as in a cd single remastered box set ....they will ... See full review
posted a comment on Sputnik: The Next Generation Featuring Hotei* - Sputnik: The Next Generation. over 3 years ago
An Absolutely Pathetic piece of reality its Real McCoy meets Adam Bomb,nothing compared to anything possible from sigue sigue sputniks first album,truly over the top dance music for gay men in their 60's,the saving grace of this album is ... See full review
posted a comment on Adele (3). over 3 years ago
sorry actually its not bullshit,look at intriguing artists of the past,the most creative ones were also the most interesting visually.....and please i'm not speaking of lady gaga of nikii minja
posted a comment on Sigue Sigue Sputnik - The Remixes. over 4 years ago
Also Available In Download
posted a comment on The Tea Party - Soulbreaking. over 4 years ago
Canadian only single

Charity single off the Canadian alternative act's 2001 album, 'The Interzone Mantras'. Two non-LP tracks, 'Soul Breaking' (Radio Edit) & 'Leaning On Love'. A percentage of the proceeds from the sale of this CD Single will go ... See full review
posted a comment on Pete Burns - Never Marry An Icon. over 4 years ago
Pete Actually Has Commented Several Times That Dead Or Alive Are Completely Over,Finished Actually And That The Reason Has To Do With A Very Bad Plastic Sergeant,Who Damaged His Vocal Chords......This May Be The Reason For "Auto-tune Death"
posted a comment on Sky (7) - Piece Of Paradise. over 4 years ago
There Is An Un-listed "Japanese Version" with A Different Sleeve Photo......
posted a comment on Billy Idol - Scream. over 4 years ago
1 Song U.S.A C.D Promo "Pop Edit" & 1 Song U.S.A C.D Promo "Rock Edit" need to be listed......
posted a comment on Billy Idol - White Wedding. over 4 years ago
Very "poorly" "created/constructed" "Mega-Idol Mix"....Billy needs desperately a "NEW" Keith Forsey Mega-Mix,with much imagination
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Honeymoon Suite. over 4 years ago
A Cassette Single Or Album Containing the Extended 12 '' Mix Of "Lethal Weapon" Should Be Listed Here,It Was Released In Canada I Believe
posted a comment on Paparazzi (5) - Paparazzi. over 4 years ago
Canada's French Answer To Erasure!
posted a comment on Lisa Stansfield. over 4 years ago
you forgot my dear,Samantha Fox,Kim Wilde,Alison Moyet And Last But Not Lest Bananarama!!!
posted a comment on Dead Or Alive - Been Gone 2 Long. over 4 years ago
1. Been Gone 2 Long (5:44) (Sounds Very Much Like An Edited Album Track Nothing Quite Different Here)
2. Live In Nagoya, Japan 29 November 1990 (Turn Around And Count 2 Ten / Blue Christmas / Your Sweetness)(11:04) (Exactly What It Says Live But Truly ... See full review