Been collecting records since 1995 although only really started to collect in 97-98. I'm into all sorts of dance music! - I have been through acid house, acid techno, psy-trance, old hip/deep house, drum & bass, techno, more psy-trance and progressive house phases (and various messy moments along the way)!! So, lots of different stuff in my collection!

I am now selling my choons :-( to make room for new ones :-) as there just simply isn't room!

Discogs is the BEST website ever, by the way. Thanks to everyone involved, especially those who have given time to help track ID my mixes!!!
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posted a comment on Dougal & Brisk - Vibealite. over 3 years ago
The DJ Dougal tape is the same on both sides. I have bought 2 copies of this release and it was the same for both copies!
posted a review of William Ørbit* - Barber's Adagio For Strings. over 16 years ago
Barber's Adagio for String's is the classical music featured in the film Platoon.
posted a review of Renegade Soundwave - Women Respond To Bass. over 16 years ago
The R.S.W megamix is excellent - combines biting my nails, ozone breakdown and Thunder II - all the best tunes
posted a review of Laurent X - It's Magic. over 16 years ago
This tune is not bad although it's not what you expect after hearing the Machines EP. It is a rapping/house tune that actually sounds quite good and is similar to a few US house tunes around that time (i.e. rapping, sirens etc..).