Complete music obsessive, I love synthesizers and analogue gear, samples, breakbeats and bass in various formats but am also open to all sorts of other sounds too!

I'm just as enthusiastic about finding something new as something from the past that I've missed. I've gradually built up my catalogue on here with music gathered from all over the place although I haven't bothered listing everything.

I occasionally sell items that I have doubles of, am no longer into or own on another format. If something isn't listed for sale that's part of my collection it's highly unlikely I'm willing to part with it, so please respect that.

I'm happy to talk music but I'm pretty busy so please don't be offended if I don't get back to you.

Need to get my hands on these:

Unknown Artist ‎– Untitled

Danny Styles ‎– Life Is A Roll (Mix 1)

Booby Trap ‎– Up To The Light

Section 47 ‎– Drought EP

Urban Tribe, The ‎– Untitled

New Jack Pimps ‎– Good Times (Remix) / Perplex

Unknown Artist - Untitled
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posted a comment on Nathan Fake - Hard Islands. about 1 month ago
Fentiger is such a beast, immediate stand out upon first hearing & still as potent. Slamming & emotive.
posted a comment on Plug - Here It Comes EP. about 1 month ago
Killer EP from one one of my favourite producers. This is prime Vibert. Absolutely wild styles. Full on rinse out with perfectly tweaked often amusing samples that doesn't take itself too seriously, yet still murders & has a cheeky smile while doing... See full review
posted a comment on Kid Lib + Mr Sensi - Raregroove Someting / The England Cut / It's Over. about 1 month ago
Heard these tracks dropped on dubplate by Kid Lib at Rupture in 2015 & have been waiting for them to surface ever since. Three Rare groove centric ruffneck bangers. I was next to Bazia in the crowd & remembering him warning me of the seismic bass... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Good, But Not Right. about 1 month ago
Unmissable oddity, available in "Limitless Gatefold Edition" with pop up mansion centre. An awesome varied collection of contributor pals offer their odes to wild weekends away.

Alice Ant's "Arp 2" is an emotive ambient outing with slight shades of... See full review
posted a comment on Various - SCRATCH01. 2 months ago
Interesting record. Les Geddit's Cherrybee is a mad slice of blissed out, minimal, smudged, Ragga Garage with Junglist sensibilities.
Scratched the card, but no prizes here.
posted a comment on Various - Amen-talist - Round 7. 2 months ago
Amen Sort from Mr Scrase is mad maze of beautiful melodies & cyborgesque beat shredding done immaculately.
posted a comment on Mafia (4) - Black Hand Vol 1. 2 months ago
Killer tracks. The B-side has a bit of a Chatta B / Potential Badboy kinda feel.
posted a comment on Various - Paranoid Recordings Volume 10. 2 months ago
Checked out this release because I love R-Core's track on Pete Dev/null's Darkside Compilation 2014 - River's Of Blood
( ). Timeslip doesn't quite grab me as much as the later... See full review
posted a comment on Squarepusher - Vicsynth1.3 Test Track 4. 2 months ago
Would love to hear this, anyone fancy uploading a video. Please! :)
posted a comment on DJ Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith - The Kings Of The Jungle Part Two. 2 months ago
No comments yet, unbelievable!!! Absolute badness from the don like Dextrous & Rude Boy Keith. I absolutely love the Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Boom sample - "oh my god...!" in Bad Boy Tune. There's an unofficial release with a killer unreleased... See full review
posted a comment on Various - DRB02. 3 months ago
A brilliant & quirky Jungle 12" from Dr Banana.

Hyperspace Cadillac is spacey cruising madness with snatches of DJ Ron's Dangerous in a hallucinatory whirlwind.

Apha Star by Kid Lib follows that theme with an amazing slice of intergalactic tinged... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Wacko & Bizzy B - Scarred For Life. 3 months ago
Yes Sunny, love Bomba Rass it's an under rated killer. Feel like it could benefit from being remastered & re-issued somehow even though it's available cheap, it's heavy artillery!
posted a comment on Various - Darkside Compilation 2014. 3 months ago
R-Core - Rivers Of Blood really grabs my attention from this release, it has a slight Luke Vibert feeling but has it's own vibe. Perfect sample selection, the strings with the spoken word & breaks is very cinematic.

Strangeworks is another... See full review
posted a comment on Ron Tom - Revival. 3 months ago
Sick release, Ront Tom made some amazing Jungle. I think I've picked up most of his Jungle & Garage tracks & they're all decent, wonder if he has any unreleased treasures. Both tracks are beautifully executed with a magical quality & wicked Rare... See full review
posted a comment on Lipelis - Lipelis Edits. 3 months ago
Reiterating the obvious but It's Alright is the clear favourite for me it's a mad mix of Disco, Acid & ridiculous ,rude, sexy lyrics! The rest of the 12" is great but that one is an amazing head trip & great to dance to.
posted a comment on Subliminal - Big Up / Lose Control. 3 months ago
Killer tracks from Mark Morris the Darkman! Unmissable badboy rudeness.
posted a comment on Darren .H & Punisher* - All Massive Remix. 4 months ago
Remix 2 an emotional smasher, the beats are sharpened for this mix. All the Darren H & Punisher related releases are worth tracking down, including the Dubwise alias.
posted a comment on DJ Gunshot. 4 months ago
Awesome producer often working with the amazing Nico, shame he didn't put more tunes out.

I bought a copy of Respect mine from him on here many years ago. I asked him about any things he was involved with He did mention a tune called Rukus or Ruckus... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Gunshot. 4 months ago
No different producer, Godfrey Gummer. See the details above at the top of the listing.
posted a comment on 2 Damn Rude - Zion Gate / Earthquake. 4 months ago
Hope no one's sleeping on this release. Dubby vibes kinda similar to DJ Buz - Slave, or even a bit DJ Gunshot. Definitely got a bit of a No U-Turn feel to it. Both tunes are slightly different versions of the same track, with the second tune having... See full review
posted a comment on Siamese Minds - Killer Instinct / Mr. Mafia. 4 months ago
Ah, I thought that one was called Killer Instinct, either way a quality release. Love the Jungle flute in the track on the other side, accompanied of course by some ripping beats, all though not quite as full on as the other side. Anyone else find the... See full review
posted a comment on Persian - T.K.4.2.1. / Soundbwoy. 4 months ago
The A-side is a mad discordant mix with the MC's vocals unfortunately coming though too loud in the mix. B side is the one, a weird acidic breaky of a version. Persian bringing the off kilter rude boy heat once again.
posted a comment on Johnny Dark - Can't Wait. 4 months ago
Weird, dirty, tuff, shuffley, & Garage with mad swing, vocal snippets & skittery attitude.
posted a comment on Phone Traxxx - Volume 4. 4 months ago
Back OF is nice play on a Wookie track also & has the tick, tick, tick of of Adam F's 'Circles' in the breakdown.
Great series of records.
posted a comment on Msymiakos - Vintage Dubs EP. 4 months ago
The sample in "You Wanted It All" is Vincent Price from House On Haunted Hill (1959). Think I recognise it from another track too...
posted a comment on John Frusciante - Maya. 4 months ago
Very interesting album, loads of fun. Brand E is killer, it's got a bit of a Squarepusher vibe & it's pulled off with panache & joy. Really varied and full of tons of influences.
posted a comment on DJ Ron - Little Man. 4 months ago
Vocal by S.i.A,
I saw a video where Ron said Wookie (Producer of Little Man) used to drive him to raves for a while, apparently Spoony from the Dreem Teem did too. Garage Chauffeurs. Ah shit, I... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Ron - Dangerous / Cannan Land. 4 months ago
Absolute beast of a record, both these tunes are like experiencing Jungle through a dream state. A wicked combination of breakbeats, magical strings, vocal snippets & ruffness that sounds like nothing else.

Obviously African Chant stands up to the... See full review
posted a comment on SELEKTOR55 - For Clyde. 5 months ago
Some tasty Squarepusher-esque Go Plastic style edits on this Clyde Stubblefield homage.
posted a comment on Figures (5) - Cant Let Go / 95. 5 months ago
Big up Carlos, awesome couple of tracks, will check the Beatport link & be keeping an ear out for more1
posted a comment on Various - Defender. 6 months ago
Killer tracks on this, would've been nice to get the deluxe package without slipmats etc but not possible so grabbed the standard. Kisses by DJ Stretch is the immediate standout for me, what a groove. Serious quality tunes all the way through though,... See full review
posted a comment on Sully (5), Karborn - The Dancer. 6 months ago
No sign of any email unfortunately, but thanks for the tip!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Sully (5), Karborn - The Dancer. 6 months ago
Gutted to not get the extra individual tracks, would have bought the cassette if I'd realised they didn't come with the digital version. The listing on Bandcamp was a bit confusing.
Additional tunes emailed to cassette purchasers seem to be:
Bound... See full review
posted a comment on David Dundas - Commerical Reel 96. 6 months ago
Keen to buy a copy, or bag a rip of this if anyone can help?
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Untitled. 6 months ago
Thanks for the suggestion, I've listened to some of the tunes on those releases, the ones I heard seemed very ropey!
posted a comment on Tim Reaper - Toxic Tones E.P. 7 months ago
Killer Acidic vibes from Tim Reaper, more acid & breaks please Tim! While The Record Spins is my definite favourite, the melody has a bit of a Warp / Rephlex Records kinda vibe but the beats hit a bit tougher than most of that fayre. Feel like people... See full review
posted a comment on Figures (5) - Cant Let Go / 95. 7 months ago
Really wicked 12", anyone know if the productions are recent or not? The crew behind Figures have Acid, breakbeat & Garage backgrounds from as early as 1990 so could be archive stuff... Not that it matters the tunes are great either way. *Edit -... See full review
posted a comment on Theory (3) - Originate. 7 months ago
Whodemsound & sub labels have been relentlessly putting out some absolute fire and this release is a piece of serious artillery. The original mix which is looser & more nimble with the drum work is definitely my favourite, but even just bearing the... See full review
posted a comment on Law & Auder* - Watch The Ride! - Oldskool Jungle. 7 months ago
Amazing, had heard something was coming, this is better than I could have hoped. Killer tunes!
posted a comment on Comfort Zone (3), Tim Reaper, Dwarde - Dalston Chillies Records Volume 2. 8 months ago
Wicked release, Rubicon kinda reminds me of a few Luke Vibert productions with those whimsical synths!
posted a comment on Zebra Katz - Less Is Moor. 8 months ago
Interesting album, weird experimental mix of styles in a great way. Almost Lynchian in some parts. Tons of texture & raw attitude. Zad Drumz features elements of Remarc's Drum N Bass Wise & some other Jungle breaks (possibly unique?).
posted a comment on Mark Archer, Luke Vibert - Frndzne 04. 8 months ago
Wicked EP, really meaty & fun! Hardcore, Jungle, Acid & Breakbeat full of positivity & would be great for the dance floor if it wasn't for the pandemic. Awesome to hear 2 old skool dons go at it.

Both sides are excellent on this, I really like Mark... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Luke Vibert Presents Amen Andrews - Luke Vibert Presents Amen Andrews. 9 months ago
Big up the Luke Vibert! The first in a trifecta of killer, positivity brimming bangers.
I'm still absorbing this massive chunk of treats, but this is exactly what's needed to help forget about Coronavirus.
posted a comment on Various - EPR 003. 9 months ago
Wicked 3rd release from Equal People, Highrise tune on this is absolutely killer!
posted a comment on Lavery - My Darling EP. 9 months ago
Totally agree, it's a bit frustrating. I can ignore the fact the Rare Groove tune has been used similarly before, but using such a similar bassline to a track that's been reissued at the same time as this has come out seems like a silly move. It's a... See full review
posted a comment on FFF - Alert & Waiting EP. 10 months ago
This is a really sick record, FFF is on fire!
posted a comment on Don Reese And Buju Banton - Murderer Jungle. 11 months ago
These Jet star releases list the vocalist instead of the producer the same way that a lot of Reggae releases do. I’m certain Buju Banton didn’t chop the amens on this, but the idea is quite charming. I mentioned Mickey Finn because elsewhere he is... See full review
posted a comment on South West Unit - The Ride Vip . 12 months ago
I don't suppose you have any info on the first release on Grasshopper records? Curious to get more production details!