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posted a review of Mick Gordon (3) - Doom (Original Game Soundtrack). 4 months ago
Absolutely fantastic.

Not only does this Soundtrack to this fine game posess elevated thought, it also is simply impressive.

What impressed me, among other things, is the very high level of production and mixing. This is great.

Peppered, also, with ... See full review
posted a comment on Noisia - Purpose EP. about 1 year ago
Fantastic release, generally as per always by the Noisia crew. My favourites on this EP would perhaps be "Running Blind" (Chaotic, very well produced, extremely energetic drum and bass), "Asteroids" for the clever 'groove' of the climax. All the tracks ... See full review
posted a comment on Astral Projection - Mahadeva. about 1 year ago
Mahadeva, starting off with synth choir chorded melody, and chanting "Mahadeva". Soon thereafter, they introduce a characteristic rolling bassline, kind of Moog like. Eventually the choir chords stop and it develops into a deep 'doof' kickdrum with the ... See full review
posted a comment on Astral Projection - Goa Classics Remixed. about 1 year ago
Astral Projection are mainly known for their ground-breaking Goa trance productions, rife with interesting scales, a lot of harmonic minor scales, (One of my favourites of theirs was an older track in A minor harmonic). It's a bit different to their ... See full review
posted a comment on Infected Mushroom - Converting Vegetarians II. about 1 year ago
Quite a fantastic album by Infected Mushroom. Don't expect 4/4 kick Psytrance, this album is geared more toward the experimental realm and could be also argued to be downtempo in style, there are yet, still some psychedelic influences.

This is a fresh ... See full review
posted a comment on Knife Party - Trigger Warning . about 1 year ago
Certainly the lowest quality release that Knife Party has put out. And by quality i mean quality of the music - the tracks are cheesy and very definitely B side material. Nothing much else to say, really, Knife Party's worst release, definitely.
posted a comment on James Horner. about 1 year ago
A fantastic composer, and a genuinely nice man. Life was cut too short for this brilliant composer and human being. Rest in piece James Horner.
posted a comment on DJ Skippy. about 1 year ago
Unfortunately, he was not the only one. Alphamagic ended up fucking up a large number of labels back way back when..
posted a comment on Spree* - Neverending Hardcore. about 1 year ago
Agreed with the other review. It's an incredible gem of American Happy Hardcore at it's best. It used to be my favourite track a while ago. It's well arranged, and i love the percussion, my favourite part is the 1st climax, with that awesome chorused ... See full review
posted a review of BT - A Song Across Wires. over 4 years ago
A decent album. Don't expect BT at his best, in my opinion it's not up there with his other works.
posted a comment on Brian Eno - Lux. over 4 years ago
Beautiful pieces of music. The first track is probably my favorite. Conjures up quiet, happy, beautiful memories. Would recommend this to anyone looking to listen to ambient music, as well as his earlier piece with Harold Budd 'Plateaux of Mirror'.
posted a comment on Shpongle - Museum Of Consciousness. over 4 years ago
An absolutely amazing album, the best album I have heard in many years, and it has shot through as one of my all time favourites. Posford's skill and creativity, whilst being evident on earlier releases - is shown with the most true passion and clarity ... See full review
posted a review of Feed Me & Crystal Fighters - Love Is All I Got. over 4 years ago
Great new EP.

I'm a big fan of Feed Me's stuff, and i was quite surprised once i heard this first as it's quite different than his usual sound. The track is almost too "poppy" for me, but it's rebalanced with Feed Me's superb production skills and a bit ... See full review
posted a review of KOAN Sound - The Adventures Of Mr. Fox. over 5 years ago
A fresh and interesting new EP by KOAN Sound. The music is well produced and tight, and is very funky / with real nice grooves - this is combined with some pretty nasty (good nasty) basslines and other interesting elements you'll have to listen to for ... See full review
posted a review of Knife Party. over 5 years ago
"Knife Party" is an exciting, relatively new pairing which consists of the late Pendulum's Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen.

As controversial as this new wave of Hard Electro / New Dubstep (Whatever the fuck you want to call it) seems to be, Knife ... See full review
posted a review of Nero (5) - Welcome Reality. over 5 years ago
Nero's "Welcome Reality". If you're into this style of music, bass heavy and well made and a little more vocal orientated than lots of other new dubstep etc., then you'll probably have a bar of this.

All in all, a fucking good album.
posted a review of UK Dance. over 5 years ago
A truly special label in the magic history of Happy Hardcore. After Force and Styles left "Force & The Evolution", they began to write music together, in Styles' studio. They had good equipment, good skills and ideas, and Styles was also a fantastic ... See full review
posted a review of Junior. over 5 years ago
Leroy, or MC Junior as he was known within the rave scene, provided vocals most notably for a couple of great Force & Styles tracks (Paradise and Dreams, Pacific Sun, Pretty Green Eyes). He also used to MC for some of their live sets, occasionally also ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Fade. over 5 years ago
DJ Fade, like only a list of others limited to being counted on your fingers, was a key producer and engineer throughout the history of Happy Hardcore. He had his first release in 1994, and even though equipment quality was questionable back then, the ... See full review
posted a comment on Triple J. over 5 years ago
Triple J consisted of James Foster (Writer/Producer), Jenn Bolton (Writer/Vocalist) and last but definitely not least, Matt Carlton (Writer/Producer/Engineer). They went on to write some of the most notable Happy Hardcore tracks in it's golden era, the ... See full review
posted a comment on Jimmy J - 99 Red Balloons / Gotta Believe. over 5 years ago
Ending up being a very big track, 99 Red Balloons was also one of the Happy Hardcore tracks which began the very era of Happy Hardcore itself. It has typical 1995 production with a slightly distorted stomping kickdrum and lots of breakbeats and swirling ... See full review
posted a review of DNA (2). over 6 years ago
After Happy Hardcore evolved from the grittier, more break-beat orientated sound to the stompy, faster style, the scene needed to lay down some serious foundations to survive this change. One of the main engineers which kept Happy Hardcore on it's 2 feet ... See full review
posted a comment on Fenix (3). over 7 years ago
One of the key DJ's and Promoters in the Sydney Rave scene during the 90's. Has since stopped event production and is focusing on promo work.
posted a review of Passenger Of Shit - 7. over 8 years ago
I don't mind this.

It is very unique and left field and somewhat "underground". Passenger of Shit (Swift Treweeke) combines various samples (such as sampling of Greek instrumentals, or hiphop samples), splittered up and cutted up amen breaks, high q ... See full review
posted a review of Lumin8 & Cheever - Sahara. over 8 years ago
Very interesting. Broadly speaking, this is a Hardcore tune by genre. But what seems very unique is the kind of sound that is being produced by certain Australian producers such as Cheever, Inverse, Lumin8, Orbit1, Makio. Incredibly punchy percussion, ... See full review