A couple years ago I lent my profile to a friend and some of his sales got out of hand and resulted in negative feedback on my profile.

I assure you anything you order from me will arrive in a timely and safe manner. I do my best to describe condition, and usually do not sell things that are very questionable.
Well, unless it’s extremely unique or a rarity that deserves a better home.

I listen to a lot of records. It's like therapy.

I also sell and trade things I'm not into, but others are. Call it rehoming records. I like to find oddballs or rarities and get them to where they'll be appreciated most.
That's why I'm totally open to offers and trading. Hell, if it's on my want list and it's a $20 record I have no problem trading an $80 record. The whole point of trading is getting rid of something you don't want for something you want, right? :)
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posted a comment on Da Flat Foot Hustlers - Cess Gate / Society. 11 days ago
I have a cd copy of this in a jewel case with artwork, if anyone is interested
posted a comment on Barenaked Ladies - Stunt. 20 days ago
The MOV press is incredible, and they do great work. Rhino is hit or miss at the absolute best.
posted a comment on New Order - Movement. about 1 month ago
So I found this today but the cover is burgundy, the labels are red, and the matrix matches (is except the strike out on B is “fax-45-50-b-re3”.

Why do so many people want this particular one and why hasn’t one been sold?
posted a comment on Various - Better Off Dead - Original A&M Soundtrack. about 1 month ago
Anyone know why EVERYBODY WANTS SOME is missing from the LP?
posted a comment on Keith Emerson - Inferno. about 1 month ago
I’ve got ams lp 34, but it’s definitely on black. Any word of a non red pressing?
posted a comment on The Beatles - Please Please Me. 2 months ago
I found this record (custom sleeve) in a thrift shop today, why is it so expensive?
posted a comment on Bill Hicks - Revelations: Variations. 2 months ago
May be just mine but the quality is pretty bad. The volume goes up and down, lots and lots of noise. Still, it’s incredible to hear some new minutes of Bill preaching!
posted a comment on Various - The World Of Teddy Ruxpin. 4 months ago
I have the tape if you’re interested. I’m sure it’s not worth the infinite amount you want to pay for the cd though.
posted a comment on Ghost (32) - Ceremony And Devotion. 4 months ago
Loma Vista has this in stock again for $35
posted a comment on Mitch Hedberg - Mitch Hedberg: The Complete Vinyl Collection. 4 months ago
I came here to suggest this. Moving all the files to your desktop works perfectly. I plopped 'em over, and the videos play with zero issues.
posted a comment on Green Day - ¡TRÉ!. 4 months ago
So why is this one substatially cheaper even though less copies were made?
posted a comment on Ghost (32) - Rats. 5 months ago
I just posted my copy for trade for nearly any other Ghost single. Currently all I gots be da rats!
posted a comment on David Bowie - Hours.... 5 months ago
Ugh. I wish they’d fix that. This isblike the second or third reissue with the same poor quality cover.
posted a review of Ghost (32) - Prequelle In Belgium. 5 months ago
Awful awful recording. The levels are up and down constantly.

The jacket and all artwork, even the poster, are absolutely excellent.
submitted Timmy's Organism - Eating Colors. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Boygenius - Boygenius. 6 months ago
From what I understand, 50 copies at each gig, limited to one per customer
posted a comment on Osbert Graham With WIRL Recording Orchestra - This Is Ska. 7 months ago
Uploaded a picture, hopefully some more info can be discovered
submitted Various - The Cable Guy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). 8 months ago
posted a comment on Guns N' Roses - Use Your Illusion I. 8 months ago
My copy of this has the tracks flipped on the 2nd record. Common error?
posted a comment on Dillards* - Roots And Branches. 9 months ago
I actually just found what I believe to be this promo at a thrift shop. The group and title is hand written on the label with KSMU stamped on it.
posted a comment on Osbert Graham With WIRL Recording Orchestra - This Is Ska. about 1 year ago
I found this in a thrift store today, but it’s not on black vinyl (as pictured), it’s more of a green glow in the dark that doesn’t glow in the dark. Any ideas?
submitted Sweet Toothe - Testing . about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Sweet Toothe - Testing. about 1 year ago
I recently found a test pressing of this (matrix ends in JE) album but can't find anything on it, value wise. Does anyone know? I'd be super appreciative of any help.
posted a comment on The Big Eyes Family Players - Family Favourites. over 2 years ago
My copy has no barcode and has "promo" written in black sharpie on the front. I get its a promotional copy but odd there's no barcode. Anyone have an idea?
posted a comment on Third Eye Blind - Blue. over 3 years ago
It's back in stock on their site! Thanks for the info!
posted a comment on Yuzo Koshiro - Streets Of Rage. over 3 years ago
I'm willing to part with my splatter variant if you're still on the hunt
posted a comment on Anthrax - For All Kings. over 3 years ago
The copy I bought at a shop is two tone clear blue. It's megaforce as well. Anyone know what's up with it?
posted a comment on Green Day - WFMU, New Jersey, May 28th 1992 - FM Broadcast. over 3 years ago
On the back cover it states "limited to 500 copies"
posted a comment on Harlow Wilcox - Groovy Grubworm / Sad Is The Lonely. over 3 years ago
Impel press has "sad is the lonely" as a b side, not "moose trot".
posted a comment on Lera Lynn - The Avenues. over 3 years ago
Well more fool you since all any needs to do is go to her site.
submitted Faith No More - Sol Invictus. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Lera Lynn - The Avenues. over 3 years ago
Heads up, for the 20 that have this on their want list, the lp and cd are still available on her site. Lp is 27 usd shipped.
submitted Shirley Walker - Superman The Animated Series. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Polaris (19) - Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete. over 3 years ago
Nope. Just a notice that my order was cancelled due to lack of stock.
posted a comment on Childish Gambino - Because The Internet. over 4 years ago
Wild. Mine says 164/500.
posted a comment on Polaris (19) - Music From The Adventures Of Pete & Pete. over 4 years ago
Don't pay mezzotint, either. They just cancelled my order after a week.
posted a comment on Stellastarr* - Stellastarr*. over 4 years ago
Has there been a confirmed number?
added Stellastarr* - Stellastarr* to their wantlist. over 5 years ago