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posted a comment on Love Inc. (3) - A Little Of This, A Little Of That. over 7 years ago
Very original, very cool extended mix. The title of the track says it all. Definitely a nice flavor to throw in a house/dance mix. It's got that nice experimental early 90's hip hop break beat vibe.
posted a comment on Ce-Jay - Win My Love. over 7 years ago
I'm truly surprised there isn't more buzz around this AWESOME track. It is SO hard and lush and beautiful. Great harp samples. Fantastic vocals. Every mix on this is amazing. The dub and the original vocal mix are different sounding for sure but of equal ... See full review
posted a comment on B.T. (Brenda Taylor)* - You Can't Have Your Cake And Eat It Too. over 8 years ago
"Guilty" pleasure? Then I committed murder in the first!
posted a review of Ananda Project* Featuring Terrance Downs - Falling For You. over 8 years ago
I wish that one day I can dance to this on the floor...the emotion in this song evokes sadness, melancholy, relentless passion. The "Child of the Sun" mix is the absolute shit. Completely essential to own if you dig deep house.
posted a comment on DBX (2) - And There Ain't. over 8 years ago
Troopa's Deep Mix is absolutely incredible. It samples Funkadelic's "(Not Just) Knee Deep" and France Joli's "Gunna Get Over You." I wish I knew the rest! SO Hot!
posted a comment on Klaus Schulze - Irrlicht. over 8 years ago
Awesome review.