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Saint Etienne - The Sea (PFM Mix)
posted a review of Saint Etienne - The Sea (PFM Mix). 4 months ago
Straight up... I'm not sure D&B lovers knew how good they had it around 95/96, particularly if you were based in the UK.

Every few weeks there was an awesome track on the scene.

PFM's 'The Sea' remix is one of those releases. A labour of love... A... See full review
JMJ & Richie - Free La Funk (PFM Remix) / Universal Horn (J. Majik Remix)
posted a review of JMJ & Richie - Free La Funk (PFM Remix) / Universal Horn (J. Majik Remix). 9 months ago
PFM - Free La Funk remix.

Heavyweight business, ah yeah. Pretty much a perfect track as 'intelligent' was coming into it's prime.

Brought into the mainstream as featured on the seminal Ltj Bukem Mixmag Live mix.

A deep rolling journey, great use of... See full review
Route 94 Feat. Jess Glynne - My Love
posted a review of Route 94 Feat. Jess Glynne - My Love. 11 months ago
My Love - nice catchy minimal head nodding house with Jess Glynee's vocals making the track. Funky video also which shows what happens when you have a few drinks...

£200+ for vinyl?! Really...

Believe the artist name - Route 94 Free way actually... See full review
Blu Mar Ten - Global Access / Myriad
posted a review of Blu Mar Ten - Global Access / Myriad. 11 months ago
A deep classy roller from back in the day.

Funky cosmic vibes with a killer break, simple bubbling bassline topped with a subtle sample from Neal Howard's 'Indulge' for the acid house spotters out there.

Was pretty big at release time, featured on... See full review
Peshay - Supernova
posted a review of Peshay - Supernova. 11 months ago
Awesome cosmic far out style roller...

String/chord intro with the tempo slowly bubbling, followed by some funky head nodding beats & a rolling jungle style bassline... complimented by some gentle keys & more string workouts.

Nice climatic break... See full review
Metal Heads* - Terminator
posted a review of Metal Heads* - Terminator. about 1 year ago
Terminator is the one!

Frantic, heavy, dark breakbeat madness which will shake things up. Popular at release time & still sought after now.

Played out loud on a system - just awesome.

I've always been into the more liquid style of D&B but... See full review
R-Tyme - Illusion / R-Theme
posted a review of R-Tyme - Illusion / R-Theme. about 1 year ago
R Theme is the one for me... Way back in 1989, a DJ Swan E (later on became a UK jungle pioneer) mix tape came my way..

R Theme made waves with it's far out, trippy, dreamy, bleepy, techno, acid like vibes. Total masterpiece which sounds great even... See full review
Greg Packer - You're The One / Wake Up
posted a review of Greg Packer - You're The One / Wake Up. about 1 year ago
Ah yeah... A super funky liquid roller - which went under the radar slightly & is somewhat unknown.

Typical Greg Packer style... Driving catchy breaks, synths & beats. A few subtle vocal wails & touches 'Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah' etc plus the heavy... See full review
Nookie Vs SoulStructure / The Invisible Man - New Day / Skyliner (Tim Cant & Soulstructure Remix)
posted a review of Nookie Vs SoulStructure / The Invisible Man - New Day / Skyliner (Tim Cant & Soulstructure Remix). over 3 years ago
All about New Day for me... If you know your stuff, Nookie & Soulstructure make some heavy (& underrated) tracks.

New Day begins with the instantly recognisable 'Music' riff, slowly building with strings & hypnotic female vocal touches... 'you sure... See full review
Liquid - Sweet Harmony
posted a review of Liquid - Sweet Harmony. over 3 years ago
Sweet Harmony - original mix.

Instantly recognizable classic - simply produced but so catchy.

Nice break, awesome hands in the air piano riff, oh so good strings plus the key vocal sample.

Leans on the original 'Someday' by Ce Ce Rogers heavily,... See full review
P.F.M.* - One & Only
posted a comment on P.F.M.* - One & Only. over 4 years ago
In my humble opinion there is a bell riff that has been altered & modified on One & Only... from Tango & Ratty - Final Conflict, the intro bell riff. Classy hardcore track.
Mory Kante* - Yeke Yeke
posted a review of Mory Kante* - Yeke Yeke. over 4 years ago
Hardfloor mix... The break of all breaks - with a kick that hits like a tidal wave = people going nuts on the dancefloor.

End of review!
Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune
posted a review of Deep Blue - The Helicopter Tune. over 4 years ago
I don't think kids know how people bumped to this back in '94. Yes, overplayed... Yes, some DJ' s preferred the flip (Fantasy 2 & 3) or the Rufige Kru remix - the original Helicopter tune is instantly recognised & a key release.

Big fat heavy beats,... See full review
SpectraSoul - Silence EP
posted a review of SpectraSoul - Silence EP. over 4 years ago
Untitled Horn... heavy stuff. For my money a modern take on 'Shadow Boxing' by Nasty Habits (Doc Scott).

This wrecked people & systems in the summer of '18. Clubs, festivals etc. Shaking things up!

Slow intro, heavy synths roll in with a few vocal... See full review
Orbital - Chime
posted a review of Orbital - Chime. over 4 years ago
Masterpiece. Key. Fresh. Chime may be pretty mainstream now... but back at release time this was huge.

I remember buying this as a youngster & rinsing this week after week on my decks, was in my top box for a looong time.

Absolute classic which has... See full review
Big Bud - Blue 52 / Lifeline
posted a review of Big Bud - Blue 52 / Lifeline. over 4 years ago
All about Lifeline for me... Jazzy roller with a head nodding tempo.

Heavy beat, strings, bass that shakes things up... boom - there you go.

Nice release from BB which went under the radar in my opinion. One to enjoy.

posted a review that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
Hibrid - Hypnotizin
posted a review of Hibrid - Hypnotizin. over 4 years ago
Catchy old skool breakbeat roller with a nice b line too... It's the 'Get Down Mix' for me. Key use of a female vocal sample from Raw Silk - Do It To The Music.

As others have mentioned - the famous Amen loop also in use. One step ahead!

Brought to... See full review
The Chameleon* - Links
posted a review of The Chameleon* - Links. over 5 years ago
Masterpiece. Key. Fresh. Different. Chameleon gets it done with a double A side release. Links is a sweet bubblin' roller with amen touches and of course begins with the sample from the movie 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'. Also found on Logical... See full review
G Double E - Fire When Ready
posted a review of G Double E - Fire When Ready. over 5 years ago
Back in the day... Pirate radio on, Fire When Ready was one of the first tracks around to use (combine) breakbeat & a ragga sample really well. A taste of things to come with jungle sounds coming in...

A dark heavy sound but still funky enough &... See full review
A Night With Dick - The Dick Dickler EP
posted a review of A Night With Dick - The Dick Dickler EP. over 5 years ago
All about... 'The Drive'. Catchy driving simple bassline 4/4 roller with vibes from the main man Kerri Chandler in this release full of dirty innuendo. Including the suggestive cover & boob labels.

Not the highest quality pressing around as mine has... See full review
Future Bound - Sorrow / Liquid Groove
posted a review of Future Bound - Sorrow / Liquid Groove. over 5 years ago
Honestly... I don't think D&B lovers knew how good they had it around 1996/1997.

Sorrow is a class track, simple as that. Stands out on the Bukem Mixmag CD which tells you how decent it is.

Sorrow uses a chopped & rearranged beat that a few others... See full review
Seba - Close To You
posted a review of Seba - Close To You. over 5 years ago
Time Will Tell... Really nice liquid track from 2018. Vibing - deep stuff.

Sweet beats, nice dark techno like synths/keys and a rolling B line. Decent vinyl too, great picture cover.

On a great Soundcloud mix. LSB & MC DRS Space Age Vol 1 around the... See full review
Grace - If I Could Fly
posted a review of Grace - If I Could Fly. over 5 years ago
One for the Bukem heads... Class tune with touches of Demons Theme. A straight up roller that never gets old. Bukem was the master around '96 & this is a great track available at a budget price.

Needs to be in your collection if you like Bukem or D&B... See full review
Bob Sinclar - Darlin'
posted a review of Bob Sinclar - Darlin'. over 5 years ago
Save Our Soul... Big bassline groove, nice house roller. Beats, bass & a standard break featuring a sample... A great way to finish a set.

Play this track loud!
Naibu - Fall EP
posted a review of Naibu - Fall EP. over 5 years ago
As Stereochemistry mentions below... Wrong is just a wonderful track. Deep as the ocean, full of vibes, great B lines... classy break too with a harp/xylophone type sounds.

A whole different style of D&B. Way ahead of the game.

A few jocks pushed... See full review
The Spirit* - Open Spaces / Science Fusion
posted a review of The Spirit* - Open Spaces / Science Fusion. over 5 years ago
Nice under the radar release from The Spirit. I keep returning to Science Fusion... serious beats, drum vibes laced with cosmic style strings & chords combined with a rolling B line. There is a break towards the end... remember people slapping the... See full review
LSB (3) - About Tonight EP
posted a review of LSB (3) - About Tonight EP. over 5 years ago
LSB is one of a bunch of talented D&B jocks/producers around at the moment. Alongside people like Lenzman & Technimatic.

This release for me revolves around About Tonight. Very similar to an old Good Looking release 'Voyager - Apollo' which Bukem... See full review
Rantoul - System Sylence / The Ladder
posted a review of Rantoul - System Sylence / The Ladder. over 5 years ago
The Ladder... in my humble opinion, one of the masterpiece 'intelligent' amen rollers. Slick production, bubbling b line, a break & sample that work really well plus fierce beats.

The latter part of the sample from the Jacobs Ladder movie sums it up... See full review
フォーテック* - 七人の侍 / 複合
posted a review of フォーテック* - 七人の侍 / 複合. over 5 years ago
Just a wonderful release from Photek. For me, it's all about Complex. Heavy vibes, string heaven and a chilled melodic break. Lovely use of the amen loop to top it off...

Photek is and was on a completely different level from the majority of artists... See full review
Future Bound - The Ephemeris
posted a review of Future Bound - The Ephemeris. over 5 years ago
Ah yeah... all about The Ephemeris. Bukem opened up his sets for a while with this superb release. Deep as the ocean, beautiful string intro, classic beats and pads over a hypnotic relaxed melody and vibe.

Lovely climatic break mid track. People... See full review
Greenfly / J-Laze / Soul Purpose (2) / Intense - G-Funk / Chinz & Grinz / Dominion / Timecode
posted a review of Greenfly / J-Laze / Soul Purpose (2) / Intense - G-Funk / Chinz & Grinz / Dominion / Timecode. over 5 years ago
Simple... All about Greenfly - G Funk. The starting track on Bukem's Progression Session Tokyo CD. As the title says, a funky rolling jazzy slice of D&B.

Big funky keys & sax, trumpet touches... rumbling bassline and a simple but catchy beat. What's... See full review
Jon Cutler Feat. E-Man - It's Yours
posted a review of Jon Cutler Feat. E-Man - It's Yours. over 6 years ago
Original Distant Music Mix...

This is how soulful house should be done... Effortless, catchy, funky vocals and full of quality.

Easy to mix with it's clear 4/4 beats & still sounds wonderful.

Great piece of house music right here.
Sentinel* - Dig Deeper / Toulépleu
posted a review of Sentinel* - Dig Deeper / Toulépleu. over 6 years ago
Masterpiece. Key. Fresh. Photek, Rupert Parkes once again strikes gold with this double A side of atmospheric, deep D&B. Way ahead of the game... As others have stated - Fabio & LTJ Bukem went in on this throughout '96, no explanation needed.

No sky... See full review
posted a review of Kenny "Dope"* Presents The Bucketheads - The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind). over 6 years ago
One slick piece of house right here... with intro beats long enough you can make a cup of coffee - the trumpet groove & melody finally kicks in... Very catchy & a track that is easy to mix with it's clear beats.

Some people will say a bit too... See full review
Sandy Rivera Featuring Haze - Changes
posted a review of Sandy Rivera Featuring Haze - Changes. over 6 years ago
Nice piece of house... Changes was pretty big around release time. While it isn't full on funky/disco house - it's dark progressive feel makes it still sound decent today.

Heavy beats & b line. Smooth catchy vocals... easy to mix with intro & outro... See full review
KMC - Polaris
posted a review of KMC - Polaris. over 6 years ago
Deep and dreamy stuff from KMC. I reckon if the likes of Bukem, Photek or PFM released Polaris it would have been a lot bigger...

Lovely strings & chords, soothing sax sounds, catchy three tone steel drum riff and a rearranged chopped beat which I... See full review
posted a review of Harry "Choo Choo" Romero - Tania. over 6 years ago
4/4 beat piano roller from Harry Romero when House music was very popular in the UK...

Catchy, easy to mix with it's clear beats & still sounds decent, rock bottom prices on Discogs too.

The Oliver Klein remix is pretty good also.
Mulu - Pussycat
posted a review of Mulu - Pussycat. over 6 years ago
This is all about the PFM mix... Early liquid style D&B before the genre really kicked in. Lush jazzy vibes over a sweet beat with subtle female vocal touches - a track that's smooth as waves.

Didn't get a huge amount of exposure at release time as... See full review
Phyllis Nelson - Move Closer
posted a review of Phyllis Nelson - Move Closer. over 6 years ago
Classic piece of deep soul music which was huge in the UK due to being pushed by BBC London radio & numerous pirate stations.

Also used as the soundtrack to a few tv commercials.

Big love anthem... one for the ladies.
Krome & Time - This Sound Is For The Underground / Manic Stampede
posted a review of Krome & Time - This Sound Is For The Underground / Manic Stampede. over 6 years ago
A heavy wild hardcore track with the mother of all drops/kicks. Used to send masses of people crazy back in the day.

Big keys & chords, one snappy beat and key sample use - 'This Sound Is For The Underground'.

Up there with the other summer 1992 big... See full review
Greg Packer / Furney - Peoples Music / Life Starts @ 40
posted a review of Greg Packer / Furney - Peoples Music / Life Starts @ 40. over 6 years ago
Two decent tracks on this 12". Both Peoples Music by Greg Packer and Life Starts @ 40 by Furney are jazzy type rollers.

Peoples Music is the first track on the Bukem Fabric Live 46 release, head nodding stuff. Life Starts @ 40 is typical Furney,... See full review
Hyper-On Experience* -
posted a review of Hyper-On Experience* - "The Remixes" By Kaotic Chemistry & Foul Play. over 6 years ago
Foul Play remix!! As Mr Logical mentions below Lord Of The Null-Lines was all over the pirate stations... & rightly so.

Big, big tune - really well produced & full of quality. Starting with a bassline only, moving into heavy beats with the little... See full review
DJ Rap - Divine Rhythm
posted a review of DJ Rap - Divine Rhythm. over 6 years ago
A nice feel good uplifting slice of old skool. Divine Rhythm is the one for me - a well produced track with some great samples that really hit the spot.

From the Mister Mister synth & vocals, to the sample from 'The Warriors' movie plus the little... See full review
Motiv One* - Cosmik / Loop Progression
posted a review of Motiv One* - Cosmik / Loop Progression. over 6 years ago
Rolling, rolling jungle... Two quality tracks from Motive One who released the slightly better (in my opinion) 'Life' just before this 12".

Cosmik is a light roller with a nice little key break and a slightly jazzy, futuristic sound. Not too heavy,... See full review
The Criminal Minds - Baptized By Dub
posted a review of The Criminal Minds - Baptized By Dub. over 6 years ago
Baptized By Dub is a stone cold classic, doesn't quite get the credit it deserves in my opinion.

A few tunes had used the dub, ska, ragga influence... Way In My Brain, Spliffhead, We Are IE - Criminal Minds then join in with a massive b line that you... See full review
Photek - U.F.O. / Rings Around Saturn
posted a review of Photek - U.F.O. / Rings Around Saturn. over 6 years ago
Rings Around Saturn is simply a classic, ground breaking piece of drum & bass, jungle - whatever the label/genre is... it sounds great.

Initially heard on the Logical Progression album by Bukem, known as 'Pharoah' - rinsed by the same DJ, plus Fabio... See full review
Q.-Project* - The Instrumental / Solar System
posted a review of Q.-Project* - The Instrumental / Solar System. over 6 years ago
Two tracks that are a touch above... 'Instrumental' is a classy intelligent tune. Heavy chords + strings set the intro tone, making way for the beats & a big rolling bassline, few bridges follow rounded off by outro beats. This wasn't played out a... See full review
Adam F - Circles
posted a review of Adam F - Circles. over 6 years ago
Adam F - Circles 12", heavy vinyl from 1995.

Catchy innovative jungle tune, using a classic jazz sample from Bob James 'Westchester Lady' in 1976.

Y'know you love a track when you recall the 1st time you heard it. I was lining up outside the... See full review