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The best music, is the music I hear for the very first time....

I'm still a collector, I still buy CDs when I find music I like. I do however also use Spotify, WiMP, SoundCloud, Hype Machine, podcasts, netradio stations and other internet sources to explore music. When I find something I like, I buy it to be physically displayed and available on my shelf. One of the first thing I also do however, is to rip the CD (alternatively buy 24 bit HD flac, if available). And for convenience, most times I listen to an album, I play the ripped version using my Squeezebox setup... I guess I just cannot make up my mind if I should be an old-fashioned conservative grumpy music-collector, or if I should try to follow and be a little like the young teenage hipsters...

But I refuse ever to listen to my music using the small lousy built-in speakers of my smartphones or tablet. An awful insult to the music being played, IMO. No music for ringtones being cut of after a few seconds either. How can you treat music like that?...

I'm also an album listener who wants to hear an album from beginning to the end, and gets a bit annoyed if I have to interrupt the listening half the way...

Yeah okay, I guess I am old-fashioned. Maybe even grumpy too ;-)

Bonus fact: I have been to every Roskilde Festival since 1990. There was a few years I speculated if I was getting to old for this and next time should be the final one. But I have given up that idea again. I know now it will be high priority again every year when Summer arrives :-) ...

Try my tool for grabbing big coverart

Looking for highres covers for your digital music collection? You might like my little browser-tool (Can be used either as a "bookmarklet" or as a "userscript"). Read more and try it:

A (slightly messy?) links collection...

* AllMusic (AMG music) - Music lexicon and meta data. Submissions to Rovi or corrections-form on entry pages.
* MusicBrainz - Music metadata/discographies. Also home of the Picard tool which can be used for submissions.
* (open continuation of the old CDDB) - Submit from website or use for example dBpoweramp.
* Gracenote (closed/commercial continuation of the old CDDB) - Submit using for example WinAMP?
* Music at metacritic and Rate Your Music - Critics stats...
* Squeezebox community - The old but more interesting semi-unofficial forum from the days of slimdevices is still very well alive (The "real offical" but usually less interesting forum is at Also bug database ("my votes" page). Worried about future of the Squeezebox "eco-system"? See Community Projects...
* Latest commits for LMS 7.9, official nightly builds and changelog for the community driven version of Logitech Media Server for Squeezebox systems: . Also unofficial "re-packs" of 7.9.1 nightlies done for Synology NAS systems.
* Hydrogenaudio forums (and wiki).
* Dynamic Range Database - Loudness war data. Easiest way to submit is to use foobar2000 with component found on .
* General music shopping: CDON, imusic, Targetshop, Vibrashop, Gucca, Dvdoo, CD Market, cdbaby, Amazon UK, Amazon US and Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab.
* Shopping music download (Not all available everywhere or tested/tried yet): HDtracks, Linn Records, 7digital, JunoDownload, Bleep, Tidal Store, Google Play Music, cdon downloads, Acoustic Sounds, ProStudioMasters, Klicktrack Music, Beatport, Bandcamp, cdbaby, Boomkat, HighResAudio, OnkyoMusic, TechnicsTracks (7digital), iTrax, qobuz,, 4AD ShopUSA, eMusic and more HD options...
* Crowdfunding music: PledgeMusic,, IndieGoGo/Music and Kickstarter/Music
* I should make more visits to Vega, Pumpehuset, Rust, Stengade, Loppen, Den Grå Hal, Amager Bio, Beta 2300, etc etc...
* dBpoweramp - Best CD ripper around. Also see Spoon's Audio Guide and DAE Drive Features Database. dBpoweramp also includes dBpoweramp Music converter.
* Mp3Tag - An universal tageditor (mp3, flac, ogg,...). Jaikoz - another tageditor. Command-line flac tag tool: metaflac. Tag mapping lists: Mp3Tag, Jaikoz/jAudioTagger and Picard/MusicBrainz.
* Other tools: DVD Audio Extractor, LAME mp3 encoder (binaries), FLAC (Windows frontend), dBpoweramp Music converter, MuvUnder Cover and PerfectTUNES.
* Misc. Discogs: Advanced Search, Groups, WiKi Packaging, Credits list, BBcode text formatting ([img=url] also works in some places), API forum, Forum>API2.0, API documentation, API Docs>User, API Docs>Database, Danske Discogs 'værktøjer', Discogs Search Tool for Firefox.
* Tags, tags, tags: ID3v2 (mp3), Vorbis comments (flac), Side-by-side Comparison of ID3 Versions, MP3TAG tag fields mapping, MusicBrainz Picard tags mapping, ID3 implementations, TagLib (C/C++ and more), jAudioTagger (Java), old id3lib (C/C++ and more).
* Misc. misc: Cover image grabbing tips, Copy Discogs releases to Musicbrainz GreaseMonkey script, General/MusicBrainz capitalization, MusicBrainz Style Guidelines, BBcodes on

Some albums I've been listening to lately...

- Based on scrobbles to my account. Auto-generated by album collage tool at

Misc. notes for myself:
(Not sure I'm ever gonna use this, but handy if I some day do ... ;-) )
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It was at , but apparently it is gone now.
You can still find the page via Google Cache, but probably not a good idea to try to shop from that :-)
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Album DR: 9.
"Loudness war" Dynamic Range measurement. Details at .
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Album DR: 7.
"Loudness war" Dynamic Range measurement. Details at .
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Album DR: 10.
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Album DR: 12.
"Loudness war" Dynamic Range measurement. Details at .
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