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Thom Cue - Moving
submitted Thom Cue - Moving. over 2 years ago
Bernthøler* - My Suitor
posted a comment on Bernthøler* - My Suitor. over 3 years ago
Eclectic mix, one of those seducive strange recordings made in Belgium. (Too bad the song 'private hotel' didn't made it).

neither ‚private hotel‘ nor ‚toys‘. now i remember, why i didn‘t buy yet.
Ricky Mash - Like A Shot
posted a comment on Ricky Mash - Like A Shot. over 3 years ago
there are mint copies three clicks away on hans hartels (most charming guy) online shop for 80 €, if you're desperately searching. also in his shop there are copies left of the cactus sampler featuring the instrumental version under moniker 'italo... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago
Friedi* - Der Schwabenrap
posted a comment on Friedi* - Der Schwabenrap. over 5 years ago
most probably it is blocked, because it was wrongly linked to a polish bootleg label before.
Eric Hine - Not Fade Away
posted a comment on Eric Hine - Not Fade Away. over 6 years ago
don't worry about the track duration given on label A-Side. seems to be a typing error and probably should be 3:28.
Taxi Girl* - Seppuku
posted a comment on Taxi Girl* - Seppuku. over 6 years ago
B5 Find the Boy is the Album Version of "cherchez le garcon"
Rikki - Take Me To The Party
posted a comment on Rikki - Take Me To The Party. over 6 years ago
Side A is the english version of her first single "Neon Café".
Virna Lindt - Shiver
posted a comment on Virna Lindt - Shiver. over 7 years ago
george, you posted it as masterpiece. so it's your fault :-D
Plustwo - Melody / Stop Fantasy
posted a comment on Plustwo - Melody / Stop Fantasy. over 8 years ago
Arrived today and i'm very pleased with the results. Thanks a lot for your efforts, George!
Al-Gromer Khan* - Zubân
submitted Al-Gromer Khan* - Zubân . over 8 years ago
Los Cubancitos - Mi Ultimo Cha-Cha
submitted Los Cubancitos - Mi Ultimo Cha-Cha. over 9 years ago
La Fabolosa Orquesta De La Plata - Quieres Bailar? / Bochan
submitted La Fabolosa Orquesta De La Plata - Quieres Bailar? / Bochan. over 9 years ago
Bebe Suong* - Mon Coeur Soupire / Mine De Rien
submitted Bebe Suong* - Mon Coeur Soupire / Mine De Rien. over 9 years ago
Bryan Kessler (2) - Say Hey
submitted Bryan Kessler (2) - Say Hey. over 9 years ago
Mia Dora - Un.Sub EP
submitted Mia Dora - Un.Sub EP. over 9 years ago
Jonathan Kusuma - Gong 3000
submitted Jonathan Kusuma - Gong 3000. over 9 years ago
Mr. Master - A Dog In The Night
posted a comment on Mr. Master - A Dog In The Night. over 10 years ago
yes, too bad there seem to be similar pressing issues, especially clippings, on this reissue.
Majestys Pleasure - Majestys Pleasure Volume 3
posted a comment on Majestys Pleasure - Majestys Pleasure Volume 3. over 10 years ago
B2 is an edit of Material – Secret Life
Grasland (2) - Echt Null !
submitted Grasland (2) - Echt Null !. over 11 years ago
Various - Cosmic Melody
posted a comment on Various - Cosmic Melody. over 11 years ago
B1: "The Man" is Max Berlin - Elle & Moi.
Daniel Maloso - In And Out
submitted Daniel Maloso - In And Out. over 11 years ago
Visage - Fade To Grey
posted a review of Visage - Fade To Grey. over 15 years ago
Amazing! We all heard it about a thousand times, and it never got annoying. A fact, you won't expect from a song, you can also find on uncountable releases with titles like "Best of 80's", as well as you can hear it on public radio even today quite... See full review
Blancmange - Blind Vision
posted a review of Blancmange - Blind Vision. over 16 years ago
A-Side is probably Blancmange's greatest hit in an extended and powerful version (9:35 min). But let's have a look on the b-side: "On Our Way To?" to "Blancmange" might be compared to what "Frequency 7" is to "Visage" - an early instrumental... See full review