Various - Winter Experience as reviewed by Supremacy.Vinyl

May 30, 2022
This is NOT Hardcore/Gabber, which (i assume) is the reason a lot of people are looking for this one. Absolute rubbish music.

DJ Triple D - What's Up Whit That as reviewed by Supremacy.Vinyl

March 15, 2022
There is an actual record now. I own a/the white-label and the original will be released later on this year.

Various - Rave Encounter Vol 3 Supremacy.Vinyl

July 16, 2021
Sorry label people: massive releases, but you are so expensive! And why only stickers from your even more expensive bandcamp? I don't understand it :(

DJ Smurf (3) - Suicide EP Supremacy.Vinyl

May 4, 2021
Don't agree on this one. It has been rare and still is...

Dahryl - Recovery as reviewed by Supremacy.Vinyl

February 4, 2021
First 12" record from "The Meaning Of Rave" a label from Poland, The release is limited to 200 pieces and the "Ghost in The Machine" remix is absolutely stunning! I love it!

Undercover Anarchist - Undercover Anarchist Recollection Part 1 Of 1 Supremacy.Vinyl

April 15, 2020
Funny fact: the A1 track "Ass Off (Remix)" is also released on "Ruffneck Recollection" 04. DJ Ruffneck himself calls this another unintentionally "famous" Ruffneck mistake.

The Company - Open Your Eyes Supremacy.Vinyl

December 28, 2019
The "Ferocious Remix" seems to be an underrated early Hardcore/Gabber track to me. If this would have been released under the "ID&T" flag, it might have become a better known track?

999999999 - Rave Reworks Supremacy.Vinyl

November 21, 2018
Some? I am able to add hundreds in the basket.

Hardcore Rhythm Team - Do U C The Light Supremacy.Vinyl

July 2, 2017
I am confused. The item is still for sale on the Bandcamp. I mean: i have really "never" heard or seen that an item was blocked from selling on the Discogs marketplace, even not bootlegs or illegal pressings. What force(s) can block an item from being sold on the Discogs marketplace? Weird.

Clean (7) - I'm Gonna Make You Feel Allright Supremacy.Vinyl

February 24, 2015
sampled from a Kevin 'Master Reese' Saunderson track, but i forgot which one. both great tracks !

Inner City - Let It Reign

VIP Classics Supremacy.Vinyl

October 2, 2011
I don't agree! Original artist(s) don't want to, or don't have the guts to re-release their track on vinyl... Than there is a pioneer that dares to take the risk; ASKS permission from the original artist(s) and/or company's that own the rights; makes a deal with those, and thereafter: is the one that takes ALL the risk for the pressing(s)...

I don't think it is easy money!

Lucio Scarpa & Walter One - Killing Me... Hardcore (Bootleg Mixes) Supremacy.Vinyl

February 12, 2010
As a Hardcore/Gabber collector i bought this record based upon the comment of the previous comment here on Discogs.

Well, to be honest this is one of the worst (bootleg)remixes i have ever heard! Mastering is really bad, sound quality is poor: this will never (and has never been) a hit!

poor :(

Hardstyle Masterz - Age Of Reverse Bass Supremacy.Vinyl

February 2, 2010
This is a massive (early) Hardstyle track. The simplism of the track and its catchy synth/melody both together make this an adorable release. A track which ment something in the history of Hardstyle!

The synth/melody and some samples are directly taken (ripped) from techno/gabber release Trashman - The Last Fight. I think Hardstyle Masterz did a good job (ab)using Trashman's 'last fight' from 1994!

Charly Lownoise, Mental Theo*, The Dark Raver - House Party 10 (The Hardcore Mix) as reviewed by Supremacy.Vinyl

January 19, 2010
According to me this is one of the best mix cd's ever appeared in the (early) Hardcore and Gabber scene. The combination/compilation of tracks are perfectly representing the sound of the scene of those old day's. The mixing quality also deserves a huge respect! I have never heard any (Hardcore/Gabber) mix where its (master)mixers took soo much time (and effort) to make it such masterpiece.

All compilations and/or mix CD's that came out after this CD/Year where cheap rip-offs where someone tried to earn some money with this growing scene. This really is a masterpiece which all (oldskool) Hardcore/Gabber fans should adore,

Massive! Thanks Lownoise, Theo and Steve!

3 Steps Ahead as reviewed by Supremacy.Vinyl

December 23, 2009
During the time Gabberhouse was at his top in Holland '3 Steps Ahead' was playing @ a lot of ID&T party's all across the nation... I never understood this. His tracks didn't really hit me and were never extremely wanted. At live shows this man was really didicated but he could never inspire me. I found (and find) his music different than the majourity and/or standard at that time; boring, long build-ups, no climax, etc.

After his death (respect for this man, he was dedicated) his work (vinyl releases) became really WANTED and i have never understood why...

Maybe i'm standing alone, i don't try to offend anybody with this respons. But i think his music missed it completely and only came though because someone at ID&T was close to him or liked his weird music.

Yes, i am still looking for all his 12" records because i'm trying to complete all early labels, never bought one because the price(s) for his records are idiot. Why, i wouldn't know...

Sexotico - Como Me Gusta as reviewed by Supremacy.Vinyl

September 26, 2008
The beginning of the 'Hard Jump Mix' of this 'limited edition' Groucho Records release really blows you away! Complete sample goes: "Como Me Gusta Si A Cocaina". Really simple, which seems always effective jump/hard styled track which deserves huge respect! The mix durating is 10:39 which can make it sounds a little boring as its simplicity keeps continuing. Great tool for Dj's who play harder styles! The A-Side on the other hand is more standard Hardstyle, not simple, and more chaotic. Due to the B-Side a massive release from Italy.

Stormtraxx - My Acid Dream as reviewed by Supremacy.Vinyl

September 3, 2008
Another brilliant track from Stormtraxx! The track 'The Sun Goes Down' has a huge Oldskool, Acid influence but could also be named as an Early Hardstyle, but more Jumpstyled track based upon only 1 massive monotone Synth tune and a distorted bassdrum. Extremely phat track which will be loved by Oldskool fanatics! The track 'My Acid Dream' is more based upon Hardtrance and Hardstyle (with an Acid type break) and doesn't fit the record as after listening to 'The Sun Goes Down' (for me) nothing seems to be cool enough anymore...

Eurorave - 12 Inz as reviewed by Supremacy.Vinyl

April 6, 2008
The A1 track 'Power Failure' is a Massive Stomper! Back in the year 1993 the mainstream sound in the scene was based upon techno influences. The deep and loud stompin' bassdrum and the simple 'marching' arrangement of the track should have shocked, but mostly forced people on the dancefloor. The sample used in the A1 track is well known and spoken in dutch, stating: 'Godverdomme, valt het geluid weer uit'. For the time of its release way ahead compared to the other 80 Aum label releases. This record should be part of every Oldskool/Hardcore collector!

Citrus - Fascination as reviewed by Supremacy.Vinyl

March 1, 2008
Facinating reissue/repress of the Citrus monsterhit 'Fascination' of the early 90's! Sound quality is surprisingly good due to the usage of the original DAT. The B1 previously unreleased Citrus Remix of Universe #1 by Dave Charlesworth has the same energetic and massive sound(s) and breaks as the Facinating track. This is a great alternative for ol those oldskool lovers who can't afford the (rare and expensive) original on Paradise Records. Grab your chance now while this release is a Limited one!

Happy Dreadlocks - Rule The Nation as reviewed by Supremacy.Vinyl

February 15, 2008
This 1993 release is one of those forgotten Hardcore (but due to its year of release also) Oldskool tracks! This piece of art was back in the year '93 way ahead of the usual sound of harder music and i remember this track being played by a lot of well-known Dutch top deejay's at Raves at the time. If you are one of those who own a copy handle it with care, not very wanted on discogs but HELL of a track to me (and those ravers at the time of the release)...

Technosis - Panic as reviewed by Supremacy.Vinyl

January 6, 2008
Despite the fact that this release is titled to its A-Side track 'Panic' this record is well known because of the B1 and B2 tracks 'Genorate'. Both versions, but especially the Scott Brown remix (B2) were played on numerous Raves/Parties not only in the year of it's release but even years after 1994. This (Happy)Hardcore piece of art is perfectly representing the UK sound of music at that time. It sure is a record that will remind a lot of Ravers to the the feeling and sound of the early Hardcore/Rave scene, something to never forget. Listening to this track brings me back to those day's! Pure Art!

DJ Isaac - Bad Dreams as reviewed by Supremacy.Vinyl

December 22, 2007
Despite the fact that this Rave Records release is very wanted the version of the track "Bad Dreams" which clearly is the reason that some people are really desperately looking for this record isn't the version people expect.

The in 1995 remixed version released on Rave Records (RAVE 50TH): "Various - Rave Fifty (The Remixes)" and Samurai Records (SAMU 001): "DJ Isaac - We Like Marihuana" is the actual track (or version of it) that is the well-know, floorfilling, happy-hardcore monsterhit produced by Dj-Isaac...

Pinball - Party as reviewed by Supremacy.Vinyl

August 2, 2007
edited over 16 years ago
The B-Side remix of this track is called 'Riphouse Mix' because all sounds and the complete arrangement are ripped from 'The Klubbheadz' releases. A bit of a cheap way to make a record but at least Dj Riphouse isn't shamed to come out with that. After all, and propably due to the Klubbheadz rip-off a nice (pre) Hard House release with a dutch flavour.

Bubbles - Bubbles as reviewed by Supremacy.Vinyl

July 23, 2007
edited over 16 years ago
The A side track 'Bubbles' is a great track with some Dark, Acid sounds and a deep (echo'd) bassdrum. Track is well builded and the arrangement is great. Could be defined as 'Music for large area's' as i definately know it would rock the floor on huge house-party's. The B-side track Goa Head is not as dark as the A side and sounds move progressive (almost trance) but is still simple, effective and full of Acid sounds. Great vinyl!

4 Navigators Feat. DJ Vortex - Trauma EP Vol. 2 as reviewed by Supremacy.Vinyl

July 20, 2007
edited over 16 years ago
Massive Stik release! Especially the B1 track 'Flat Attack' perfectly represents simple but really effective stompin' bassdrum styled, oldskool sounding, floorfilling beats. Huge bassdrums with acid sounds and underground influence make this track one that should be in the collection of every oldskool, bassdrum loving (harder styled) fanatic! All tracks represent a certain flavour based upon sounds from the underground and oldskool feeling. A must to have!