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posted a comment on Reflection Eternal - Fortified Live / 2000 Seasons. 12 days ago
Classic single but wow.....Talib Kweli ruined his legacy by being a racist punk on twitter. And I'd like to add, f**k twitter as well.
posted a comment on DATBU - DATBU. 27 days ago
No disrespect to OGDoNinja, but he puts this song on his Youtube page and all of a sudden the vinyl costs nearly $400??? Something doesn't add up here.
posted a comment on Young Joseph - Noise Pollution. about 1 month ago
That's not Mek One on Ducks on the Pond, it's Existereo, I don't know how to change this sh*t though.
posted a comment on Phil Cold. 3 months ago
Phil Cold The Totem Pole! Sick producer, very underrated.
posted a comment on K-4ce. 3 months ago
I still call Toronto "T Dot". I would never, in a million years, use slang coined by a goof like Drake.
posted a comment on N.O.N.-E.Quation. 3 months ago
I love this group, no disrespect, but is this guys name really "A Coward"??
posted a comment on Dr. John. 4 months ago
Truly one of the most unique and talented artists, he left an incredible legacy with his timeless music. Rest in peace to Dr. John.
posted a comment on M.C. Breed* - To Da Beat Ch'all. 4 months ago
I'm looking at the booklet right now and yes it has the producer credits. Most songs were produced by MC Breed and Jazze Pha.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Defisis. 4 months ago
Rest in peace Defisis! He passed away in 2018. One of my favorite UK MC's.
posted a comment on Nashman. 4 months ago
rest in power to Nashman! it was very tragic how he passed away
posted a comment on Matrix (6). 5 months ago
Peace to Matrix! I had the benefit of building with this brother for a little bit on a dodgy phone connection and he was a real cool cat. A true Hip Hop head with massive talent.
posted a comment on Pop Megga. 5 months ago
Rest in peace to Pop Megga! He passed away awhile ago. He will not be forgotten.
posted a comment on Rhyme Animal Productions. 6 months ago
Rhyme Animal is not Rhyme Recca. Rhyme Recca is from Staten Island, Rhyme Animal is from Manhattan. 2 completely different guys.
posted a comment on D.V. Alias Khrist - Master Master / Not 4 Real. 7 months ago
I would love to hear a preview of these tracks. I've heard almost every song by D.V. except for this single.
posted a comment on Trends Of Culture - When Trend Men Come. 7 months ago
Yes! It's about time someone released this album, thank you Heavy Jewelz and Gentleman's Relief.
posted a comment on Shorty Long. 7 months ago
Does anyone know how he fell out of favor with Lord Finesse? Creative differences perhaps?
posted a comment on Necro. 7 months ago
Dumbest thing I've ever read on this website. EVER.
posted a comment on Coo Coo Cal - Disturbed. 8 months ago
I'm confused at why the style says "electro" and "pop rap". There is none of that on this album. This is pure Quality Gangsta Rap and Midwest Hip Hop. A very underrated album.
posted a comment on Da Hurricane Holla Macwell. 9 months ago
I have said this before and I will say it again, this guy is NOT LORD SEAR! Stak Chedda/Lord Sear is a completely different person.
posted a comment on Wiseguys - Brick Life / Team Playa. 10 months ago
LOL there is no way in hell this record is worth over $100, stop tripping man, stop trying to rip people off. This shit sold 3 times for less than $15. This is getting pathetic.
posted a comment on Wiseguys - Doubleheada / Drastic Meazures. 10 months ago
Hey Click, I completely agree with your comment. I have seen cheap vinyl and cd's on this website go for ridiculous prices. Some of these fools just want to overcharge and gouge people, it's good to call them out on their bullshit when we can. This ... See full review
posted a comment on Half Pint (3). 11 months ago
Half Pint is not also known as HalfPit, that alias should be removed. Halfpit is a rapper from a group called Half Pit Half Dead. He was featured on two songs on reggae artist Snow's second album. This was not the reggae singer Half Pint. I would ... See full review
posted a comment on Snow (2) - Murder Love. 11 months ago
The artist "HalfPit" is NOT reggae artist Half Pint. Half Pit is a rapper from a group called "Half Pit Half Dead". It's two completely different people. It should not be linked to the reggae singer.
posted a comment on Johnny Five. about 1 year ago
What up Johnny! This dude was the shit back in the day in the 90's. It's great to see him still making incredible music.
posted a comment on Robin Duke. about 1 year ago
LOL, she did production on the Dru Down album? I find that hard to believe....
posted a comment on Trife (2). about 1 year ago
Trife from Junior Mafia is not the same Trife who is affiliated with Double XX Posse. They are 2 totally different people.
posted a comment on Equinox (15). about 1 year ago
There are two completely different guys named Equinox. One is from North Carolina and was part of a crew called "The Nobodies", the other is from Philly and is down with Caen Project.
posted a comment on Cecil Taylor. about 1 year ago
Rest in peace Mister Cecil Taylor! He was a wonderful artist.
posted a comment on Cyclops 4000 / Sir Menelik - The Einstein Rosen Bridge. about 1 year ago
Hey Jonah, I used remastered the bad quality songs on this album, if you want I can hook you up with a better version, just message me and let me know.
posted a comment on Cyclops 4000 / Sir Menelik - The Einstein Rosen Bridge. about 1 year ago
I remastered this album recently using Adobe Audition. All of the previous songs with terrible quality now sound great. If anyone is interested, please message me. I will get back to you ASAp.
posted a comment on Gift of the Gab. about 1 year ago
Do not use? I will use if I want to!
posted a comment on Mr. Brady - Let My Record Rotate. about 1 year ago
I love this single! Bought this one at Play De Record in Toronto and I still bump it all the time. Nuff respect to Mr. Brady
posted a comment on M.C. Breed* - To Da Beat Ch'all. about 1 year ago
Classic CD with tons of great songs. Check out "Cum Clean", "Cleverness", "16 Switches" and the incredible "Choose One" featuring a rejuvenated MC Brainz. Rest in Peace to MC Breed!
posted a comment on I.G. Off & Hazadous* - Street Serenade / This Ain't Livin' / Hip Hop Till I Die. about 1 year ago
Rest in peace to I.G. Off, you will not be forgotten!
posted a comment on Mobb Deep - G.o.d. Pt. III. about 1 year ago
Rest in Peace to the god Prodigy! He will be missed.
posted a comment on Ol' Dirty Bastard / Lost Boyz / Little Shawn - Can't Wait / Jeeps, Lex Coups / Dom Perignon. about 1 year ago
Why is this blocked? I want to buy this shit, I don't give a damn if its a bootleg. Yo my brudda!!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Flying Pupa - Werdz. over 2 years ago
lol, I bought this record awhile back for like $4, it's not that rare, $154 is a joke.
posted a comment on Redlife - Nobody's Safe. over 2 years ago
This was definitely not released in 1995. This single was released closer to 1999.
posted a comment on Feven - Hela Vägen Ut. over 2 years ago
Yes, I would like to know this reason as well! This is very weird.
posted a comment on Phil The Agony* - Smokefest. over 2 years ago
Phil The Agony is dope and one of my favorite MC's, but I laugh at whoever is selling this CD for $116, your out of your mind. I've seen this at a used CD store for about $9.
posted a comment on Wise Intelligent - Killin' U... For Fun. over 2 years ago
I remember the controversy behind this cover when the album came out. There was a bit of a backlash and the label basically made him change it to the cover that everyone knows now. If anyone out there has this version, hold on to it !
posted a comment on The Savage Messiah* Aka Daddy Grace - Street Religion Volume 1: Class #7. over 2 years ago
This was actually Inspecta Willabee, not ID 4 Winds ...
posted a comment on Anonymous Twist - Eugenics. over 2 years ago
Much respect to Anonymous Twist for meeting up with me in Eaton's Center back in 2000 and giving me a copy of this tape for free. I still have it in my collection to this day.
posted a comment on World Renown - World Renown. over 3 years ago
Your verse was incredible man, I was just playing that song a few minutes ago, it still sounds fresh today in 2016.
posted a comment on Rough House Survivers - Survival Of The Fittest. over 3 years ago
I have an issue of The Source where they gave this album 2 mics, which probably had something to do with this album being shelved, because the Source had a lot of influence back then with their mic rating system. I would still love to hear this one day.
posted a comment on Mack Da Maniak - Loco Motive. over 3 years ago
Underground hardcore classic. Not many people know about this one. Check for the BQE 86 MPH remix of What Goes Up. One of the best tracks on the album.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on MP3.com. over 3 years ago
I used to upload my instrumentals on this website years ago. I also bought a couple of artists releases from here as well. I remember receiving an $80 check for the amount of advertising revenue my page generated, it was pretty cool.