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posted a comment on Tyrell Corp. - Running (Remix). over 3 years ago
I love the dub mix. In my mind much better than the original version.
posted a comment on Various - Techno Trax. over 3 years ago
In my mind one of the best techno compilations ever. ...and the best of the "techno trax" releases.
posted a comment on Datura - Devotion. over 3 years ago
What do you mean?
Devotion is a great track (I like the "Karma Marga" remix). Remember, Yerba del Diablo, Eternity and Devotion are classical techno tracks.
posted a comment on Jaydee - Plastic Dreams. over 3 years ago
Great trance track using house rythm. Love this tune. The long version is really hypnotizing.
posted a comment on B.B.E* - Seven Days And One Week. over 3 years ago
BBE is the commercial act by Emmanuel Top, "seven days and one week" is okay, but too commercial in my opinion. "Hypnose" is is the correct one - deep trance and ya, a hypnotical beat. ;)
posted a comment on Mark N-R-G - In My Brain. over 3 years ago
It seems the voice sample "in my brain" is from Sven Väth. Isn't it?
posted a comment on Johnny Jewel - Lost River (Original Motion Soundtrack). over 3 years ago
After the third or fourth postponement of the CD-Audio - new release date is outstanding resp. Jan. 2016 - I bought the digi. version of the album.
I love the movie and yes, I love the whole album of Johnny Jewel! The movie and in this case the ... See full review
posted a comment on Scan X - Random Access EP. over 3 years ago
"Cardia" is a deep trance track, full of power and emotion (good for dancing in the early morning :) ).
"Elements" has the same emotional power of "Cardia". Both tracks are one of my alltime fav. deep trance tracks.
"Leitmotiv" is a "little" bit harder, ... See full review
posted a comment on Xymox - Twist Of Shadows. over 3 years ago
In my mind. Medusa is one of the best albums ever made. In addition, I love "twist of shadows", because the whole album is very melancholic and all tracks have the same lovely character of melancholy (the album has the same character as the ... See full review
posted a comment on Friends Lovers & Family* - Still Life. over 3 years ago
Tribute and Garden of Eden are pure trance dance tracks.... play loud and enjoy!
The other tracks are a kind of Goa, psy and hard trance.... :) and ambient (CD 2).
posted a comment on Phutura - Gitchi-Manidoo. over 3 years ago
Great track from Marco Bailey. Gitchi-Manidoo is a kind of DJ Dag's "Dance 2 trance" style with influences of his other project "Peyote" (native people theme). Really great trance track. The other two tracks are okay, but with more belgian / bonzai ... See full review
posted a comment on Chromatics - Yes (Love Theme From Lost River). over 3 years ago
Here in Germany, it's the 5. June 2015.
posted a comment on Various - Behind The Eye Vol. II. over 5 years ago
I love this compilation, because one of the greatest trance tracks is included here. "Firedance" (the sunrise) from "Odyssee Of Noises". Ralf Hildenbeutel wrote many classics, but this is a master piece! I love this track. :)
Stevie B-Zet is the other ... See full review
posted a comment on Jam & Spoon Feat. Plavka - Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music). over 5 years ago
I bought this album because of "Right in the night", but "Follow me" is the favorite track on this mini album. Love it. Play loud, because it's hard trance. :)
posted a comment on Emmanuel Top - Asteroid. over 6 years ago
WHAT an album.
Very experimental and noisy.
This album is not good for clubbing, because mostly tracks are very "heavy" to consum by a normal party crowd.
Play loud and use the +Band of the MID-EQ. ;)
posted a comment on Emmanuel Top - Release. over 6 years ago
Emmanuel Top, a techno mastermind from France.
In my mind, Emmanuel is one of the greatest producer in Acid / Trance ever!
Several tracks such "Acid phase", "Turkish Bazar", "Tone" are classic club tunes and sorry, PLAY LOUD!
This compilation is very ... See full review
posted a comment on Hardfloor - TB Resuscitation. over 6 years ago
Great Acid album by Hardfloor. Acperience 1 is one of the greatest tunes ever and the whole album is a classic Harthouse release.

Play loud!
posted a comment on Elektric Music - Esperanto. over 6 years ago
A great album by Ex-Kraftwerk member Karl Bartos.

"Esperanto" means the "international auxiliary language" and the whole album it's about international TV-shows, Show-Biz and music as "international (universal) language" such "Esperanto".

I love all ... See full review
posted a comment on Jellybean* - Rocks The House!. over 6 years ago
Classic 80s dance mixes by Jellybean.

I like "The Real Thing", "Jingo", "Just a mirage" and the nice mix from Madonna's "Sidewalk talk".

Not all tracks are 5/5, hence 4/5. :)
posted a comment on B-Zet & Sven Väth - Der Kalte Finger. over 6 years ago
"Der kalte Finger" is an erotic-movie about two girls working in a "erotic hotline agency" and a crazy "customer" called "Kalter Finger".
As background noises and as soundtrack, you can hear an electronic techno set from producer Stevie B-Zet / Ralf ... See full review
posted a comment on Crazy Malamute - The First Chapter. over 6 years ago
Great album of Non Eric and DJ Dag. DJ Dag, a known German DJ (clubs Omen, Dorian Grey, U60311 and Cocoon). DJ Dag was one of the first (classic) trance DJs in Germany. His own projects "Dance 2 Trance" and "Peyote" are classic projects.
Non Eric, a ... See full review