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Could be that the numbers are random & non-sequential? I know the numbered white vinyl version of Bowie's No Plan EP was numbered totally randomly, supposedly with no relation to the number released (which has never been published), so it could be a ... See full review
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Having bought numerous records pressed by GZ for multiple different labels, I don't see issues on anything like the scale of some people on here. Maybe I've been lucky but probably 80% of the GZ pressings I own (both black and coloured vinyl) are ... See full review
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Artwork is more than a little blurry but the pressing is really nice. Heavy vinyl, great sound quality. If you're willing to settle for slight iffy cover art, this boot is well worth a shot. Beats paying three figures for an original!
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It's just the way the web image came out - it's supposed to be black. I'm about to upload some new images of the actual physical release as per the database guidelines, so they should be more accurate.
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Glad I saw this comment! Even given the (ludicrous) postage to the UK, it's still a quarter of the price of a sealed copy of the 2015 white vinyl version. Pre-ordered mine. Dread to think how much they'll be selling for once they're sold out from the ... See full review
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