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Ike Yard - 1982
submitted Ike Yard - 1982. about 1 month ago
Don Caballero - American Don
submitted Don Caballero - American Don. 2 months ago
Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel IV
submitted Peter Gabriel - Peter Gabriel IV. 3 months ago
Don Caballero - 2007. 4/27(fri) Shibuya Club Quattro
submitted Don Caballero - 2007. 4/27(fri) Shibuya Club Quattro. 4 months ago
Nisennenmondai - Live!!!
submitted Nisennenmondai - Live!!!. 4 months ago
Slint - Spiderland
submitted Slint - Spiderland. 6 months ago
Talking Heads - Naked
submitted Talking Heads - Naked. 6 months ago
Talking Heads - Little Creatures
submitted Talking Heads - Little Creatures. 6 months ago
The Jesus Lizard - Goat
submitted The Jesus Lizard - Goat. 7 months ago
The Fall - Perverted By Language
submitted The Fall - Perverted By Language. 8 months ago
Kukangendai - Tracks
submitted Kukangendai - Tracks. 8 months ago
Codeine - 3 Angels b/w Pea
submitted Codeine - 3 Angels b/w Pea. 9 months ago
Codeine - The White Birch
submitted Codeine - The White Birch. 9 months ago
Codeine - Barely Real
submitted Codeine - Barely Real. 9 months ago
Codeine - Frigid Stars LP
submitted Codeine - Frigid Stars LP. 9 months ago
Tortoise - A Lazarus Taxon
posted a review of Tortoise - A Lazarus Taxon. 9 months ago
A great collection of obscurities for any Tortoise fan. The majority of the material on discs 1& 2 is either previously-unreleased or only available on compilations, while disc 3 contains the entirety of Rhythms, Resolutions & Clusters (including the... See full review
エコー&ザ・バニーメン* - Echo & The Bunnymen
submitted エコー&ザ・バニーメン* - Echo & The Bunnymen. 9 months ago
Sonic Youth - Goo
posted a review of Sonic Youth - Goo. 10 months ago
Really nice box set. Extra material is all worth hearing (not just so-so stuff for the completists) and the liner notes in the booklet are great and informative. Mastering & pressing both also great. My only complaint is that - like the other two... See full review
Black Midi - Live Fire
posted a review of Black Midi - Live Fire. 10 months ago
Sound-wise, this is a complete mess - a mix that's simultaneously washed out, flabby, and distorted in places to boot. That being said, having seen bm at Somerset House last year, I think this is an accurate representation of how their outdoor live... See full review
Moin (2) - Moot!
posted a review of Moin (2) - Moot!. 10 months ago
Represses of both this and Paste available now! Just ordered a copy of Moot! from World Of Echo but I'm sure there are other places carrying it too.
posted a review of Ciaran Harte. 10 months ago
Ciaran was the techie when I was studying sound art at University of the Arts, London almost a decade ago. One of the nicest, funniest guys you could hope to meet, and the only member of staff there I came away with any respect for.
Squid (29) - O Monolith
posted a review of Squid (29) - O Monolith. 10 months ago
Great album but let down by a sub-par pressing. Both sides still have multiple clicks and crackles throughout after cleaning, and side 2 has one loud pop as well. Still worth getting for £20 or so but don't go into this expecting an audiophile-quality... See full review
Steve Reich - Steve Reich At UC Berkeley University Museum 11.7.1970
posted a review of Steve Reich - Steve Reich At UC Berkeley University Museum 11.7.1970. 11 months ago
Over all a really nice, well-done bootleg. Recording quality is imperfect but still perfectly detailed; just a bit more of a "room" sound than a lot of live recordings which pull from the soundboard instead. What you lose in absolute fidelity you gain... See full review
Faust - Ravvivando
posted a review of Faust - Ravvivando. 12 months ago
Hugely underrated Faust album - one of their best, IMO. They seem less anchored to psych rock sounds than usual, with more experimentation in terms of both the writing and the instrumentation and production. The pressing is also great, with my one... See full review
Faust - The Faust Concerts Vol. I
submitted Faust - The Faust Concerts Vol. I. 12 months ago
Faust - London 1-3
posted a review of Faust - London 1-3. 12 months ago
Typically excellent stuff from Recommended's huge Faust catalogue. The Peel Session material has long since been reissued (along with bonus tracks culled from various other Faust releases) on CD, but Kisses for Pythagoras remains unreleased anywhere... See full review
Kukangendai - Donzoko Soundtrack
submitted Kukangendai - Donzoko Soundtrack. about 1 year ago
Frontier - 99
submitted Frontier - 99. about 1 year ago
Swans - Anonymous Bodies In An Empty Room
posted a review of Swans - Anonymous Bodies In An Empty Room. about 1 year ago
As others have stated, this is perhaps the most "bootleg-sounding" of the Swans official bootlegs from the 80s & 90s. Lo-fi recordings throughout and a pretty low-quality pressing. Every copy I've come across has had one or both sides pressed... See full review
水玉消防団* - Live
posted a review of 水玉消防団* - Live. about 1 year ago
Note - this record will not play in full on automatic turntables. The music goes right up to the edge of the normal label area, with the runout groove past where the label would usually start. Therefore automatic turntables will lift the stylus 20-30... See full review
Consolidated Plastics - Live At WFMU
posted a review of Consolidated Plastics - Live At WFMU. about 1 year ago
Musically great, but sounds like it was dubbed by a toddler on one of those Fisher Price tape recorders. So bad I thought there was something wrong with my cassette deck but a quick test with another tape confirmed that wasn't the case. Wow & flutter... See full review
Colin Newman - Commercial Suicide
submitted Colin Newman - Commercial Suicide. about 1 year ago
My Dad Is Dead - Peace, Love & Murder
submitted My Dad Is Dead - Peace, Love & Murder. about 1 year ago
Horse Lords - Comradely Objects
posted a review of Horse Lords - Comradely Objects. about 1 year ago
Horse Lords have never released so much as a bad track, but this latest album is their best by a mile. Andrew Bernstein's virtuosic sax talents in particular are displayed more clearly here than perhaps anywhere else in the HL discography, and the... See full review
Holger Hiller - Keischlahuwe
submitted Holger Hiller - Keischlahuwe. about 1 year ago
The Blue Humans* - Live - N.Y. 1980
posted a review of The Blue Humans* - Live - N.Y. 1980. about 1 year ago
As a prior reviewer stated: "virtually unlistenable racket everybody playing on top of each other" - however I mean that as a compliment! Incendiary, essential, life-affirming squall from some of the best to ever do it.
Naked City - Live In Quebec '88
posted a review of Naked City - Live In Quebec '88. about 1 year ago
Cassette transfer of a professionally-recorded radio broadcast. Audible tape hiss in quiet parts, and some wow & flutter noticeable on the sax and piano during slower passages. Not perfect, but still better than an audience recording, and sealed... See full review
My Dad Is Dead - Peace, Love & Murder
posted a review of My Dad Is Dead - Peace, Love & Murder. about 1 year ago
Reissue due in February 2023 on the revived Scat Records. Available on either black or natural/black marble vinyl. Currently up for pre-order from the label's site in the US, Juno in the UK, and presumably other places too.
Bachir Attar With Elliott Sharp - In New York
posted a review of Bachir Attar With Elliott Sharp - In New York. about 1 year ago
Excellent, long-overdue reissue. New rear cover design is an improvement on the original IMO, and the pressing is perfect. Comparing to my original, there's little to no audible difference - all the dynamics & detail are retained in this pressing with... See full review
Wire - Red Barked Tree
posted a review of Wire - Red Barked Tree. about 1 year ago
I was hesitant the first time I played my copy after reading the reviews of the pressing both here and elsewhere - especially as mine had visible surface scuffs and pressing dimples. However I was pleasantly surprised to find that, while not... See full review
Interference (12) - Interference
posted a review of Interference (12) - Interference. about 1 year ago
I bought a copy today and the download link works fine for me! Might be worth trying yours again.
Chrome (8) - Red Exposure
posted a review of Chrome (8) - Red Exposure. about 1 year ago
This is still available direct from Futurismo for £29.99 - don't play ridiculous scalper prices on here.
Chrome (8) - Red Exposure
submitted Chrome (8) - Red Exposure. about 1 year ago
Tortoise - Tortoise
posted a review of Tortoise - Tortoise. about 1 year ago
This pressing uses the same stampers as the original 1994 press, so they should sound identical!
David Bowie - Low
posted a review of David Bowie - Low. about 1 year ago
Contrary to others' experiences, I can confirm this pressing (and the remaster it's pressed from) sound fantastic. Wide soundstage, crisp, detailed highs. Bass could possibly be slightly more articulate but it's by no means muddy. I'm not usually one... See full review
Kukangendai - After
submitted Kukangendai - After. about 1 year ago
Karate - Time Expired
submitted Karate - Time Expired. about 1 year ago
Various - Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From The Canyon
submitted Various - Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From The Canyon. about 1 year ago
Current (3) - Yesterday's Tomorrow Is Not Today
submitted Current (3) - Yesterday's Tomorrow Is Not Today . about 1 year ago
空間現代* - 来い
submitted 空間現代* - 来い. about 1 year ago