Still here after so many years, making music and compiling my list of favorite records. Check that for sure, as well as my two bandcamp pages - and - and Yeah I Know It Sucks for my old music blog writings -

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Sermo III & Cult .45 - Sex Yeast
submitted Sermo III & Cult .45 - Sex Yeast. over 12 years ago
Daizy - Aramat
submitted Daizy - Aramat. over 12 years ago
Radio For The Daydreamers - Praying For The Be(a)st
submitted Radio For The Daydreamers - Praying For The Be(a)st. over 12 years ago
Pollux (6) - Viral Jealousy
submitted Pollux (6) - Viral Jealousy. over 12 years ago
Alex Spalding - Amos In Flames
submitted Alex Spalding - Amos In Flames. over 12 years ago