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submitted Various - Touched - Music For Macmillan Cancer Support. over 5 years ago
submitted Min-Y-Llan & Floating Spirits - Split EP. over 6 years ago
submitted Various - The Electro Compendium. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Urban Shakedown Featuring Micky Finn - Some Justice. over 7 years ago
I think the 2 amigas were sync'd using midi

They may well have used MIDI Sync for other tracks but at this point they were definitely using the click pattern method to synchronise.
posted a comment on Urban Shakedown Featuring Micky Finn - Some Justice. over 8 years ago
You might be thinking of Amiga Format (August 1992) with Claudio Guissani (Terra Firma) and Gavin "Aphrodite" King. Mickey Finn always gets more credit than deserved. Personally, the only one of them I rate is Guissani.
posted a comment on Various - Central Heating 2. over 8 years ago
Worth it for the Kate Rogers track alone! Just amazing. Yeah, not much of a review but that's all you need to know! ;)
posted a review of Urban Shakedown Featuring Micky Finn - Some Justice. over 13 years ago
Some Justice was actually written on two Amigas. To synchronise them they had a pattern of clicks on each Amiga which looped before the tracks started. They basically kept starting the tracks until the clicks were in sync. That's how they got 8 track ... See full review
posted a review of Detune - Irradiation. over 14 years ago
This is a quality production. All tracks are of high quality but I would skip straight track A2 - "Flying Area". Amazing. It leaves you in a state of shock.

It starts off with intense orchestral strings like something from a war movie score. Then it ... See full review
posted a review of Alter Ego - Transphormer. over 14 years ago
A good release, in the style of The Hacker or Millemetric maybe, electro/techno kind of deal. All tunes are pretty sweet apart from "Satanic Circus". Blow me! This tune is NAUGHTY with a capital NAUGHTY.

With a 3/8 time signature, distorted ... See full review
posted a review of Man With No Name - Teleport (Remixes). over 14 years ago
Don't confuse this (as I did) for the original release. I suppose it serves me right for not looking properly! As "commercialified" remixes go it's not totally bad but it seems a tad unnecessary. The original is SWEET. Really nice Goa Trance before Goa ... See full review
posted a review of Paul Glazby & The Narcomaniacs* - Acid Disco. over 14 years ago
Check out this D.A.V.E the Drummer mix. Stompin' London-style Acid Techno. Yes, there's loads of this stuff about, and yes, most of the newer material isn't a scratch on the older stuff BUT:

This tune ROCKS. It has possibly some of the sweetest ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Misjah & DJ Tim - Access. over 15 years ago
A true classic.

Starting off with a nice chuggin' beat with a simple bass sound ("BO"!).

I remember when it was released - clubs full of people looking like goldfish - miming the bassline. Trippy. Then a lovely breakdown with a nice reverb ... See full review
posted a review of Thomas Krome - Corbonator. over 15 years ago
This is a classic. Two tracks of techno progression. If you are a fan of Adam Beyer or Speedy J style of techno then you'll love this. Crunchy 909 beats pave the way to rumbling basslines. The info side has a lovely deep, crispy analogue line with ... See full review