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posted a comment on Alex Coulton. 11 months ago
My brother knows him. He's doing a Phd in genetics. Guess there aren't enough hours in the day!
posted a comment on London Modular Alliance - Wireless. over 3 years ago
Superb release. I think this is LMA's best work actually.
posted a comment on Tap Throw - Dip Switches E.P. over 4 years ago
Absolutely outstanding jungle EP. The tunes are expertly crafted. Must buy.
posted a comment on 04LM - Tragicaller. over 6 years ago
Easily one of the best techno releases in 2014. Superior work. The ruskin remix of M Place is truly excellent. I love that there is a second drop. You don't often hear crunching reece baselines in techno. James Ruskin bringing the UK flavour.
posted a comment on Szare - Lost Shapes; Carved In Those Dancing Gravestones. over 6 years ago
One of the the best electronic albums released in recent years. A wonderful hybrid offering from Szare, which incorporates elements from techno, drum and bass and bass music to create a truly original sound. The vinyl is worth the price alone. 5 out of 5.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Intense - Only You / Natural Progression. over 6 years ago
Only you is sublime.
posted a comment on Seba & Kirsty Hawkshaw - The Joy (Face To Face). over 6 years ago
The Joy is one of those tunes that is so perfectly arranged that it moves me almost to tears. The interplay between Seba's ethereal music and Kirsty's angel like voice is incredible. In my mind it whisks me away to a scandinavian landscape. Easily in... See full review
posted a comment on M.I.S.T. - Clockwork / Entropy. over 6 years ago
One of my favourite SOUL R releases. Both sides have their own distinct style. Both are killer in the club. 5/5
posted a comment on Calibre - Dont Mind. over 6 years ago
Calibre's best EP. Bought it when it came out and still has pride of place in my record collection. Managed to buy the MP3 version from ithinkmusic before it closed as well.
posted a comment on Om Unit - Inversion. over 6 years ago
This release harks back to the early ethos of the label but with contemporary production values. Top class stuff from Om Unit. Metalheadz continues its renaissance.
posted a comment on Various - Future Beats : The Album. over 6 years ago
I'd like a copy of this album and I could swap some pieces from my collection if you want. I don't collect disco or house so it would have to be a swap for more drum and bass. I have some sought after limited edition and mint condition pieces if... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Illustrations. over 6 years ago
I was looking forward to this release but am somewhat disappointed by the results. The compilation feels like it was hurriedly put together and the mastering on the majority of the tracks is below par. It's also worth mentioning that tracks 4,7,11 on... See full review
submitted Theory (3) - Sound Killa EP. over 7 years ago
submitted Scape (5) - Retrospect EP. over 7 years ago
posted a comment on Various - Scientific Wax Presents The Alliance Of Science Volume One. over 7 years ago
One of my favourite albums. The album traverses a spectrum of styles. The Dub One and Nebula contributions are the stand-outs for me. Especially Watcha Man and Rare Delight.
posted a comment on Breakage - So Vain / Mars. over 7 years ago
Jungle classic. Need I say more. Amen
posted a comment on Lynx (7) Feat. Ciah - Disco Dodo / Wonder. over 7 years ago
Amenworshipper: you are chatting breeze son! This tune is great and it's definitley drum and bass. The tempo is 174 you numpty!
posted a comment on JMJ & Richie - Free La Funk / Universal Horn. over 7 years ago
One of the best jungle releases of all time. Serious Music!
posted a review of Various - These Are The Breaks EP. over 7 years ago
N.Y.C Diesel. Without doubt one of Zero T & Beta 2's finest moments. The intro is like something out of the Alien video game on the playstation 1. Pure suspenseful terror builds to a devastatingly violent drop with clattering breaks. A much overlooked... See full review
posted a comment on Andyskopes* - True Chord Redux / True Human Emotion. over 7 years ago
Agree with DJSIKsf. Best release of last year for me. Beautifully crafted. 10/10