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posted a review of 21st Creation. over 6 years ago
It's the same band than '21st century', they change the name after the 1975 LP because they received a letter from a gospel group stating they had recorded under that name prior to the release of "Rain," and "Child." To eliminate the conflict, they just ... See full review
posted a review of James Reese (2) - Let's Go (It's Summertime). over 6 years ago
2ND RECORDING OF THIS TUNE, years is 1975, first version 1969.
This version was recorded at the Sound Pit in Atalanta , GA.
posted a comment on The Bell Brothers - Give It Up / Super Lady Super Girl. over 6 years ago
Fantastic B side !
posted a review of Feldman* And Yellow Hand - Can You Feel It? / You Want Every Night. over 6 years ago
total magic french funky/disco touch, in 1980/81 bilboard say 'yes' but in france 'no'succes ,
after this first vinyl,francois feldman change the musical genre
classic here in France.
posted a review of V.O. (2) - C'est Comme Ça L'été. over 6 years ago
not easy to find becau's only test pressing out, the melody make me think to muriel dac ' tropique'
a another hard french vinyl to catch is wallis franklen
posted a review of Evidence (16) - Holiday's Every Night. over 6 years ago
nice french touch, not easy to find.
posted a review of The Fatback Band - Spanish Hustle. over 6 years ago
it was the time where the first 12inch came out, with a idea from Mrs Tom Moulton with José Rodriguez
this track is mastered by J.R. himself !
one of the best song by the band here !!!
posted a comment on Kenny Dope* Presents The Bucketheads / Full Intention - The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall Into My Mind) / America (I Love America). over 6 years ago
Armand Van Helden is a magic deejay,
it was a new label mid 1990 with a lot of very good surprise
posted a review of Full Intention Presents Hustle Espanol - (Do The) Spanish Hustle. over 6 years ago
original came from 1975 by the fantastic band 'fatback'
a "well done" house/dance version
I'm remember dancin' on it at the 'bain douche club' Paris, end 2000
original is a bomb !
posted a review of Jewel (3) - Paradise / You And I. over 6 years ago
'paradise' was covered by the unknow band 'nimbiss'
but the jewel version is top number 1!
posted a review of Marshall, Donovan, Broomfield - Let Me Down Easy / Since I Found My Baby. over 6 years ago
very very hot cover from 'eddie cornelius', not easy to find , two hot side !
posted a review of The Sultans Band - Moving In All Directions / Kill That Roach. over 6 years ago
Very hot reggae cover from the band ' Miami'( kill that roach)
a invisible 7inch!
posted a review of Various - Relo Dance. over 6 years ago
realy a hot funky disco dance mix at this time, buy 14/05/1985 130 Francs at 'champsdisques' Paris
it was a real pleasure to play it on the radio !
the last voice on the long mix is from 'Carol Tyn Townes'
the two mix by Wham & Chaka alway on top !
posted a review of Charles Breckinridge Overton III* - Big Locomotive (On The Tracks Of Love). over 6 years ago
Charles Breckinridge Overton III is in fact C.B. Overton, evrybody know the wicked 'if i can't stop'
hot realise here, maybe the last rec. on color world label
posted a comment on Ruby Winters - Come To Me!. over 6 years ago
warning : Fantastic B side inside!
posted a comment on La Tuerie - The Basement Boutique EP. over 7 years ago
crazy rework on this very good label ! peace, sunshine.
posted a comment on The Francis Inferno Orchestra* - The Night He Came Home EP. over 7 years ago
3 Ultra Hot rework who need to play each wk ! the show is real inferno now , peace, music & harmony .
posted a comment on Bloodstone - We Go A Long Way Back. over 7 years ago
killer lp from Bloodstone, maybe the best from...

a another track kill me two years later, it was ' instant love' very dangerous song !
posted a comment on David Joseph - You Can't Hide (Your Love From Me). over 7 years ago
We can't forget this ultra deep disco/funk !

David J. at the top !!!
posted a comment on Hurricane Fifi - Keep Her On The Move / Do You Want Me Mon Chéri ?. over 7 years ago
A very hot & disco french B side !

a another very nice track on this label is with ' alexis laik'
posted a comment on Waltel Branco - Meu Balanço. over 7 years ago
fantastic jazz/soul/latin lp, don't miss the other lp from Walten, all is good !
posted a comment on Various - Supafunkanova (Badass Funk Classics From The Disco Boogie Era). over 7 years ago
very very hot compil , with very very rare track's !
posted a comment on Gino Soccio - Sauve Qui Peut. over 7 years ago
must be the first G.Soccio realise , nice song in french .
posted a comment on Gino Soccio - Dancer. over 7 years ago
genius first international succes from G.Soccio ,

30 years after , still a fat & strong track !
posted a comment on The Pied Piper Of Funkingham - The Pied Piper Of Funkingham. over 7 years ago
A1 is a extra instru. , the vocal version by Frazelle is just awesome,
one of the best track from the label chocolate cholly's (for me) !
posted a comment on The Salsoul Orchestra - Take Some Time Out (For Love). over 7 years ago
very hot Jocelyn Brown song !
posted a comment on Greg Henderson - Dreamin. over 7 years ago
ultra hard to find on this original label,

greg was the producer of ' Master Force - don't fight the feelin'
posted a comment on T.N.T. (21) - Old Fashin' Parents. over 7 years ago
really surprise about this song from frazelle ,

nothin compare with ' today is the day '
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 7 years ago
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 7 years ago
posted a comment on Frazelle - Today Is The Day (You've Got To Love Somebody). over 7 years ago
very hot boogie/disco but so short ! need a edit ...
posted a comment on Carl Anderson - Buttercup (Remix). over 7 years ago
with sometime the voice of the master , hot track !
posted a comment on Paul Robinson - Come On Sister. over 7 years ago
Errol, Ewan & Paul Robinson, made in france !
posted a comment on The Chaz Jackson Band Featuring Rudy Gleason - Let Me Go Lady. over 7 years ago
very rare vinyl now on cd ' Songs For A New Millennium '
posted a review of Tasha Thomas - Stay With Me. over 7 years ago
track A is from the film ' next man ' with Sean Connery
posted a review of Midnight (14) - Midnight. over 7 years ago
very rare lp of the band with dwight druick & phil vyvial
the song 'never too late' have french version only on the french rec, a 7inch is available too
hard too find !
posted a review of Carl Anderson - Let's Talk (Remix). over 7 years ago
with the vocals of an uncredited Gwen Guthrie !
posted a review of Claude Jay - Find Your Light / Heaven Knows I Love You. over 7 years ago
Al Cleveland is the uncle of C.Jay ,
(co-writer on'what's goin on' by the master M.Gaye !)

it's a hot disco/dance here with a very very good vocal
first rec was on 'majic rec' in 1983
Purple majic is the C.Jay label
posted a comment on ADC Band - Long Stroke. over 7 years ago
12 inch version from ' fire up' is a five minute mix with fat bass !
posted a review of Norma Jean* - Saturday. over 7 years ago
writte with Bobby Carter aka Robert Cotter (fantastic lp timeless / 1980)
A total chic styl' ,
total disco power !
we can say it's a chic song
posted a review of Rena Mason - Do It. over 7 years ago
it's a tom moulton mix , but uncredited
posted a comment on Ozone (5) - Gigolette. over 7 years ago
very rare 12 inch version with Miss T. !
posted a comment on Jackie Stoudemire. over 7 years ago
a very very rare track from Jackie is 'flying high' ,
impossible to find the vinyl ,

listen it here :
posted a comment on Various - Studio 57 Vol 4. over 7 years ago
posted a comment on Mona Raye* - Do Me. over 7 years ago
first original version from this hot track,
fantastic remix by T. Scott the same year on quality rec with 8.28 long version ,
one of my favorite T.Scott mix !
posted a comment on Chain Reaction (3) - Why Can't We Be Lovers / Hogtied. over 7 years ago
A side is a cover from coke escovedo,
original from 72 by holland & dozier on famous invictus label
posted a comment on Airto Fogo - Jungle Bird / Black Soul. over 7 years ago
two hot tracks on this single, absolut killer !
don't miss the lp éponym from 75
by a unknow ...

very hot jazzy afro/funk here ,
posted a comment on Zouker's - New Caribbean Rhythms. over 7 years ago
Don't miss the 1979 LP of Roland Louis - Waterfall !
posted a comment on Solomon Burke - Midnight And You / I Have A Dream. over 7 years ago
absolute killer soul track !
posted a comment on Various - The Mufflers. over 7 years ago
yes it's a 33 1/3