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posted a comment on Mark Hollis - Mark Hollis. 5 months ago
the pressing is a pain in the ... but i love it, because i own it on vinyl ; ))
posted a comment on Black Mountain - Destroyer. 11 months ago
I don't like it ! Even though pressing is a pressure thing ! those vinyl sucks ; (
posted a comment on African Connection - Queens & Kings . about 1 year ago
I'm so in Love with this record !!! Get it and get lucky !!!
posted a comment on Fischmob - Power. over 2 years ago
File under : Leitkultur !!!! nach 10 Jahren wieder aus dem Regal gezogen und die selbe Gänsehaut ___
posted a comment on Maurice & Die Familie Summen - Bmerica. over 3 years ago
Es gibt noch intelligentes Leben auf diesem Planeten !

Es müssen mindestens 10 Wörter eingegeben werden. Bitte geben Sie noch mindestens 1 weitere Wörter ein.

posted a comment on Der Nino Aus Wien - Wach. over 3 years ago
yeah, it sounds like Oscar in the garbagecan, but turn up the volume and you shall be released ; )))
posted a comment on A.R. & Machines - The Art Of German Psychedelic 1970-74. over 3 years ago
Grab it if you can ! Even if i'm still hoping for some proper Vinyl reissues Achim !!!
A real masterpiece of the spirit, that makes Krautrock so unique ; )
Und kann mir jemand erklären warum Peter nur noch Ferien macht ? ; )))
posted a comment on Wesseltoft* & Schwarz* - Duo. over 6 years ago
What a wonderful adventure !
Very straight production with a dynamic sound !
Bugge and Henrik are true Music Lovers !
A must have ...
posted a review of Various - Head Music. over 6 years ago
Absolutely mindbreaking journey into the "Brain" !
There's so much love in the whole project !
A must have for everyone who's interested in the "Kraut"-thing.
posted a comment on Karaba - Karaba. over 6 years ago

You should get your hands on this, before it disappears in the cupboards of some strange collectors ; )
Great Pink Floyd,Zappa,Kraan-like Krautsound, i love it !
Very well pressed Vinyl with download-code.
posted a comment on Quarks - Königin. over 6 years ago
A real "Meisterwerk" !
posted a comment on Sula Bassana - The Night. over 6 years ago
absolutely outstanding album !
posted a comment on Chickencage Experience - An Eggspoiltation Movie. over 7 years ago
You should get your ear and eye on this !
Pure psychedelic pleasure ....
Try out their main band "Polytoxicomane Philharmonie" you'll love it also !