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posted a review of Girl In Red - Beginnings. 2 months ago
Great pressing, beautiful packaging, excellent record. So happy to have this queer gem in my collection!
posted a review of Arlo Parks - Super Sad Generation. 2 months ago
Packaging a bit disappointing, but the pressing sounds great! LOVE this record!
posted a review of Khruangbin - Mordechai. 3 months ago
Loving the record, but the static at the opening of both sides took me 4 washes to eliminate - and it's still faintly present. Curious to know if the black sounds better
posted a review of Jackie Shane - Any Other Way. 3 months ago
I've just compared the sound quality of the gold to the black, and i'm happy to say they're the same.
posted a comment on Maggie Rogers - Heard it in a Past Life. 3 months ago
was really looking forward to this on vinyl, but the center tracks on both sides have a terrible hiss! anyone know if the black pressing has the same issue?
posted a comment on Monophonics - It's Only Us. 3 months ago
That same photo is the only white image used to package this album which is otherwise falsely presented as a black soul record!
posted a comment on Monophonics - It's Only Us. 3 months ago
Could be that this is a white band who packaged their record with images of black people... taken by a white photographer.
posted a review of Brandeeee* - Talk About Our MuthaFunkin' Love. 5 months ago
more perfection from dj spen. love this mix! his angie stone mix is great too
posted a comment on Selda (2) - Selda (1979). 7 months ago
Great sounding remaster and pressing! This record sadly doesn't contain a lot of her meaty, legendary guitar work, but vocally it's a dream.
posted a comment on A. Jantar* - Kto Wymyślił Naszą Miłość. 7 months ago
does this flexi sound any good? this song is such a jam!
posted a comment on Madonna - Hard Candy. 9 months ago
mine sounds horrible too :/ it's just taking up valuable space at this point!
posted a comment on The Deep Dark Woods - Yarrow. 10 months ago
Pretty lackluster packaging for such a beautiful record! No download, insert or printed inner sleeve.
posted a review of Sessa - Grandeza. 10 months ago
top notch!! sounds great and the packaging is gorgeous -an insert with lyrics!
do it.
posted a review of The Record Company - Early Songs & Rarities. 10 months ago
took a chance on this as i loved 'give it back to me' and was hoping for more of that vibe... really glad i did!
sounds great and the content is awesome.
too bad about the painfully sparse liner notes though -was hoping for some context into the... See full review
posted a comment on Emily King - The Seven EP. about 1 year ago
the Seven ep is available on her website right now :)
posted a review of P J Harvey* - The Wind. about 1 year ago
Worth the price of admission for the cover alone. Nice press of an amazing song! The B-sides are entirely non-essential though.
posted a review of P J Harvey* - A Perfect Day Elise. about 1 year ago
This cut of Perfect Day Elise is a different mix from the album...
posted a review of Bettye LaVette - The 1972 Muscle Shoals Sessions. about 1 year ago
I have loved these recordings for years! Thrilled to finally have them on wax. Really nice press, well balanced sound and nicely packaged. Would have loved some notes from Bettye included after all this time!
posted a review of Emily King - Scenery . about 1 year ago
BRILLIANT sounding press. So well produced but also so nicely packaged and pressed. Damn!
posted a comment on Madonna - American Life. about 1 year ago
Disc 2 on my new copy is also at 45 rpm. I have an older pressing which sounds worse than this current one (very very hissy) so...... ya. American Life needs some attention in the analog dept.
posted a comment on The Organ - Brother. about 1 year ago
Ive ordered 2 from the label and both are buggered :( what a band!
posted a review of Peaches - The Teaches Of Peaches. about 1 year ago
Mine sounds great as well. Great pressing over all! How does anyone know this is limited edition?
posted a review of El Perro Del Mar - KoKoro. about 1 year ago
Took a chance on this in a sale bin and am SO impressed. Odd, beautiful, rhythmic and well produced. Underrated! Gorgeous pressing as well :)
posted a review of Robyn - Honey. about 1 year ago
Fab press. Silent vinyl and well made, heavy weight jacket. Love the added effect of the glossy finish. Was reluctant to fork it out for this, but it really does the record justice.
Super pleased!
posted a review of St. Vincent - St. Vincent. about 1 year ago
I find my copy a little muddy but im wondering if she just sounds better purely digital. I didnt love the sound on my copy of masseducation either! Such an excellent record though. Wow.
posted a review of Annie Lennox - Medusa. about 1 year ago
Keeping in mind that this isn't a remaster, i find this to be a great press! I was worried, given that it was released at the height of the cd world. No hiss at all, nice balanced mix.. the sound isn't going to blow you away, but it's worth adding to... See full review
posted a review of Jenny Lewis - The Voyager. about 1 year ago
So much 'hiss' right off the bat :( absolutely brilliant record, so i hope its just my copy
posted a review of Metric - Fantasies Flashbacks. about 1 year ago
mine have the same issues as Quinnm25... was definitely confused about the download not working, AND my Playbutton never worked. tried to get a replacement but was met with zero help from their team unfortunately. huge waste of money if not for the... See full review
posted a review of Anderson .Paak - Malibu. about 1 year ago
A masterpiece of our generation, for sure! Excellent and interesting production!
posted a review of Easy Star All * Stars* - Radiodread. about 1 year ago
Amazing idea, amazing album, brilliantly realized. Mine also has some warping that doesn't affect play. Great sounding press as well!
posted a comment on Betty Lavette* - Souvenirs. about 1 year ago
This NEEDS an lp press. What a fantastic record! Great liner notes too.
posted a comment on Barbra Streisand - The Second Barbra Streisand Album. about 1 year ago
I have a version of this with no underline on the cover, though the matrix matches this listing. Hmm
posted a comment on Dorothy Ashby - Afro-Harping. about 1 year ago
Is the hideous hiss on Afro Harping (the song) gone finally????
posted a review of Steve "Silk" Hurley - Work It Out Compilation. about 1 year ago
early house music on single LP! total score for the price!!
posted a review of EPMD - Strictly Business. about 1 year ago
sounds great! no production info or printed inners though :(
posted a comment on The Breeders - Last Splash. over 2 years ago
Can anyone comment on the quality of the recording on the red vs the black?
posted a comment on Annie Lennox - Medusa. over 2 years ago
Have you heard the 2018 press? Dying to know how it sounds.
posted a review of Unfinished Business (7) - Mix and Mash. over 3 years ago
this record is incredible. the samples are clever, the lyrics are timely, the punk is real and the b-side of remixes is SICK! this is the full spirit of LeTigre and the Coathangers!!!!
posted a review of Public (8) - ... And In The End, Release.. over 3 years ago
Chris Stopa is an incredible song writer. It's a tragedy that he was so relentlessly screwed around by the industry that he quit. You may remember all the hoopla on CNN and NME about one of his songs that was reported to be a lost Radiohead demo that... See full review
posted a comment on Courtney Barnett - Nameless, Faceless. over 3 years ago
anyone know how many were made? i've got 615. maybe not so limited???? great song tho!
posted a comment on Emily Haines - (Cut In Half And Also Double). over 3 years ago
WHAAAAAAAT!!!!! how do you know this? how do you know this?
posted a review of The Breeders - Wait In The Car. over 3 years ago
love this devo cover so much!!!!! pressing sounds excellent. god i love this band.
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Sofi Tukker - Soft Animals. over 3 years ago
It’s available on their website again as of January 23, 2018
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a review of L7 - Hungry For Stink. over 3 years ago
EXCELLENT sounding pressing. Have to enter seven more words now.
posted a comment on Amy Winehouse - The Collection. over 3 years ago
Anyone know how many copies of this box were made?
posted a comment on Amy Winehouse - The Collection. over 3 years ago
Rarities sounds incredible. This disc really shows off her effortless vocal abilities. A true taste of seeing her live. It’s a shame that they fade out her talking and banter on every live release!!!
posted a comment on Sia - Colour The Small One. over 3 years ago
mine does too...
(why do i have to enter ten words when all i want to say is 'mine does too')
posted a review of Lindi Ortega - Tin Star. over 3 years ago
an incredible record! this pressing sounds incredible too. Lindi is one of the best country musicians in the world. the depth of neko meets the whimsy of dolly. a+ record