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Roy Haynes - Vistalite
posted a review of Roy Haynes - Vistalite. about 1 year ago
If your a fan of Dilla - check the track 'Wonderin' Thank me later... Beats Beats Beats....
John Smith - Blunderbus Or
posted a review of John Smith - Blunderbus Or "In Transit". about 1 year ago
I dream of this album on wax one day! John Smiths rhymes go perfectly over Mcenroe's production! I mean how can you not like a song about the first time you rode a bike no handed with a joint in hand!
EL-P - Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixx2 / Eat My Garbage
posted a review of EL-P - Weareallgoingtoburninhellmegamixx2 / Eat My Garbage. about 1 year ago
I live in hope for a Vinyl release one day. This is Classic Killer EL-P production!
Matt Martians - The Drum Chord Theory
posted a comment on Matt Martians - The Drum Chord Theory. over 3 years ago
Would love a vinyl release of this, if only for Dent Jusay! JOINT.
Björk - I Miss You
posted a comment on Björk - I Miss You. over 3 years ago
Its all about the Dobie remixes and the killer rodney P verses on this 12". Killer
Threat - Sickinnahead
posted a comment on Threat - Sickinnahead. over 4 years ago
The world definitely needs a vinyl re-issue of this classic!
Makeba & Skratch - Mental Fitness
posted a comment on Makeba & Skratch - Mental Fitness. over 5 years ago
I have crackle on the whole of side B. Gutted! Side A is fine... anyone else have the same?
Billy Harner - All In My Mind / Fool Me
submitted Billy Harner - All In My Mind / Fool Me. over 5 years ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago