Just a DJ/producer from the Netherlands. Check my website (<a href="http://www.marmelademusic.com">www.marmelademusic.com</a>) too!

The set of rules:

1. if I have anything in your wantlist and I haven't rated it over 3/5, contact me, I might want to sell or trade.
2. If I have anything in your wantlist and you have one (or more) in my wantlist, I MIGHT want to trade (even if I've rated the record in my wantlist 5/5!)
3. If you have anything in my wantlist, contact me a.s.a.p., because I will buy if you're reasonable.
4. Also: I've been thinking how to mark records that I will never sell or trade. I've decided to leave them unrated, so unrated means rating 6/5. These records I treat in a very special way, I will always be wanting an extra copy, so they will exist in my wantlist and in my collection. It goes this far: I keep these records seperate from the rest, and only spin them on CD unless I have at least 2 or 3 copies... So get them for me! :-)
5. I might trade records because they're expensive and sometimes I want ones harder then I want the one you want from me.. But I will NEVER trade any cd's!

For dj-bookings, graphics design, demo's, productions, remixes & everything else, go to my website.

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Recent Activity
posted a review of The Youngsters - Abusive Melody. over 14 years ago
Abusive Melody... It's an ok track, but the flipside's "Slow" is the bomb! Nice drumwork with a very different bassdrum, good build-up, with a very interesting hook. Squeaky, bubbly, nice chords in the end.. I started mixing slow records too, just ... See full review
posted a review of 7th Gate - Dancer In The Snowfall EP. over 14 years ago
There's something weird about this record: There are only two songs on it, although the cover says there are three!
I especially like the way the song on the red side is "built": It starts full-on, after which you get a bit of a break, and then depth is ... See full review
posted a review of Michelle Lawson - I Just Wanna Say. over 15 years ago
It doesn't matter what the rest sounds like, Tom Middleton's Cosmos Vocal makes up for everything! A classic cosmos-styled track, pushed by Michelle horny powerful vocals..
posted a review of Bum Bum - Bum Bum. over 15 years ago
I especially like the first track: Gonna Let U Down: Funky bassline with good (male) vocals and a spunky speedgarage beat.