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posted a review of Scan 7 - The Result EP. over 17 years ago

Two very excellent tracks of Detroit techno bliss. "Thoughts" is a funky,
bassline-driven masterpiece destined to get the crowds jumping. The flip
side, "Power" is sure to be a future Detroit classic with great cross... See full review
posted a review of Servo Unique - Servo Unique. over 19 years ago
extremly rare Jeff Mills release from 1993.
2 kickin techhouse tracks with male vocals and 909 & 727 percussions. This EP open your soul and move your ass!!!
10 Points!!
posted a review of Various - Untitled. over 19 years ago
Vincent Ds "Cockroach" of the Hardgroove 04,and Simon Ks " Cockroach" is the same track,but this EP cames 1 year earlier.
posted a review of Freq - Heaven. over 19 years ago
what a Album..its Unbelievable..for me the best album from Sean Deason,all tracks a beautyful.
the track "Xirtam"is a track from the Psykofuk-Matrix2;-))
10 Points!
posted a review of S.B. Project - Primitive Streak Redefined. over 19 years ago
a fantastic ep. all tracks from the Cosmic 17 are printet as a loop of this release + a unreleased loop and remixes from Santos Rodriuez, Samuel L. Session and Ben Sims.
this ep is in my top 10!!!
posted a review of Romatt - Froggy'z Congaz (The Secret Remixes!). over 19 years ago
this ep is a brilliant release.a1 has a groovy loop whit the finest bongo percussions that i have heard.
posted a review of Ben Sims - The Loops. over 19 years ago
good DJ Tool whit samples from Todd Terry and a Michael Jackson vocal,good stuff for mixing.i have 2 copies ;-)
posted a review of D.J. Funk* - Psycho Funk EP . over 19 years ago
this is the Original DJ 003 and was released 1994, the ohter are Rereleases and different to the originals. was released 1994.
posted a review of Jeff Mills - Late Night (Archiv #04). over 19 years ago
Yes Detroit i live in Berlin and i play this remix...the original was released 1991 and the late night remix from the label Pow Wow 1993 and was very this is a rerelease.
posted a review of Richie Hawtin - Minus Yellow. over 19 years ago
This Release has the loops of the tracks from the Minus Orange