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posted a comment on Various - Satanic Skinhead: Declaration Of Anti-Semetic Terror. 5 days ago
Alter reality and kill me you god damn sparkly ass magician
posted a comment on Various - Satanic Skinhead: Declaration Of Anti-Semetic Terror. 5 days ago
well this database is also a marketplace and a marketplace certainly can elect to not be a party to the sale of material that could put money in the hands of Nazis

but I see you're still a nazi-hugging Trumper
posted a comment on Muridae - Under The Fable Of Meaning. about 1 month ago
this is a great album. dense atmosphere. when they use beats it's interesting and mesmerizing, rather than subtracting from the mood. Very cool album.
submitted Nadja (5), Vampillia - Artifical Act Of God. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Nadja (5) - Sonnborner. about 1 month ago
The title track is an epic. Starts with a slow drone intro that builds into a titanic crushing hypnotism. Unsettling shift. Crushing riff, which brings you into my favorite section "In The Shadow Of The Wing Of The Thing Too Big To Be Seen". VERY ... See full review
posted a comment on Asahito Nanjo - Greed. 4 months ago
solid droning japanese minimalist noise. reptitive bass and breaking glass guitars and drums
posted a comment on Kemialliset Ystävät - Alas Rattoisaa Virtaa. 4 months ago
a strange mixture of psychedelic and naturalistic soundscapes, whacky disco beats, laser dance pads and Pocahaunted-esque vocals and warble
posted a comment on Grumbling Fur - Furfour. 4 months ago
i mean there's some good vibe going on but jesus this is some pop shit
posted a comment on Larry Baskett - Poor Boy Blue. 5 months ago
some good mopey ass bluesy modal jazz. Very blue. It ranges from melancholic to overjoyed with a sense of impending loss. This is music to listen to in the rain eating pastries.
posted a comment on Tom Carter And Vanessa Arn / The Moglass - Snake-Tongued Swallow-Tailed. 6 months ago
Can someone please review this one for me? Curious about the music!
posted a comment on Couch Slut - Contempt. 6 months ago
No frickin clue lol. The mayor from The Simpsons? It couldn't be...
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posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Ovlov - Am. 6 months ago
Some tracks are five star honestly but you just gotta listen
posted a comment on Aeviterne - Sireless. 7 months ago
Pretty good shot heavy and decently experimental, kinda sounds like Isis influences or something.
posted a comment on Matt Kivel - Fires On The Plain. 7 months ago
jammy, sappy, folky, psychy, indie, catchy, jazzy even. pretty good chill album. smoke some cones
posted a comment on In The Woods... - Heart Of The Ages. 7 months ago
Some classic Viking black metal. Clean and dirty vocals. Some operatic elements. Basic but classic riffing
posted a comment on Vaura - Selenelion. 7 months ago
Pretty good for fans of Toby diver. Melodic black metal influenced clean vocal Gothic prog metal. Not quite maudlin or kayo but good. Closer to his solo career
posted a comment on Harvey Milk - My Love Is Higher Than Your Assessment Of What My Love Could Be. 7 months ago
Some lyrics from linear sheets of the double LP. There are more available, this is what I've gotten.

The Anvil Shall Fall:
My mamas first love was a vile ex-marine, but the blood and guts in her head could have washed platos hands clean. Her life were ... See full review
posted a comment on M.N.D.L.S.B.L.S.T.N.G. - Infinitum A.D.D. Nauseum. 7 months ago
Wild and discordant rhythms turn aharmonic guitar play into pop hooks with violent belching death vocals everywhere. Pointless but amazing? Maybe nothing has a point anyway. Fuck it. Nihilism rules
posted a comment on Geryon (3) - The Wound And The Bow. 8 months ago
Unique album of stripped down tech-death...

Favorite song was Skein. Give it a listen!
submitted Hush Arbors - Albion Way. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Before The Eyewall - Before The Eyewall. 8 months ago
Heavy doom album with great drumming and psychedelic effects. One of the few proper uses of of compression on a metal album.
posted a comment on Zach Hill And Mick Barr - Shred Earthship. 8 months ago
This may take a few moments for your brain to warm up to, but it's worth it. It's actually kind of calming when you get into to feel. I have little doubt that when this is over everything will seem relaxing.
submitted Yoshiko Ohara - Ringing In Our Wrists . 9 months ago
posted a comment on Encenathrakh - Encenathrakh. 9 months ago
Far beyond fucked. Guttural nonsense meets overly articulate blasting and filthy guitarnoise
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 9 months ago
posted a comment on M.B.* + Barnacles - Sidereal Decomposition Activity. 9 months ago
Listen and support at will. Artoffact has this shit under control
submitted Lie In Ruins - Demise . 9 months ago
posted a comment on Andrew Tuttle - Fantasy League. 9 months ago
this is amazing. if you like people like Mike Cooper, this is amazing for you.
submitted Andrew Tuttle - Andrew Tuttle. 9 months ago
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posted a comment on Violation Wound. 9 months ago
WTF does Chris' shirt say? Something about class man I wanna know
posted a comment on Richard Pinhas, Barry Cleveland Featuring Michael Manring, Celso Alberti - Mu. 9 months ago
Dancy bass lines, progged out motorik drums, spacy ambient guitar shimmers.
posted a comment on Richard Pinhas, Tatsuya Yoshida - Hakata Shibuya Live In Japan 2014. 9 months ago
Gonna be straight up, both artists have better work but there are still parts of pure euphoria here. I gave it 3 because early parts of the jams are honestly lacking and you can hear them "tuning" their ears to eachother. But once that's done some great ... See full review
posted a comment on Warmth - Changing Light Patterns of the Underwater Forest. 10 months ago
Psychedelic dark ambient forest washes. Kinda haunting but also deeply relaxing.
posted a comment on Quintana Roo / Warmth - Runes Translucent. 10 months ago
Quintana Roos track is mindfuckery drone. Some bass drum elements, a freak out and an unsettling electric guitar rhythmic element throughout are the mainstake qualities set to ambient synth washes.

Warmths track is warm. Its etheral and sleepy and very ... See full review
posted a comment on Steven Wilson - 4½. 10 months ago
its hard for me. the instrumentals are pretty good but some parts are really weak and emo tingy vocals almost but like listen to Vermillioncore that's a 5 star jam
posted a comment on Sulphat'Ketamine - Giant Runk. 10 months ago
gonna be honest don't really like track 1, the vocals and lyrics kill it for me early on but the rest of this album is killer psych rock, some jazzy keys here and there, electrifying guitar, punk chick vocals track 3 into some sexy prog shit.
its ok
posted a comment on Temple Ov BBV - Temple Ov BBV. 10 months ago
Both bands are honestly better on their own. Seemed exciting but something seems to have gotten in the way of genuinely good recordings. The vocals honestly are annoying as hell and detract from the whole jam.
posted a comment on Gunn* - Gangloff* - Melodies For A Savage Fix. 10 months ago
great psych folk "drone". sweet guitar and sitar combo. mesmerizing.
posted a comment on 不失者* - 悲愴. 10 months ago
Just a great noise album. You can hear elements of bands like Jesus lizard in parts. Lots of noisy drone rock too
posted a comment on 滲有無* = Nijiumu - 悲翼紀 = Era Of Sad Wings. 10 months ago
two tracks will have you hooked. great ambient drone. spacy. dreamy. tones are god.
posted a comment on The Poisoned Glass - 10 Swords. 10 months ago
stream link to remind myself and share with others - also purchase link - buy buy buy
posted a comment on Zeni Geva & Steve Albini - All Right, You Little Bastards!. 10 months ago
this is zeni geva. what else do you want. its loud and aggressive and yeah he is threatening to rape you but like this is amazing music
posted a comment on The Final Age - The Final Age. 10 months ago
super psychedelic spacerock atmospheres with drumming to match. Some weird themes roll out. Pretty experimental. Dank sax. Buy it loser
posted a comment on Mal Waldron Quintet - Hard Talk. 10 months ago
fuck you if you dont like this this is fucking rock and roll at its finest
posted a comment on Abnocto - Simon Magus. 10 months ago
the fuck you want me to say this is medieval you mother fuck
posted a comment on Bill Yeager's Los Angeles Jazz Workshop Big Band* - Medium Basie Swing. 10 months ago
Just listen to that big band cover of Take It To The Ozone!
posted a comment on Pete Swanson - I Don't Rock At All. 10 months ago
simply amazing guitar textures. at times sounds like an organ almost. just grand i want to play guitar but im too tired so this will do