As a 15 year old kid with a very small allowance I started collecting records around 1984. Heavilly being into DJ'ing the cost of buying decent equipment and the necessary records where beyond my budget so after a couple of years, when going to parties gets more important, I kinda lost interest.

Now, 35 years later I am hooked again. As money is more easily available when you're older I restarted collecting those precious records as the sound, look, feel and smell of vinyl can never be equalled by any compression utility on the market today.

The aim of my collection is to capture the evolution of dance music throughout the late seventees untill the late eighties. From the roots of disco many new styles flourished like the less mainstream sounds of Italo Disco and HiNrg, the underground styles of Electro and Hiphop and the birth of house music in Chigaco and Detroit.

Eventually all these styles mixed and found their way to a broader audience untill the ninetees arrived. This is the feeling that I would like to capture in my collection.

Some final words:

I am always interested in trading records so when you have a list drop me a line. You can find a list of my tradeitems here:

Please don't bother me with sending ebay links and mp3 requests.

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The Pointer Sisters* - Steppin'
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