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posted a comment on JL* - Energy Flow Eternal. 2 days ago
The meistermix is where it's at. Kinda like the beatz that Kaspar Bjorke is turning out now. Features some 'horn pads' that would melt your face outside at sunrise. Still relevant!
posted a comment on Martin Georgi - Oye Black Label 03. 2 days ago
This is all kinds of Yup. Track 1 in particular stands out as having a classic feel with heavy psychedelic overtones. In fact the whole OYE black series is essential.
posted a comment on Lord Of The Isles, Mehmet Aslan, Petwo Evans, Bartellow, Nick Gynn - Needs 003. 23 days ago
Ayeee! Lovely business from Lord of the Isles and Mehmet Aslan as expected, ably backed up by the supporting cast. Excellent 12"!
posted a comment on Har-El - Wonderland. 24 days ago
'Nothing's Wrong In Dreaming' A2 is where it's at. Haven't got a bad word to say about Har El. The soundtrack to my youth!
posted a comment on Astralasia - High Planes Drifter. 24 days ago
DJ Lucas flipped my wig with this when I played with him at the Mazzo in Amsterdam in '96. A2 Kalki's coming is where it's at. transcendental business.
posted a comment on Resistance D - Ztringz Of Life. about 1 month ago
Stand out LP from an exceptional producer that stands the test of time. Lovely
posted a comment on Eduardo De La Calle - The Everlasting Amrit. about 1 month ago
When Eduardo puts his mind to it magic happens. All 4 tracks on here are strong but special mention must go to B1 Great Manojar which frankly is going to twist anyone's melon - awesome!!
posted a comment on Edward - Fortune Teller. 2 months ago
Album of the year for me.... so far, I've only got to side D. Edward understands that sometimes the most compelling moments come from pregnant tension rather than 4-on-the-floor bangers. This LP will take you on a journey... maybe a white water rafting ... See full review
posted a comment on Voodoo People - Chronic / Reach Out. 2 months ago
Always had a lot of time for Paul Jackson's productions. To pigeon hole this as Goa Trance is a bit of a shame. It's head music of the highest calibre and transcends lazy tags. Suspect you could clear the floor at a psy-trance party with this... which ... See full review
posted a comment on Ascendants* - Expansions EP. 2 months ago
On the hasty side for today's tastes but one listen to B1 Waking Up and it all comes flooding back. From that first flush of PR releases when they could do no wrong.
posted a comment on Marmion - Schöneberg (Remix). 2 months ago
It's all about the Kid Paul remix for me. Not sure how many times I have said/typed that sentence but it feels like a lot!
posted a comment on Transits Of Tone - Cyborg Coconut / Planet Of Palm Trees. 2 months ago
Not all T.o.T. tracks float my boat, some seem too fast and have too much going on. However the AA side here is lovely business. Engrossing tech-trance with a serious groove and great drum programming - love the electro excursion towards the end! 25p for ... See full review
posted a comment on Sven Väth - Ballet-Fusion. 2 months ago
Lovely remix package that must rank alongside Sven's best work. The David Holmes and DDR remixes are both great. Speedy J's re-rub wanders right off to the edge of the reservation as you would hope and expect. Stands up to 23+ years of scrutiny!
posted a comment on Ramin* - Vol. III (Moonchild). 2 months ago
Fast by today's standards but I remember thinking the same back in the day. Somehow Ramin gets away with this however. This is a stand out release on STV. Moonchild is like a cool pool of water on a hot day. lie back and let it take ease out the ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Deep, Traumer - Slang. 3 months ago
Surprised this isn't getting more attention. The EP builds throughout. Side C is very compelling but then Side D does what it says on the tin and knocks you out. Strong!
posted a comment on Jam & Spoon Feat. Plavka - Right In The Night (Fall In Love With Music) (Remixes). 3 months ago
The Kid Paul remix on side D is a classic. Underplayed linear tech/tech trance with cool guitar/synth motif running underneath gated top lines modulating just enough to play with your mind. Ace!
PS Don't bother with the other sides!!!
posted a comment on Front 242 - Happiness. 3 months ago
All about The Orb mix here. Mid tempo quasi industrial brain melter. One of those unusual artefacts that you keep coming back to. Excellent.
posted a comment on Cwithe - Illegal. 3 months ago
Can't really say enough good things about Jens' work. It stands head and shoulders above much of the contemporary trance music out there. Great detail around the percussion that I have always been a sucker for. Dive in!
posted a comment on Endora - Joy E.P.. 3 months ago
Have to disagree with Maroko here. B2 Fusionium is where it's at on this EP. The only track to have stood the test of time. Mid-paced twinkling broken beat wonder for those eyes closed early morning moments!
posted a comment on Ponty Mython - Pink Tango EP . 3 months ago
With apologies to FM, this is all about Ponty / Pletnev as usual. This guy might be my favourite artist at the moment. Been circling Futureboogie for a while but I've not had a reason to buy on vinyl until now!!
posted a comment on Kamm (2). 4 months ago
More please!! Totally love this first mini album. Hopefully there's some new music coming soon?...
posted a comment on BFTT, Lack (5), Chekov (3), Howes* - Cong Burn 02. 4 months ago
For my money one of the best new labels out there. Great breadth and a unified aesthetic across the first 2 releases.
posted a comment on Modus Vivendi - Modus Vivendi. 4 months ago
Started a warm up set at Glastonbury with the Fade In Mix in 1993. From the time when Fnac ruled the world - what a happy and classy time that was!
posted a comment on Cwithe - The Seas Of Pitch / Spellbound (Toytown Mix). 4 months ago
Yes, yes, yes! For me Jens was one of the stars of this scene in the early 90's. I'm not sure he ever properly conformed to the Goa/Psy tag. Brilliantly individual records that have stood the test of time. Also see his work as Acid Lab and Cross Breed.
posted a comment on Peter Lazonby* - Your Humble Servant. 4 months ago
I was given the 10" 'German remixes' of Sacred Cycles by Tim Fielding (I can't remember ever having the album) because he was aware of my enthusiasm for prog/trance at the time. It's a totally epic disc that duly got rinsed all over London and Europe. ... See full review
posted a comment on Be-Zet* - Blue Illusion. 4 months ago
Yes, fantastic! There's not much to beat Stevie Be-Zet's output on Eye Q. This has properly stood the test of time!
posted a comment on Paz* - Boomshakatak. 4 months ago
Outrageous that there are no reviews for this. Hepazari (Tech Mix) is a deep house dance floor destroyer years before that was actually a thing. A very special disk for me. 14p for a copy is ridiculous!
posted a comment on Apollo 440 - Rumble EP. 4 months ago
Liquid cool is just that. Effortless. Lovely guitar work presaging Nicolas Jaar's Darkside by about 20 years. Not sure A440 ever regained these heights but then again these are dizzy heights - Epic!!
posted a comment on X Dream* - Panic In Paradise / Relax Vortex. 4 months ago
Relax Vortex has to be one of the best things X Dream produced. Lovely stoner tempo dub inflected techno trance.
posted a comment on Acid Federation - Vernal Equinox. 5 months ago
The Red Jerry mix is an outright epic that used to set dance floors alight in our scene. Restrained acids and judicious breakbeat deployment accompanied by tribal chants and a bit of throat singing. What's not to like?! Absolute bargain at less than £1 - ... See full review
posted a comment on Quadripart - Joy. 5 months ago
There was a point in time when Hyper Hype could do no wrong, Exit EEE and DJ Khetama featured prominently in this phase. The Exit EEE remix on offer here is a great example. Gently building acids underpinned by a swinging groove and some epic pads for ... See full review
posted a comment on Last Rhythm Featuring Silvie Carter - Last Rhythm (Remix). 5 months ago
Wot no comments?! The Afro Dub (B2) is cult sunrise material round these parts. Got so much use out of this back in the day and yet the vinyl still sounds mint. Peak all-time Italo business!
posted a comment on Eduardo De La Calle - Icosahedrite EP. 6 months ago
When this guy's good he's outrageous. I remember listening to a few of his records while reading a Christopher Priest novel. Somehow the tunes became woven into the sci fi narrative to the point that I can't listen to his music without thinking about the ... See full review
posted a comment on Virtual Obsession / SFX - Trust In Trance. 6 months ago
Just my humble opinion, but you can't shake a stick at anything Har-El Prussky was involved in.
posted a comment on Mutable (2) - Mutable01. 6 months ago
L o v e l y, absolutely no complaints here!
posted a comment on Bohemia (13) - Mortal Storm. 6 months ago
£0.35 - Harsh. I can only assume this label hasn't been 'discovered' in the same way other West Coast labels of the time have. Both sides of this are epic and wholly redolent of that early 90's West Coast sound that is rightly feted! The B side is a sort ... See full review
posted a comment on Loners - This Track / Feeling Free. 6 months ago
Surprised to see how little love this is getting on here. Formative release for me - international deepness. Way ahead of its time & still sounds great today!
posted a comment on Blake Baxter - Sexual Deviant. 6 months ago
Warrants special mention for the deviance mix B1. This was hammered by my crew in 1992. Dark and compelling! Sex-u-al De-vi-ance mmmmmmm...
posted a comment on Corridor* - Element. 6 months ago
It's all about the B2 here. Dark, tunnelling, random and compelling
posted a comment on Loners In A World Of Craziness - Drifting. 6 months ago
Cult business for my crew mainly as a result of Weatherall's patronage in a couple of mixes from 1993. Similar vibes to Speedy J's ginger album and still very playable today. Criminally overlooked here!
posted a comment on Eat Static - Epsylon EP. 6 months ago
IMO one of the best Eat Static ep's before they went full Psy/Goa. I played this out a lot when it came out & remember one particularly messy night when the Undulattice side got stuck in a perfect loop. Must've taken me 5 mins to work out why the track ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - The Evolution E.P.. 6 months ago
Funny how some records can have cult status for one group and yet seemingly not matter at all to others. Mantis Religiosa was pretty much my crew's theme tune at some point in 1992-3. I know label boss Tim Fielding was pretty keen on it too!! Fantastic ... See full review
posted a comment on Remake - Blade Runner (Remix). 6 months ago
It's all about the B3 here. Moroder style baseline below, epic Blade runner keys above, close your eyes and head into 2019!!
posted a comment on LCD Soundsystem - Disco Infiltrator (Remixes). 7 months ago
FK's dub is subtly devastating. Just enough of the original filtering in and out to confuse the dancefloor!
posted a comment on Mount Kimbie - Love What Survives. 7 months ago
Exceptional album. Looks lovely on white vinyl and sounds great. Truly modern sounds.
posted a comment on Stereo MC's - Ground Level. 7 months ago
I've not been able to find Everything Grooves Part 1 digitally (I don't think it's even on the recent mega expanded CD release for the LP). More's the pity because this is a stone cold house classic. One of Weatherall's best moments. That you can pick ... See full review
posted a comment on Germinating Seeds Of Doda - Vaseline / Weow. 8 months ago
Nice funky broken beat acid 12" let down by a slightly muted/muddy pressing. Still sounds fresh but could have done with some attention during the mixing/mastering process...
posted a comment on Kirlian - Tales From The Gamma Quadrant. 8 months ago
Still remember picking this up from Mighty Force (vinyl 100%) in Exeter. World of LSD is all-time. Worth the price of admission for that alone!
posted a comment on Duckett - Feeding Paper Tigers EP. 8 months ago
Knew this guy was the real deal from those 2 UMHS releases a couple of years back. This one does not disappoint esp A1, B1 and B2. Primitive...
posted a comment on Uffe (6) - OYE Edits 03. 8 months ago
Uffe is fast becoming one of my favourite artists in any genre of music. Awesome stuff.