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So what defines good music? most people that I meet usually define good music as one particular genre (the one they listen to) while dismissing all others.

For me the formula is very simple: good music is not confined to any particular genre, artist, album, label, era or region, it is rather "Timeless". Think of it as putting your entire music library on shuffle, every time a new track starts it surprises you and puts a smile on your face instead of making you reach for the skip button; good music ages gracefully with time. Nothing feels better than discovering that next awesome track; exactly what I look for day after day.

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Freemasons Featuring Sophie Ellis Bextor* - Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)
posted a comment on Freemasons Featuring Sophie Ellis Bextor* - Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer). over 3 years ago
. . . . . . . Red Flag - Russian Radio (1988)
Waldeck - This Isn't Maybe
posted a comment on Waldeck - This Isn't Maybe. over 5 years ago
"Cut The Cheese" ------> Sexy, Brilliant, Well Done. Now only if more Future Jazz was done this way...
Various - Rave-O-lution 2
posted a comment on Various - Rave-O-lution 2. over 5 years ago
Track 8 is listed incorrectly on the back of the cover. The actual track is "Futur" by Section X as found here You can also see that the running times match.
Dastan Ensemble with Shahram Nazeri - Through Eternity
posted a comment on Dastan Ensemble with Shahram Nazeri - Through Eternity. over 8 years ago
This masterwork by Shahram Nazeri recorded live during 1998 in Washington is long before other Iranian artists started setting Rumi's poetry to music. To this day it remains as one of his finest achievements. Track 6 is a bonus track that was included... See full review
Sterac Electronics - My Preparation
posted a comment on Sterac Electronics - My Preparation. over 8 years ago
"Legacy Of A Lost World" ---> beautiful dreamy Electro with a hint of Pink Floyd from the very talented Steve Rachmad.
The Black Dog - The Remixes
posted a comment on The Black Dog - The Remixes. over 8 years ago
Sometimes less is more and so is B2 the shortest track on this 12". It's easily the best track out of the three and one of the better outputs by Black Dog. The remix title "Porn Session" says it all, a dark and sexy ambient techno that can stay on... See full review
Cooperation 4 - Walking Up
posted a comment on Cooperation 4 - Walking Up. over 8 years ago
B2 Slow Overture mix get 5/5, it's a joy to listen to. All ingredients needed to make a proper ambient trance is present in this mix: deep, dreamy and nostalgic.
Kitaro - Cirque Ingenieux
posted a comment on Kitaro - Cirque Ingenieux. over 8 years ago
Track 7 "Contortionists" is one of finest pieces by Kitaro. All the elements are beautifully arranged, the result is very pleasing to the ears. The music surrounds you and keeps you engaged from beginning to the end; it's also far removed from the... See full review
Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall
posted a comment on Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall. over 8 years ago
"Bermuda Triangle" is the only track that has stood the test of time - a weird mix between Tech House and Drum & Bass with long ambient intro. There is nothing special about the rest.
Nitzer Ebb - Belief
posted a comment on Nitzer Ebb - Belief. over 8 years ago
Few people know this but the chanting you hear on track 5 "TWA" says "Marg Bar Amrika". It's the actual chanting of people from the 1979 Iranian revolution which in English translates to "Death to America". It is heavily processed which makes it... See full review
The Roots - The Tipping Point
posted a comment on The Roots - The Tipping Point. over 8 years ago
Although no credit is given, the last track "Din Da Da" is a Hip-Hop cover of the 1983 experimental masterpiece "Din Daa Daa (Trommeltanz)" by German composer George Kranz, look it up!
Peru - Africa
posted a comment on Peru - Africa. over 8 years ago
This 87 remix is good, but the original 11 minutes version from their album continent (1983) is far superior in my opinion. It has a more balanced production all around and is a joy to listen to. The so called "Jungle Mix" included here is the single... See full review
Detlef Keller - Behind The Tears
posted a comment on Detlef Keller - Behind The Tears. over 8 years ago
"Tear 4" ----> Modern Classical + Berlin School = Unique
Peter Baumann - Trans Harmonic Nights
posted a comment on Peter Baumann - Trans Harmonic Nights. over 8 years ago
"This Day" ----> good melodic German Electro rivaling the best of Kraftwerk from their 70's era and the like.
Peter Baumann - Romance 76
posted a comment on Peter Baumann - Romance 76. over 8 years ago
This is good record and overall Peter Baumann' best work. I pick "Phase By Phase" from Side A and the complete "Meadow Of Infinity" suite from Side B as the strongest pieces.
Berlin - Love Life
posted a comment on Berlin - Love Life. over 8 years ago
Forget about "Take My Breath Away", Berlin's best song is the opening track on this album - "When We Make Love" is dark and sexy with just the perfect dose of synth & pop fused together to make you nostalgic all over again. "In My Dreams" is a good one too. See full review
Tungüska - Tungüska
posted a comment on Tungüska - Tungüska. over 8 years ago
"Discovery" ----> Deep Dark Ambient Dub. 5/5
Johannes Heil - From Within
posted a comment on Johannes Heil - From Within. over 8 years ago
Progressive Club Techno for the mind and the feet, perfect blend of both worlds.
Dune (3) - Dune
posted a comment on Dune (3) - Dune. over 8 years ago
-----> ...In The End <-----
Separate Minds - Scattered Thoughts (20 Years Revisited)
posted a comment on Separate Minds - Scattered Thoughts (20 Years Revisited). over 9 years ago
I find most Techno coming out of Detroit dull and overrated, but "Scattered Thoughts" is an exception. This track caught my attention back in the 90s and has remained one of my favorites. There is this maddening energy coupled with dark undertones... See full review
David Sylvian - Gone To Earth
posted a comment on David Sylvian - Gone To Earth. over 9 years ago
"The Healing Place" ---> the best of the instrumental tracks on here and the one track I keep going back to often. One of those rare ambient pieces that you can put on repeat for hours long. Just perfect.
Eraldo Bernocchi, Harold Budd, Robin Guthrie - Winter Garden
posted a comment on Eraldo Bernocchi, Harold Budd, Robin Guthrie - Winter Garden. over 9 years ago
The heart of this album starts with "Entangled" and ends with "Stay With Me"; these 5 tracks are among some of the nicest ambient sounds I've heard in recent years. For 23 minutes the music flows seamlessly making you completely drift away. Feelings... See full review
Pink Floyd - The Endless River
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - The Endless River. over 9 years ago
Still can't figure out why they decided to release these materials as a separate full length album; If anything they should have been included as part of Division Bell's 2014 reissue. It would work so much better in that context and probably taken... See full review
Boris Blank - Electrified
posted a comment on Boris Blank - Electrified. over 9 years ago
Thanks to everyone over at kickstarter who made this release possible. If you were one of the 696 backers, then you certainly know your electronic music. For those of you who never heard of Yello or Boris Blank, sit back and learn; this is how you... See full review
Klaus Schulze - Dreams
posted a comment on Klaus Schulze - Dreams. over 9 years ago
Be very careful with these Klaus Schulze remasters - either I have a faulty copy or this reissue in particular is terrible, the sound is muffled, distorted and unbalanced, it sucks all the texture out of the composition and you are left with very... See full review
Underworld - Change The Weather
posted a comment on Underworld - Change The Weather. over 9 years ago
In the context of this album "Fever" is the only track that stands out, nothing to rave about but still a nice slice of Synthi Pop Rock from the late 80s. Thrash also has a nice intro but slowly fall apart as it moves along.
Godley & Creme - Wedding Bells
posted a comment on Godley & Creme - Wedding Bells. over 9 years ago
The bland A-Side is completely dwarfed by what you'll find on the B-Side. The track "Babies" is unlike anything else done by this duo; in fact I think this is the their best and most unique track which surprisingly has never been published on any of... See full review
Riechmann* - Wunderbar
posted a comment on Riechmann* - Wunderbar. over 9 years ago
This album is a mixed bag, good in some parts and not so good in others. Tracks 1 & 5 are good examples of everything that is wrong with synth music, new agey cheesy synth-pop. Tracks 2 & 3 are the strongest tracks here. Abendlicht is a nice... See full review
Various - Made To Measure Vol. 1
posted a comment on Various - Made To Measure Vol. 1. over 9 years ago
"Scratch Holiday" by Aksak Maboul is one of those abstract tracks you've never heard about. Melodic, minimal and strange turntablist piece. According to Crammed Discs it was entirely generated with a turntable, a vinyl 7" single from the '60s and... See full review
Jermaine Jackson / Pia Zadora - When The Rain Begins To Fall
posted a comment on Jermaine Jackson / Pia Zadora - When The Rain Begins To Fall. over 9 years ago
Massive Hi-NRG, 4 minutes of pure adrenalin packed in one track. Never gets old and it always puts a big smile on my face. Just wish there was a version that included the Extended cut along with the single edit on one LP.
Do Piano - Again
posted a comment on Do Piano - Again. over 9 years ago
One-hit wonder Synth-Pop that has stayed relevant. Tight clean 80s production with dark undertones and a nostalogic melody for all you dreamers out there. It's worth tracking down Do Piano's "Again & Forever" compilation, it includes all the mixes of... See full review
Chab - Tunnelling / (The) Sinus
posted a comment on Chab - Tunnelling / (The) Sinus. over 9 years ago
"Tunnelling" gets labeled as Progressive House/Trance but it's more like progressive techno, the brooding kind that you might hear in underground clubs. It has every ingredient of what a deep and dark progressive sound should be all about; perfect for... See full review
Plastikman - Artifakts (BC)
posted a comment on Plastikman - Artifakts (BC). over 9 years ago
For me "Pakard" still remains Plastikman's best track. If you need just one minimal track from Richie Hawtin make it this one - 12 minutes of beautiful dark spacey ambient techno where every note is perfect. "Pakard" is electronic music with class;... See full review
Klaus Schulze
posted a comment on Klaus Schulze. over 9 years ago
I appreciate your feedback but I think you completely missed the point. If you read my comments again I even said that I don't consider myself a fan of Klaus Schulze per se. You on the hand are obviously a Jeff Mills/Basic Channel fan so you feel... See full review
[rmb]* - Widescreen
posted a comment on [rmb]* - Widescreen. over 9 years ago
No friend ends with a Robert De Niro sample from Scorsese's "Cape Fear".
Boom-Box - Get It Girl
posted a comment on Boom-Box - Get It Girl. over 9 years ago
As The Night Falls ---> Provocative yet forgotten moment in Electronic Dance history. This is beautiful Dutch tech-house.
ZYX Music
posted a comment on ZYX Music. over 9 years ago
Glad you posted this on here, I wanted to do it for a long time but you beat me to it. The Electronic Dance community owes big time to this independent label. They've been in the scene since the advent of Italo-Disco, they actually coined the term,... See full review
BeatAMax* - Liaison II
posted a comment on BeatAMax* - Liaison II. over 9 years ago
B5 Caravan is excellent Tribal New Beat, it starts off with a deep Techno House beat and chugs along slowly for the rest of the track. Feels like a mysterious oriental track you would hear at an underground party. Sounds even better when played loud... See full review
Nina Simone - It Is Finished
posted a comment on Nina Simone - It Is Finished. over 9 years ago
I respect Nina Simone as an artist, but I can't pretend liking the Jazz genre or all of her songs. With that said, I have listened to all of her albums and so far I am down to 15 tracks of hers that I enjoy going back to. One of them is "Dambala",... See full review
Nor Elle - 2nd Home
posted a comment on Nor Elle - 2nd Home. over 9 years ago
There is something mesmerizing (at least to me) whenever memorable film quotes are properly meshed together with music. Track 6 "Money" is a good example of that. In case you are wondering the quote is from Other People's Money (1991) and the voice is... See full review
Amanda Lear - Tam-Tam
posted a comment on Amanda Lear - Tam-Tam. over 9 years ago
Amanda Lear's best and most overlooked album. With the exception of "It's All Over", the other 7 tracks are excellent. As it was produced in Italy, the sound is more Italo-Disco than her usual Disco sound, top picks are Magic, No Regrets and Tam Tam.
Sniper Mode - Wastelands
posted a comment on Sniper Mode - Wastelands. over 9 years ago
Such a poor release, it doesn't deserve the high ratings you see here. Instead of 16 track album Sniper Mode should have released "Wastelands" as a single with some remixes to boot as this is the only worthy track here, nice dubby drum & base.
Øystein Sevåg + Lakki Patey - Visual
posted a comment on Øystein Sevåg + Lakki Patey - Visual. over 9 years ago
It's true confirmation that we live in a backwards world when so few people have heard of this ambient work. At 42 minutes this is a short album, but sometimes less is more and this album is a testament to that. It is very sincere in structure and... See full review
Jonson - P_Composing
posted a comment on Jonson - P_Composing. over 9 years ago
If you are looking for a nice chill album, this is the strongest release on Mikrolux. The album is coherent in its structure and most of the tracks follow the same layout so you won't find anything too out of place. The best track for me is N.O.... See full review
Torsten Fenslau
posted a comment on Torsten Fenslau. over 9 years ago
Torsten Fenslau was too young and too talented when he left this world, but his music surely lives on. If you want to know the roots of early 90s German dance music you owe it to yourself to investigate his many productions. Along with the likes of... See full review
posted a comment on over 9 years ago
After the release of "Dead Cities" in 1996 FSOL stayed quite for 10 years before releasing their Archives materials and Environments series. I always kept an eye on them but never actually checked the releases until recently. Thanks to Christmas and a... See full review
Sieg Über Die Sonne - (-) • (-) = (+)
posted a comment on Sieg Über Die Sonne - (-) • (-) = (+). over 9 years ago
"You'll Never Come Back" is a sublime piece of progressive electro, easily the best track here. The plaid remix received more attention but I find the original much more enjoyable.
La Belle - Follow Me Into The Light
posted a comment on La Belle - Follow Me Into The Light. over 9 years ago
Yet another mediocre Kitsch pop trance that also happens to be a cover of Pascal Device - Follow Me Into The Light (1994), skip this and check the original by all means. Pizzokato Mix & Hancock Mix are bay far the better mixes here but again this is... See full review
Time Modem
posted a comment on Time Modem. over 9 years ago
These 2 brothers are very talented and extremely underrated. Just have a look at their releases and count the number of people who own and rated them, not many right! What happened to all those people who consider themselves intelligent just because... See full review
The Future Sound Of London - From The Archives Vol. 5
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - From The Archives Vol. 5. over 9 years ago
"Tokyo Travel" is stunning, pure eargasm.