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posted a comment on Spring Heel Jack - Oceola / Double Edge. about 1 year ago
Very underrated group. The Demdike Stare of the mid 90's DNB scene.
posted a review of Michael Padilla - Atmospheres (Ambient Works Vol. 1). about 1 year ago
This is a really lovely album and one to treasure. Ecstagony is probably my favourite track, it's 15 minutes of modern classical/ ambient bliss.
posted a review of The House Crew - Keep The Fire Burning / Get On Up. about 1 year ago
This may be a 'hardcore classic' but it also a popular track with the early 90's balearic crew; playing it at the wrong speed and turing it into a great bassy chugger!
posted a review of Mystique (5) - No Mind Games. about 1 year ago
Also a popular track with the early 90's balearic crew.
posted a comment on Mike Dearborn - Moments. about 1 year ago
Nice to hear Nina Kraviz play 'An Acid Memory' from this on her Boiler Room Berlin Mix.
posted a comment on Empirion - Narcotic Influence. about 1 year ago
The B side (Version 2) was a huge tune in the Back to Basics basement when I used to go clubbing in Leeds in the mid 90's.
posted a review of CFCF. about 1 year ago
Constantly brilliant. I've played 'Music For Objects' to death and this is another stunner. 'Radiance and Submission' is mind-blowing and a strong possible the album of 2015. His next LP looks to follow the same timeless path,'On Vacation' is released ... See full review
posted a comment on Maas - Look At Me Now, Falling (I-Cube Mixes). over 2 years ago
Look At Me Now, Falling (Zoyd And Prairie Mix) is the real gem here. Downtempo spaced out balearic brilliance.
posted a review of Sueño Latino - Sueño Latino. over 2 years ago
This is a great reissue which pulls together (for the first time) the mixes which have made this such an enduring piece of music. The Derrick May mix alone would cost you more than the price of this reissue. Add in the fact it contains the Winter Mix, ... See full review
posted a review of Tuff Little Unit - Join The Future. over 3 years ago
A popular after-hours fave with the Hartford Massive after an evening out at Bugged Out! or Voodoo. Timeless, deep and understated. As the first reviewer so beautiffuly puts it... "you can feel the hidden euphoria of a new generation".
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Nate Williams - Club Patrol. over 3 years ago
Bugged Out! classic from the early days 94/95 at Sankey's Soap. A record I'd not heard for years till Rob Bright mentioned it in a clip of the resident DJ's talking about music that shaped the early years at the club.

posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a review of Night Communication - Night Communication EP. over 3 years ago
Leo Mass (L. Marras) the Amnesia resident! and friends behind a fantastic ep of dubbed out disco which also includes the Harvey fave, African Night Life.
posted a comment on Windsurf - Bird Of Paradise. over 3 years ago
Bird Of Paradise ‎(Album Version) is a constant in my record bag. Always sounds great regardless of the system. Such a great track.
posted a comment on Ron Trent - Journeyn2u. over 3 years ago
It's Hot is such a great track. It's got the perfect Ron Trent deep groove but is more laid back than Journeyn2u.
Based on a latin piano motif and a voice saying "it's hot, so hot" it's something you could easily play on a beach. No Youtube video clip ... See full review
posted a comment on Tortoise - TNT. over 3 years ago
A masterpiece and one which ranks very high in my top ten albums of all time. It feels more like a lifelong friend than it does an album. A stunning collection of work that gives you more with each listen.
posted a comment on Iron & Wine* - Our Endless Numbered Days. over 3 years ago
This is in my top 5 albums of all time. I've only just got a copy on vinyl after years of playing it on CD and Wow!!, it's taken the listening experience and enjoyment to a whole new level. Fantastic and my favourite Iron & Wine album.
posted a comment on Food Of The Gods - Boy From Brazil / Poison Apple. over 3 years ago
An amazing record that does not get the props (our carry the inflated price tag) of other more lauded tracks on this label. Essential. Eddie Ruscha on Bass, DJ Harvey on drums and members of Rub & Tug on keyboards.

posted a comment on Single Cell Orchestra - The Liberated E.P.. over 3 years ago
'Transmit Liberation' is the only track worth mentioning on here. A 97 bpm trip-hop chugger. Sold to me by Moonboots when he worked at Eastern Bloc in Manchester. I remember looking out to sea at the Cafe Del Mar in the summer of 92, hearing this play ... See full review
posted a comment on Carl Craig - More Songs About Food And Revolutionary Art. over 3 years ago
A masterpiece from Carl Craig and I don't use that term lightly.
posted a comment on FUSE* - Dimension Intrusion. over 3 years ago
This album has a beautiful fluidity which I find missing in his later work. To my ears his recordings here as F.U.S.E. (Future Underground Subsonic Experiments) show Richie at the peak of his experimental and creative zenith. Great cover artwork by his ... See full review
posted a comment on FUSE* - Dimension Intrusion. over 3 years ago
The best thing Richie Hawtin has done by miles. This album has a beautiful fluidity which I find missing in his later work. To my ears his recordings as F.U.S.E. (Future Underground Sound Experiments.) show Richie at the peak of his creative zenith. ... See full review
posted a comment on Arsenal - Outsides EP. over 3 years ago
Either is such an amazing track. One of my all time favrourite pieces of music and one I have 2 copies of as I play it so much.
posted a comment on Elkie Brooks - Two Days Away. over 3 years ago
Contains the Balearic dance floor favourite, Spiritland
posted a comment on Gene Farris - Blue Squad 001. over 3 years ago
Always really like the AA track 'Unholy'.
posted a comment on M.Craft - Sweets. over 3 years ago
Balearic gem 'She Sells Sanctuary' tucked away on the B side.
posted a comment on Sound Clash Republic - Sack The Drummer / Drums + Passion. over 3 years ago
Massive progressive house track. Time to dig out those leather trousers.
The flute and band sample (if you're interested) is from 80's band 'Kissing the Pink' - Last Film.
posted a comment on Dub Federation - Keep On Giving. over 3 years ago
"Dub Federation in the driving seat" Good memories of Manchester's Space Funk, Most Excellent and Venus in Nottingham.
posted a comment on IFeel Studio - Morgengruss III. over 3 years ago
Morgengruss III is such an amazing track and has been a constant in my record bag since it came out over 3 years ago.
posted a comment on Disco Elements - EP Vol 1. over 3 years ago
Great early release from Azuli. Classy 'ruff disco' sounding tracks. Along with the early Nature Boy EP's (aka DJ Nature) feel. I loved these ep' s and in 92 it took my appreciation of disco music into a deeper and darker direction.
posted a comment on T.C. Crew* Featuring 1015 - Bak From The Underground. over 3 years ago
Worth getting hold of for the amazing deep house number Remix "91". Original deep house music in the mould of Bobby Konders. Remix "91" starts with the vocal sample (thankfully only at the start) "You are now about to whitness the power of street ... See full review
posted a comment on Urban Jungle (2) - I'm In Love With You. over 3 years ago
This is a very underated Italian house track. All the ingreadents are there from cheeky samples to the obligatory diva but it's done in a cool Mediterranean (dare I say it).... Balearic way.

Understated in terms of what was around at the time and not ... See full review
posted a comment on L.A. Mix - Love Together. over 3 years ago
This was massive at the Hacienda at both the 'Hot' and 'Nude' nights. Absolute classic.
posted a comment on Coco Steel And Lovebomb* - Feel It. over 3 years ago
A stone cold classic.
posted a comment on DJ Skull - Stomping Grounds. over 3 years ago
For me it's all about 'The Kissing Game'. This is one of the finest (if not the finest) deep house/ techno track(s) ever made.
posted a comment on Tranquility Bass - Broadcast Standard Issue No. 1. over 3 years ago
Cantamilla is an all time classic. This track reminds me of Richard Moonboots and going into Eastern Bloc Records in Manchester.
posted a comment on Coyote (5) / Smith & Mudd ft Rachel Davies - Ayahuasca / My Hill. over 3 years ago
Great EP. Not only do you get Smith & Mudd : My Hill... but also The Nhessingtons turn in a great remix of Coyote's Ayahuasca!
posted a comment on Kurt Maloo / Sophie Zelmani - Afterglow / If I Could. over 3 years ago
Come on Balearic Mike, when are we going to get another installment from your excellent little record label?
posted a comment on Nhessingtons, BANDJO - Force Vol.1: Tunguska. over 3 years ago
A cornerstone of my record box. Nhessingtons – You're The Summer. An essential piece of music mixing Swedish pop and chugging Balearic house.
posted a comment on Williams - Love On A Real Train. over 3 years ago
I've got this record and I was thinking about selling it. It's just a straight cover of Tangerine Dream – Love on a Real Train. Save yourself some cash and pick up the original.
posted a comment on Sun Araw - Beach Head. over 3 years ago
Horse Steppin' is just such as amazing track. I don't know how you'd classify it. It's like a musical narcotic and apparently it's a tribute to Neil Young.
posted a comment on Acos CoolKAs - Stellar Way E.P.. over 3 years ago
Great 12" this. Shades of Metro Area... shades of Balearic house.... but for me the track I've been playing out regularly, since 2008 is the deep electronica of Lazy Moon. Quality stuff by the boys from Russia.
posted a comment on Nature Boy - Ruff Disco Volume One. over 3 years ago
Fantastic double ep. I purchased this when it came out and for years was a bit disappointed with its muddy production and ruff edited nature. How wrong I was.
posted a comment on The Detroit Experiment - Think Twice (Mark E Remixes). over 3 years ago
Excellent mixes and dubs from Mark E. Very subtle use of the horns make this a proper dubbed out deep track and perfect foil to CC's original version.
posted a comment on Boo Williams - Lost Of Time. over 3 years ago
Some great work on this double 12 from Boo. Many are still very playable and have stood the test of time. A highly recomended double pack worthy of your attention.
posted a comment on John Waynes* - Take Me Out. over 3 years ago
No review, no Youtube? I can't believe this record is on at such a low price. - Only 200 were pressed of this amazing track (that could be the reason, nobody knows it). It's still a cracking tune and if you like Gatto Fritto's ‎stuff on Dissident check ... See full review
posted a comment on Ideal (2) - Sex Chants. over 3 years ago
Yep, mine is poorly recorded too. 'The Atmoshere' is a deep house classic too. Shame.
posted a comment on Gemini - Welcome To The Future. over 3 years ago
Welcome To The Future is pretty standard Relief jackin' tackle. The pure brilliance here is 'Jovial' and for me, one of the best, if not 'the' best track put out by Relief. Very Detroit in feel with an amazing deep baseline and with more than a a nod to ... See full review
posted a comment on Green Velvet - Velvet Tracks. over 3 years ago
There is another listing for The Preacher Man as RR 702 the extra tracks on the downside

Off The Hook
They Came From Outer Space