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Top 10 Trax...
1. Ron Hagen & Pascal M. - Forever
2. Komakino - Can't Stop
3. Kenny Sharp - Missing You '97
4. Loving Loop - Can't Get Enough 1999
5. B.T. - Mercury & Solace
6. Blue Planet - Blue Planet
7. Angel Beats - Give it to Me
8. Scott Bond Vs Solarstone - 3rd Earth
9. DreamWave - Lift Off
10.Code-19 - Es Geht Los

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posted a review of Pablo Gargano - Senza Volto - An Eve Collection. over 13 years ago
This is the finest multipack vinyl collection around if you are into hard melodic trance. Most of the tracks on here are unavailable anywhere else and, although you may have heard them at trance raves and parties, you might not know who they're produced ... See full review
posted a review of Members Of Plasma - Ultimate Seduction. over 13 years ago
'Ultimate Seduction' is a very classy piece of melodic trance that is largely overlooked when talking about classic trance. Maybe because it only comes in at around 140 bpm's or maybe due to the male vocal: "Time to take your chance, come closer to ... See full review
posted a review of Meteor 7* - Analogical Elements. over 13 years ago
'Analogical Elements' was, as is the case with any classic trancer, played by DJ M-Zone at the Uprising raves in the mid 90's. Its a bit of a wierd one as it combines a fantastic uplifting trance melody with a filthy, acidic techno style bassline which ... See full review
posted a review of Cyclone Tracy / Nostrum - Piano In Trance / Brainchild (Remix). over 13 years ago
Of course, these are two of the finest trance classics ever produced. Cyclone tracey - 'Piano in Trance' is a strict repress of the original, but Nostrum - 'Brainchild' has been altered somewhat and the end result is a bit of a mess to be honest. The ... See full review
posted a review of Beyond Reality - Mind Runner. over 13 years ago
DJ Noya, the resident of Dizstruxshon raves in the mid 1990's, used to play this and it used to rock. Its a very uplifting and futuristic trancer, just how i like it, with a bloke on the intro saying something like this:"In the future, let us seek that ... See full review
posted a review of Moogwai - The Labyrinth. over 13 years ago
'Part One' is awesome on this one. Its a track that will make you enter your own world on the dancefloor as its crazy rythmn takes over your mind. The tempo is strange as it is one of those trance records that does not use 4/4 time as a way of ... See full review
posted a review of Ron Hagen & Pascal M* - Forever. over 13 years ago
The original mix of this is amazing in my opinion. The melody is the most beautifully uplifting vibe i've ever heard that swirls around and just makes you wanna dance. The melody breaks down and whoosh, its back again, getting those hands in the air, if ... See full review
posted a review of Scott Bond Vs. Solarstone - 3rd Earth. over 13 years ago
This is a very good track for me also. The way the bassline builds up from the introduction just makes you want to slap the air, then in comes the beautiful choir like vocals which are taken from 'The Lamb' by the famous classical composer John Taverner. ... See full review
posted a review of Sequel Bass - The Third Chapter. over 13 years ago
The "3rd Chapter" is possibly the best release on Tunnel records. It was brought to my attention when DJ Gollum played it at Uprising in February 1998. The bass line sounds so twisted but works perfectly, then breaks down to a hard house hoover sound, ... See full review
posted a review of Various - DJ Networx E.P. Vol. II. over 13 years ago
4 trax showing the wide range of talent and sounds coming out of Hamburg. Space Planet offer their usual unique uplifting trance sound. Vincent Vega contributes a clubbier sound than usual but with those little touches that means it still remains ... See full review
posted a review of Various - DJ Networx EP Volume III. over 13 years ago
This is a good varied e.p. from Tunnel records which although has a commercial appeal is also useful in the underground clubs. The best track for me is Angel Beats - "No Out", which has a very hard bass line and builds and builds right from the first ... See full review
posted a review of Gollum & Arne L II - Dildo Desperados. over 13 years ago
'Action' can really cause mayhem if dropped at the right time of the night. It has such a unique feel to it thats neither trance not hardcore, with the power of the track heightened by the sample from the T.V. show Thunderbirds:-"Standy By For Action".
... See full review
posted a review of Dance 2 Trance - Take A Free Fall. over 13 years ago
" the bottomless well...the human soul...a different plane...where heart and mind become the same..." Cue huge old skool piano riff and a trancey bass-line thats way before its time.
Theres also a male vocal;"Take a Free Fall", that fits in ... See full review
posted a review of Vincent Vegas* - Babylon. over 13 years ago
Excellent release from Tunnel Records' DJ Shoko. The title track 'Babylon' is an uplifting trancer that could be played in most commercial and rave clubs. The Arne L II and Shoko remix is definately one for the harder clubs, with the typical Arne L II ... See full review
posted a review of Loving Loop - Can't Get Enough 1999. over 13 years ago
Spaceflower have been responsible for some of the finest rave music around. For me, this is the best of the lot. Its totally pumping, with a melody that just makes you want to stomp forever. Then the mayhem stops and in comes the massive second melody ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Dynamic - My Rhythm Makes You Move. over 14 years ago
For me, Harem records was all about pounding, melodic trance, whereas this release signals the departure from this approach. The label had to change with the times and DJ Dynamic makes a pretty good job of the transition from hard n fast to a more club ... See full review
posted a review of Steve Morley - Reincarnations. over 14 years ago
Superb club trance track, championed by Scott Bond on its release. Theres a surprisingly pounding bassline on this, considering its commercial appeal, which is probably down to its euphoric melody whcih later spins into a minor key. Had an airing at the ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Juan Cruz* - Harmonycs. over 14 years ago
'Harmonycs' is a track that defines the 'Makina' style of music: a high bpm blend of trance and hardcore. Very cheesy, predictable but very uplifting. Features the sample...'Harry cooper, was a super duper trooper' and the breakdown says 'electronic head ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Yanny & The Paragod - Initialize (Remixes). over 14 years ago
This remix package does the original no favours at all, with the Gary D. and DR. Z re-hash coming at the bottom of the pile. I don't know what they were on when they produced this but they've somehow managed to turn 'Initialize' into an alternative theme ... See full review
posted a review of K Complex & Energy* - Free The Brain / Mindwinder. over 14 years ago
'Free the Brain' is an all powerful nu-energy track from the masters of the genre. Totally bangin with a cheesy yet totally uplifting breakdown. Has a fantastic sample on it too..."Your father wanted to use computers to free the brain from the body. The ... See full review
posted a review of Paraphonatic - Reincarnation. over 14 years ago
The Gary D and Timo Maas remix stands out a mile on this one. Very catchy and totally uplifting! The intro hears a female voice repeating the immortal line "Step forward into another dimension". Awesome!!
posted a review of Cocooma - EP. over 14 years ago
An excellent 3 tracker from Cocooma. Energetic has the sample "...and god saw the light, and it was good.let there be light" as heard later on the Yellow night E.P. on Tunnel records. The track totally chills out the dancefloor, leaving it stood still ... See full review
posted a review of The Rapid Eye* - H.E.I.G.H.T.S.. over 14 years ago
Excellent first release from Trance Communications. The bass line and vocals give it a slightly Ibizan trance edge. The melody is also awesome - great memories of this track.
posted a review of Zone One - One House Nation. over 14 years ago
Absolutely awesome stuff from M-Zone. The epitome of his style back in the day with some huge, dark, German influenced hard trance. "If you Believe, i will believe, my fantasy, just realise theres one house nation"
posted a review of M-Zone. over 14 years ago
M-Zone is one of the biggest heroes of the scene but manages to remain underground. Every time i've had the pleasure to bump into him at raves or record shops he's always been very friendly too!! Am proud to say i'm from the same beautiful town as this ... See full review
posted a review of DJ M-Zone* - Complete Runaround. over 14 years ago
A strange bit of vinyl this one. Sounds like he's just coming to terms with the equipment at his disposal."Swiss Cheese" has to be one of the maddest trax around with its crazy yodelling sound (wonder who's responsible for that sample?). On all the ... See full review
posted a review of Oakenfold* - Southern Sun / Ready Steady Go. over 14 years ago
This is what its all about if you enjoy the more vocal side of uplifting trance. Great vocals and an excellent melody. Its nothing innovative but certainly does the job at pulling those heart strings!
posted a review of Oakenfold* - Southern Sun 2004. over 14 years ago
Sounded good in the record shop but listening to it later was a different story! This is one of the worst trax i've ever bought.The guitar is so dated (its been done to death by ATB, York etc.) and throughout the vinyl, the beats aren't even in time(!!), ... See full review
posted a review of Nostrum - Brilliant. over 15 years ago
This is brilliant! A very haunting track with a foreboding bell sound punctuating a chugging bassline. Then of course theres the typical Nostrum angelic melody, perfect for that after party vibe. Theres also a male spoken vocal on this that sounds like ... See full review
posted a review of Code-19 - Es Geht Los. over 15 years ago
Humungous hard trance and a former crowd pleaser with DJ M-Zone. The most futuristic sounds combine to make this a totally unique aural experience and the different sections last just the right amount of time to keep the dancefloor hooked. Classic.
posted a review of DJ Dean - EP. over 15 years ago
There's four excellent trax on this. "Horny baby" is a Tracid Traxx style chugging trancer with some sexy female vocals and a crunching bassline."Give into me" is, for me, the stand out track on the E.P. as it has so much uplifting energy and a ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Yanny & The Paragod - Initialize. over 15 years ago
The perfect example of the awesome hardcore trance sound of Fog Area. Massively uplifing and bouncy. Its the one that says "Get Ready to Go!"
posted a review of A.I.D.A. - Far And Away / Merit. over 15 years ago
2 lovely pieces of trance on this one. 'Merit' has more of a set building feel to it, whereas 'Far & Away' stands out as a massively uplifitng Dutch trancer. The opening builds and builds with a fine piano line and gallops into a soaring hands in the air ... See full review
posted a review of Sunset (2) - Lost You. over 15 years ago
A nice emotional melodic trance track, written by DJ Mellow-D for the slower trance floors. Loses its emphasis at the first breakdown but comes flying back with the return of the original melody. The vocal says "Another day, another month...i've lost ... See full review
posted a review of Fast - Transmission. over 15 years ago
The 'Fast' remix stands out for its acidic groove and totally uplifting melody. The melody does get a bit boring as it goes on for too long in my opinion but this can be forgiven. "Broadcasting First Transmission" is the sample used.
posted a review of Norman Taylor - Sexmachine. over 15 years ago
Gut wrenching melody on this, made possible by the fusion of a piano and the famous Nostrum 'angel sound'. The setting is suitably futuristic aswell with the robotic 'Sexmachine' sample. A tear-jerking classic.
posted a review of Future Grip - Take Me To The Top. over 15 years ago
A bit of a break away from the norm for Spaceflower as its much slower and clubbier than ususal. Theres no pounding bassline or futuristic samples here, but there is a nice n happy bouncy melody for the beginning of a set.
posted a review of X-Ite - Cyberworld. over 15 years ago
Oh yes!'Cyberworld' used to rock the raves front to back: a chugging dark hard trancer with a wicked 303 plus of course the sample 'Cyberworld' that blasts you straicht to the year 3000!
posted a review of Velocity - Future. over 15 years ago
An atmospheric piano track in a minor key with a pulsating rhythm. Combines the classic sound of the piano with the futuristic noises of trance to good effect.
posted a review of Kamasutra™* - Waterfront. over 15 years ago
I was lucky enough to speak to Gary D. when he played at Dizstruxshon (Doncaster, England). He said this track was influenced by 'The First Rebirth' by Jones and Stephenson. It does uses the same choir sound and has that same hard edginess to it with the ... See full review
posted a review of Amorph - Sunflow. over 15 years ago
'Sunflow' is a brilliant uplifitng hard trance track. This is proved by the fact that DJ M-Zone was still playing it 3 years after its release at parties such as 'The Plleasuredome' and 'Tomorrows World'. A real stormer that leaves the dancefloor gasping ... See full review
posted a review of Dream Wave - Lift Off. over 15 years ago
UK DJ Kevin Energy has been known to use this in his sets as a build up to his manic 'Nu Energy' sound. This track has a blinding melody typical of Spaceflower releases that is cheesy but totally rockin. A hard trance classic from the days when the BPMs ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Tom-X vs. Steve Cypress - The Rhythm. over 15 years ago
'You sustain the rhythm, i'll retain the beat,the only chance we give em, lets turn this cold to heat'. This is the spoken vocal layered over a bouncing bassline thats a bit softer than the usual Tom-x /Bush material. The melody is totally uplifiting but ... See full review
posted a review of BT - Mercury And Solace (Disc 2). over 15 years ago
Oh my word. Absolute perfection from B.T. Everything is right on this record, the infectious percussion, the subtle pianos and the heart breaking vocal 'Reach out for me...Reach out.'
Every componet is subtle on its own but when fused together in this ... See full review
posted a review of Cyclone Tracy - Piano In Trance. over 15 years ago
'Piano in Trance' is possibly the biggest trance track ever, made famous in England at raves such as Uprising, Dizstruxshon, Dreamscape, Vibealite etc.
A momentously happy and uplifting record which includes a huge piano melody and bouncy bouncy ... See full review
posted a review of Jam & Spoon's* Hands On Yello - You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess- Great Mission. over 15 years ago
Dominated the dancefloors of the underground hard dance scene of the mid 1990's. Features the most twisted sounding of spoken vocals "We hate it..We want it..We get it...We love it...EXCESS!". Fantastic hard trance.
(Bootlegs of this have recently ... See full review
posted a review of Armin van Buuren - Big Room Trance. over 15 years ago
Mixed to perfection by Armin, the CD does indeed contain some 'Big Room Trance', mainly Cern 'The Message', but the majority of the tracks sound like something for the smaller clubs and perhaps a beginning of the night set.
The CD is very uplifting and ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Rave Mission Volume V - The Jubilee Box. over 15 years ago
An essential collection of trance classics. Most of these were pioneering in their day, particurlarly Commander Tom 'Are am eye'.
The bonus CD is mixed with skill by DJ T-Rex.
This is a must for anyone wanting to discover the roots of hard trance.
posted a review of DJ Dean - What's Wrong. over 15 years ago
The DJ Session One mix is a good uplifting trance piece with a breakdown silmilar to that of KayCee - 'Escape'. This remix cannot compare with the 'DJ Dean club mix',a very well produced track in the typically uplifting style of DJ Dean after he had ... See full review
posted a review of Dave X - Under Control. over 15 years ago
'Under control' chugs along in a minimal techno style with very little to show that it is indeed a Tunnel records track (the Tunnel web site describes this as progressive). However, 'Anything is possible' is more in the Tunnel vein with a cheeky and ... See full review