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Great comp! I listened to this a lot when I was a kid. Was there only one pressing of this?
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My kids have me in "buy-only" status. They are both really into music, and want the collection my ex-wife and I share when we kack it. ;) Plus the cover is pretty worn from the 35 years of moves from place to place, since I got it. Aloha- Toby.
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Thank you for the info! Greatly appreciated! Three more words!
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Whoops! Responding to myself? Early Onset Alzheimer's? Three more words?
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I have a pink one of these. white labels, no markings, same sleeve. Any idea what this is? It is not red- it is definitely pink. Thank you for any help.
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I bought this in 1983, after hearing the "Slow and Low/She's On It" EP. Not my favorite punk stuff, or my favorite Beasties stuff- but I have always wondered- who is the pup on the B-side ("other side") label? Inquiring minds want to know. ;)
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Great band, nice guys! I saw them many times growing up in the punk scene in San Diego, and I agree with BillSwingo- this is the recording of theirs that I love most! :) I still have mine that I bought used in 1983 at Lou's Records!
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I found this: PUNKY GIBBON: "The Exploited's former manager brought out this EP after his two bands started making it big. The Anti-Pasti tracks were recorded at Wragby Studios in 1980 and sound like what they are: shoddy demos. The Exploited's side is ... See full review
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I love this album- ever since I first heard it in like '81. I have a test pressing of this c. July 25,1977. Runout numbers "SR-1-6037-LW1 STERLING * " and " SR-2-6037-LW1 STERLING * " . Generic sleeve, generic center label on vinyl, with the printed ... See full review