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Tony Allen - Black Voices
posted a comment on Tony Allen - Black Voices. about 1 year ago
Must be combined with the 1999 master release... It's the saaaame <3
George Duke
posted a comment on George Duke. about 1 year ago
More instrumental and good albums:
Faces In Reflection
The Aura Will Prevail
I Love The Blues, She heard My Cry
After Hours

Also, check out George's own descriptions of all his records!

I think I... See full review
Robert Ashley - In Sara, Mencken, Christ And Beethoven There Were Men And Women
posted a comment on Robert Ashley - In Sara, Mencken, Christ And Beethoven There Were Men And Women. about 1 year ago
I love your review. "A great album to clear out parties!" fits the ironic tone of the album, too! <3
Ursula Rucker - Ma'at Mama
posted a comment on Ursula Rucker - Ma'at Mama. about 1 year ago
Imo we need more black radical feminist music, though, tbh <3.
Mörpheme - 形態素
posted a review of Mörpheme - 形態素. about 1 year ago
goooooooooooood shit
goooooooooood shioot
gooooooooood shiooot
gooooooood shiooooot
goooood shioooooooot
goood shioooooooooot
god shioooooooooooot
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Yeah this is good shit. I like this music. Shit yeah this is... See full review
Klein (11) - Frozen
posted a review of Klein (11) - Frozen. about 1 year ago
I would like this on vinyl. Maybe. Thank you. Noisy therapy music. Yay.
Bongeziwe Mabandla - Iimini
posted a review of Bongeziwe Mabandla - Iimini. about 1 year ago
I love this record! <3 A little less polished or "typically" produced than his previous release Mangaliso, with the songs evolving organically, and sometimes flowing into one another. There's also a lovely tempo shift, subtle, but impactful, imo, and... See full review
Aoba Ichiko - アダンの風 (Adan No Kaze)
posted a comment on Aoba Ichiko - アダンの風 (Adan No Kaze). about 1 year ago
Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas! Yas!
Slauson Malone - A Quiet Farwell, 2016–2018
posted a review of Slauson Malone - A Quiet Farwell, 2016–2018. about 1 year ago
this album is THERAPY materialized into a rock hard sauce full of dark colors and impressions <3 Existential funny trippy moody, very very human. :) Thanks, Slauson Malone
Colored Music - Colored Music
posted a comment on Colored Music - Colored Music. about 1 year ago
i think this just came out, on All City Record shop, an the label is... Rush Hour?
(Rush Hour, Rush Hour Store Japan, Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.,... See full review
Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest
posted a comment on Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest. about 1 year ago
Thank you for sharing your opinion. It's very valid. I don't like or hate this album. I don't care. But i'ts okay to care, too. We all listen to music. Birds are music. Thank you for the great conversation. Thank you for sharing.... See full review
Sister Nancy - One, Two
posted a comment on Sister Nancy - One, Two. about 1 year ago
FFF III RRR EEE needs a reissue def <3<3<3<3<<33<3 tell yo friends
Pauline Oliveros - Primordial / Lift
posted a comment on Pauline Oliveros - Primordial / Lift. about 1 year ago
Shouldn't this be combined with the 1999/2000 release? It's the same composition, but another recording. Maybe the composition's so free and the recording so different that they shouldn't be treated as versions/reissues of the same thing? Okay. Then... See full review
Hama (5) - Houmeissa
posted a comment on Hama (5) - Houmeissa. about 1 year ago
Yeah, I think Sahel Sounds wants the formats separated, like some do. :) (Love this record, though!)
Various - Uchronia – Field Recordings From Alternate Realities
posted a review of Various - Uchronia – Field Recordings From Alternate Realities. about 1 year ago
Lol I completely love this stuff. So varied that I can't stop listening, and so filled with street traffic and city sounds that it feels super real. Which it is, I guess. Chris from Sahel Sounds did a great job finding people and exchanging ideas... See full review
Paul Simon - One-Trick Pony
posted a review of Paul Simon - One-Trick Pony. over 2 years ago
For some reason this is my favorite Paul Simon album... Is it cause it's the one I was exposed to first, or is it actually more special than the others? To me the lyrics are fun and thoughtful, but after discovering it's a soundtrack for a so-and-so... See full review
L'Rain - L'Rain
posted a comment on L'Rain - L'Rain. over 2 years ago
This is sooooooooo reaaallllyyyyyyy trippy happy awesome sounding juice! Really hoping there'll be more of this, cause it's just pure therapy. For brainsoul. Thnsnkx
Sea Urchin, Aki Goto's Shirotento Orchestra - Natal Uranus, il corpo sotto la sabbia / Birthdays
posted a comment on Sea Urchin, Aki Goto's Shirotento Orchestra - Natal Uranus, il corpo sotto la sabbia / Birthdays. over 2 years ago
Mmmmmmmm mmmmmmm mmmmmm mmmmmmmmm mm mm mm mmmmmmmmmmm mmmmm mmmmmeditative <3
Meshell Ndegeocello* - The World Has Made Me The Man Of My Dreams
posted a review of Meshell Ndegeocello* - The World Has Made Me The Man Of My Dreams. over 2 years ago
I need this on vinyl... :C But it's on Spotify, though, so it's easy to show to people. My fav from Meshell <3
Childish Gambino - 3.15.20
posted a review of Childish Gambino - 3.15.20. over 2 years ago
Yeeeeeeeees let's go let's go let's go, Glover! First heard on Twitch partly by mistake, this digitally hit my face, form following function. I wonder if this is gonna be remembered as the virus gambino album, where the kid's (his daughter?) voice... See full review
NV* - Binasu
posted a review of NV* - Binasu. over 2 years ago
"Shiiiiiet this is really good!" I thought while listening to the album on bandcamp while working from home with by gf studying at the same living room table and the left over evening sun glaring in my face. #coronanorway

Every other so or so without... See full review
Sampa The Great - The Return
posted a comment on Sampa The Great - The Return. over 3 years ago
Lovely, warm, honest, soulful, rough and smooth at the same time... Sounds like there's both tracks with dope sampling and studio band session stuff, which gives a nice dynamic journey to the pretty long album. Lovely to hear this voice both singing... See full review
Egberto Gismonti - Egberto Gismonti
posted a review of Egberto Gismonti - Egberto Gismonti. over 3 years ago
Favorite album by Gismonti! Several worlds of different moods and arrangements, still held together by the playful variation on the same instruments. Very inspiring para mi <3
E.S.T. - Leucocyte
posted a comment on E.S.T. - Leucocyte. over 3 years ago
Woah, really?!? I've got two, didn't seem that rare :0 Cool, love this stuff
Elza Soares - The Woman Of The End Of The World (A Mulher Do Fim Do Mundo) + End Of The World Remixes
posted a comment on Elza Soares - The Woman Of The End Of The World (A Mulher Do Fim Do Mundo) + End Of The World Remixes. over 3 years ago
Hey! It's a digital :) With full lyrics sheet in English and Portuguese, very nice. <3
Judy Nylon and Crucial - Pal Judy
posted a comment on Judy Nylon and Crucial - Pal Judy. over 3 years ago
Agreed! <3 Songs are so different, trippy and introspective and explorative. The subject matters / lyrics are cool, thoughtful and go perfectly with the band's sometimes lazy, sometimes eccentric interplay. Very unique, got some real funky tracks... See full review
Pauline Oliveros - The Roots Of The Moment
posted a review of Pauline Oliveros - The Roots Of The Moment. over 3 years ago

(Another solo expression of accordion vibes, zooms you way out and way inward at the same time <3)
Yamila* - Iras Fajro
posted a review of Yamila* - Iras Fajro. over 3 years ago
Really interesting and new stuff from a quite unknown Netherland-based Spanish composer/producer/celloist! Lots of beautiful, unique aural spaces to immerse yourself in, with layers of sometimes drone-like, sometimes ambient and mystic, sometimes... See full review
Metá Metá - Metal Metal
posted a review of Metá Metá - Metal Metal. over 3 years ago
Super love this album! Important spiritual, hard-hitting, soulful, gritty and beautiful music, clearly made with joy, soul and genuine feelings of anger, amazement, wonder, etc. Hope they keep developing and save Brazil. :,/ <3
Tropical Fuck Storm - A Laughing Death In Meatspace
posted a review of Tropical Fuck Storm - A Laughing Death In Meatspace . over 3 years ago
...But the CD sounded good, at least! (Since the LP apparently is lacking?)
Some fresh noisy raging emotional music here, really loving the varying intensity and the dynamic use of guitars and voices layered on top of each other. And at the same time... See full review
MIA* - Maya
posted a comment on MIA* - Maya. over 3 years ago
Thank you. Yeah this album blows me away in many ways. Prone to be my fave by MIA :o
Eliane Radigue - Songs Of Milarepa
posted a comment on Eliane Radigue - Songs Of Milarepa. over 3 years ago
Shouldn't this release be under the same master release as the 1998 and 2003 CD releases? They have three more songs, but that's clearly cause there was more room on the format.
Shabazz Palaces - Black Up
posted a comment on Shabazz Palaces - Black Up. over 3 years ago
I guess Undun by The Roots is considered by many to be one of the top hip hop records of that year? But yeah I, too, second this album being an instaclassic. <3
hubbabubbaklubb - Eddie & Suzanne
posted a review of hubbabubbaklubb - Eddie & Suzanne. over 4 years ago
Two darn clapping retro soft cake muffin gum jams on this thing. Sounds great on 33RPM, real slow and vapory... Ty, gg <3
Haruomi Hosono = 細野晴臣* - Philharmony = フィルハーモニー
posted a review of Haruomi Hosono = 細野晴臣* - Philharmony = フィルハーモニー. over 4 years ago
This is a wonderful album to me. Described as Hosono’s most boundary-pushing and skitzofrenic effort, it clearly communicates his vision of music making. Playful, funky, twisted, funny, innovative, colorful, and truly modern. It’s a great trip.... See full review
Alice Coltrane - Eternity
posted a review of Alice Coltrane - Eternity. over 4 years ago
A vinyl reissue in Europe of this would be much appreciated, as the last one was in Germany 1976, and getting stuff from the US isn't affordable :S

Anyways, a personal favourite from Alice Coltrane! Just due to the sheer diversity and energy of the... See full review
Wire - 154
posted a comment on Wire - 154. over 4 years ago
Bought it from Galactic Supermarket in Berlin, but suspected it was unofficial, because of the Arial font (unlike original) and the darker colors of the cover art (maybe just a crappier print of the cover?). And no lyrics/info other than on record :0... See full review
Pedro Santos - Krishnanda
posted a comment on Pedro Santos - Krishnanda. over 4 years ago
Arthur Verocai is, like Pedro here, also an active collaborator/musician in Brazilian music that only did one(?) solo record. Recommended! One of Madlib’s alleged favourites <3
Another one is Marconi Notaro: No Sub Reino Dos Metazoários! Very... See full review
Noname (18) - Telefone
posted a review of Noname (18) - Telefone. over 4 years ago
This is some soft sweet but also real soulful relevant deep hip hop! All those chords really massage your brain while Noname just talks harmonically and beautifully on themes of personality, society, love, streams of thought. Well done!!!

(Why is... See full review
Medslaus - Poorboy
submitted Medslaus - Poorboy. over 4 years ago
Mike (408) - May God Bless Your Hustle
posted a review of Mike (408) - May God Bless Your Hustle. over 4 years ago
A lot of different sounding moods (mostly samples + programmed beats and some synth?!?!), with some impressive lyrics and delivery all over. Existential and hopeless, but then more positive and empowering. Honest... A nice journey through Mike's and... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
Doom* And Madlib - Madvillain - Madvillainy
posted a review of Doom* And Madlib - Madvillain - Madvillainy. over 4 years ago
💣My score:
Enjoyability: 19/20
Variety: 15/20
Appeal/lyrics: 19/20
Originality: 18/20
Skills: 19/20
A colorful, funky, inventive and impressive trip through twisted but appealing spaces and characters.
George Duke - Faces In Reflection
posted a review of George Duke - Faces In Reflection. over 4 years ago
YH!!! One of my fav jazz records. <3 George Duke trio at its freshest and most ambitious. First time he really whipped out the synth and explored its possibilities (thanks to Zappa, who got him both to sing and to play synth, I've read!). Impressive... See full review
Madvillain - Madvillainy
posted a review of Madvillain - Madvillainy. over 4 years ago
Everybody loves this almost... Well I do, too. Still relevant and interesting and impressive 14 years lateroony.

TT score: 19/15/18/18/19=89%
Flying Lotus - You're Dead!
posted a review of Flying Lotus - You're Dead!. over 4 years ago
Remember seeing this on ad posters on the London subway... Made me hipster-avoid the album for a bit. Gotta say, though, I, for one, do like the short tracks and the wide experimental vibe (just trying new things and collaborating is impressive). If... See full review
Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica
posted a review of Oneohtrix Point Never - Replica. over 4 years ago
Yeah I, too, kinda love this. Organic meets synthesized with samples, loops and synths. A fun and pretty varied journey. Some good images in my head now <3 Serious and playful, def my fav oneohtrix release atm. Recommended!
Charlotte Day Wilson - Stone Woman
posted a review of Charlotte Day Wilson - Stone Woman. over 4 years ago
Lovely soulful compositions with slick, modern grooves and production laying the foundation for some well done storytelling. Charlotte’s voice has a unique depth and authenticity to it, making the songs cool and intimate. Most of the tracks are kinda... See full review
Brad Mehldau Trio - Where Do You Start
posted a review of Brad Mehldau Trio - Where Do You Start. over 4 years ago
Brad Mehldau and his usual companions deliver the goods once again with some really high quality performances. Soothing, challenging and interesting interpretations of more or less known compositions makes this session (recorded in the same studio and... See full review
The Streets - Original Pirate Material
posted a comment on The Streets - Original Pirate Material. over 4 years ago
If you hang out at second hand / charity shops you can find it for less than £5 in almost perfaderf condition ;) <3