I am an avid collector of music memorabilia.I also buy things in lots to get things I want and also to resell to fund my ventures. If you see something you would like , let me know, I'll see what we can do. I am willing to trade on some items as well (from collection too) if the offer is good!
I spent most of my teenage days wandering around town every weekend looking for rare music and memorabilia. The last few years I have sold most of my really rare items to help rebuild an updated collection which I am happy with. I am a big fan of pretty much all styles of music and very much feel it's a big part of my life and moods.

Some of my all time fave's are of course Tool, NIN, Marilyn Manson, Mudvayne, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer, Pink Floyd, The Doors, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, Rage Against The Machine, The Tea Party, White/Rob Zombie... you get the drift.

Have any rare Tool items, you no longer want, contact me!!!
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There is 2 version of this release; 1 has barcode 72445... and the one you have is 61422...the 61422 was the re-release of the barcode version, original with note and mail-in is the original.
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Any proof of this statement would be appreciated.