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Psychic Mirrors - I.C.F.Y.L. / The Witching Hour
submitted Psychic Mirrors - I.C.F.Y.L. / The Witching Hour. 4 months ago
submitted Psychic Mirrors - Nature Of Evil . 4 months ago
Ted Dunbar - Secundum Artem
posted a review of Ted Dunbar - Secundum Artem. about 1 year ago
I picked this up bc the players looked good and glad I did. Overall it's a deeper groove and everyone is playing at top form. No cliche's or noodling and deeper moods. Would recommend.
Don Ellis - At Minnesota
submitted Don Ellis - At Minnesota. about 1 year ago
SV Tha Mindscapa - In Tha Mind EP
submitted SV Tha Mindscapa - In Tha Mind EP. about 1 year ago
The Claus Ogerman Orchestra - Gate Of Dreams
posted a review of The Claus Ogerman Orchestra - Gate Of Dreams. about 1 year ago
Been a favorite for a long time now. Was on a Claus Ogerman dive and picked this up one day for a few bucks. For sure best use of that money. Put the record on not expecting anything and my skull continued to get pulled apart minute by minute. The... See full review
Motohiko Hamase - Reminiscence
posted a review of Motohiko Hamase - Reminiscence. about 1 year ago
Fantastic release. 10/10 Feel like the earlier versions were a bit more raw, where this takes it to new heights. Spectacular and listen to it a lot.
Bruce Forman - River Journey
posted a review of Bruce Forman - River Journey. over 3 years ago
Cover of Ahbez Nature Boy is the standout track on here. A few other decent tracks. Russell Ferrante really shines on here playing in a more Japanese jazz style. Forman plays guitar, not overly flashy. Tight band.
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
Iury Lech - Musica Para El Fin De Los Cantos
posted a comment on Iury Lech - Musica Para El Fin De Los Cantos. over 3 years ago
New re coming? Seen some sites hinting at a new re.
submitted River Roses - Each And All. over 3 years ago
Wayne Shorter - Second Genesis
posted a comment on Wayne Shorter - Second Genesis. over 3 years ago
I don't know what the original sounds like but I can't imagine it sounding a lot better on Vee Jay with age, etc. Not a bad way to get this, except the cover.
Dabrye + Shigeto - Unfolding
submitted Dabrye + Shigeto - Unfolding. over 3 years ago
Dabrye - Instrmntl
posted a comment on Dabrye - Instrmntl. over 3 years ago
Contains Gimmie Lowlands which was only on the JP CD. It's a favorite among the heads. The rest ain't at all shabby either. ;)
Dabrye - Box Set
posted a review of Dabrye - Box Set. over 3 years ago
No introduction or reviews necessary here! Essential 4 timeless LP's.
Keith Jarrett, Charles Lloyd, Dollar Brand, Michael White (2) - I Giganti Del Jazz Vol. 19
posted a review of Keith Jarrett, Charles Lloyd, Dollar Brand, Michael White (2) - I Giganti Del Jazz Vol. 19. over 3 years ago
These are easy to pasup and throw a low rating on but this one is really pretty decent. The first track is free session with Lloyd and Jarrett. Dollar Brand is on point as always. The best track on here is the Michael White with McBee, Ed Kelly and... See full review
Andrew White - Theme
posted a review of Andrew White - Theme. over 3 years ago
Really an amazing record and one of his best. Playing with a couple of the Blackbyrds.
Chuck Senrick - Dreamin'
posted a review of Chuck Senrick - Dreamin'. over 3 years ago
If you read the genre's listed above, you can see this is not an easy one to pin down. I think this album defies genres. The quality is there overall, some tracks are better than others, but the consistency is high on this one. On first listen, I was... See full review
Jim Capaldi - Fierce Heart
posted a review of Jim Capaldi - Fierce Heart. over 4 years ago
I'm all in on this one. Breezy AOR, electronics with rock, even Balearic vibes on some. Such a great album full of great song writing and interesting upbeat grooves on some, disco and soul influenced. Not for everyone but if anything I said intrigues,... See full review
Marvis Dee - Midnight Dreams
posted a review of Marvis Dee - Midnight Dreams. over 4 years ago
Great atmospheric deep house journey from front to back. Fans of Fred P and Larry Heard will enjoy.
Jolis & Simone - Jolis & Simone
posted a review of Jolis & Simone - Jolis & Simone. over 4 years ago
Essential AOR album with west coast flavors. Overall a solid record from front to back. Without a doubt, a few standouts, my favorite being Midnight Lady. Overlooked gem.
submitted Alessandro Cortini - Forse 1. over 4 years ago
Caural - Stars On My Ceiling
posted a review of Caural - Stars On My Ceiling. over 4 years ago
One of the best from this era IMO. Still holds up in 2020.
Leon Ware - Rainbow Deux
posted a review of Leon Ware - Rainbow Deux. over 4 years ago
Leon had a prolific career and it's amazing he had the longevity that few other artists can maintain. This is one of his better albums, hits as hard as his best from the past. It's not pandering or trying to hit a contemporary sound. It's distinctly... See full review
Neon Indian - Vega Intl. Night School
posted a comment on Neon Indian - Vega Intl. Night School. over 4 years ago
The misprint mark was about the label speeds. Changed bc no documentation and all that i have seen are 45RPM on us press
Art Blakey And The Jazzmessengers* - Album Of The Year
posted a review of Art Blakey And The Jazzmessengers* - Album Of The Year. over 4 years ago
Pretty good record overall but the star of the show is "In Case You Missed It" by Watson. Worth the price of admission alone. Been in my collection for a long time. There is another big band version of it by Persip that is also amazing.
Leon Ware
posted a comment on Leon Ware. over 4 years ago
Probably one of the best soul writers and singers ever. Especially considering his longevity, quality and ability to adapt to the changing times.
Nat Adderley Sextet - In The Bag
posted a review of Nat Adderley Sextet - In The Bag. over 4 years ago
Overall the record is good but RSVP and New Arrival are fantastic. Worth the price of admission.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 4 years ago
B. Baker Chocolate Co. - B. Baker Chocolate Co.
posted a review of B. Baker Chocolate Co. - B. Baker Chocolate Co.. over 4 years ago
Mixed bag of disco, funk, jazz, soul, etc. All star lineup. Dreamer is the standout track for me, but has a handful of decent tracks on there. If you are a fan of smoother jazz, cosmic touches, etc. this is one to check out. Still delivers after 15+ years. See full review
McCoy Tyner - Atlantis
posted a review of McCoy Tyner - Atlantis. over 4 years ago
This record shows what Tyner was doing out on the road, Berklee/San Francisco 1975, which is often different from what is going on in the recording studio. Live albums are usually more loose, energetic, wild, they take their time and often have been... See full review
Fruko Y Sus Tesos - Tesura
posted a review of Fruko Y Sus Tesos - Tesura. over 4 years ago
Solid salsa / guaguanco from Columbia. Has some vocal, some instrumental, fits in with the Fania sound. The vocals can get playful (el Brito) but solid player from front to back (last track is okay). You can hear some psych rock influences now and... See full review
submitted Joe Loco And His Quintet - Bravo Loco. over 4 years ago
Baiser - Summer Breeze
posted a review of Baiser - Summer Breeze. over 5 years ago
Review of instrumental. Italo chugger with a little contemporary jazz/uk boogie sprinkled in. It's not the most amazing track you will ever hear but it hits the spot.
Macondo (2) - Macondo
posted a review of Macondo (2) - Macondo. over 5 years ago
In the lines of the latin-rock-funk-soul movement of the 70s. I got this lp around 20 years ago and mainly liked it for one track, put it on recently and enjoyed the full a lot more than I used to. It's hard. Easy to find and worth the few bucks.
Duke Jordan - Les Liaisons Dangereuses
posted a review of Duke Jordan - Les Liaisons Dangereuses. over 5 years ago
Not to be confused with Art Blakey's session. Solid bop outing featuring a nice lineup, especially Charlie Rouse on Sax and Duke on piano. They really pull most of the weight. Nothing too insane but just a solid session that ranges from up tempo post... See full review
John & Jerry Case Sextet - Sextet Sessions
submitted John & Jerry Case Sextet - Sextet Sessions. over 5 years ago
Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra* - We Travel The Space Ways
posted a review of Sun Ra & His Myth Science Arkestra* - We Travel The Space Ways. over 5 years ago
It's hard to know how good or bad the recordings on some of these represses are, because the original may not be a lot better. Regardless, this is a really special Sun Ra. It has a lot of great players with great tunes. It's hard to pick favorites but... See full review
Gil Mellé - Mindscape
posted a review of Gil Mellé - Mindscape. over 5 years ago
One of the strangest releases on the Blue Note catalog. Gil takes a shot at new age after a break for 18 years, under an avant lens. Some parts are gentile and beautiful while others are dissonant. New Age often walks the line of magic or campy and... See full review
Wayne Shorter - The Collector
posted a comment on Wayne Shorter - The Collector. over 5 years ago
Pretty much his ETC lp with different tracks. Heads up
Mandré - Mandré
posted a review of Mandré - Mandré. over 5 years ago
It's always funny to me how records like this can remain so cheap and not even sought after. Pound for pound, you will be hardpressed to find a record as good as this for this type of money. If this would have been a private press (seems like they... See full review
The Putbacks* - The Putbacks
posted a review of The Putbacks* - The Putbacks. over 5 years ago
A sleeper from 2018. This is an interesting record and not sure how I feel about it totally but I keep coming back to it since it came out. I think my uncertainty comes from that it covers too much ground. It's a mixed bag of well-written songs but... See full review
Freddie Hubbard - Open Sesame
posted a comment on Freddie Hubbard - Open Sesame. over 5 years ago
This record sounds really nice. It's a tad muddy and I felt like I could hear compression but I would buy re's a lot more if they sounded like this, ;) I also don't have an original to check it against but the vinyl is great. Comes with a paper and... See full review
Pat LaBarbera Quartet - Virgo Dance
posted a review of Pat LaBarbera Quartet - Virgo Dance. over 5 years ago
This is one of those sleeper records that will eventually get 'found' and then sell for more. The full thing is contemporary vibe but hits a lot on the modal and spiritual side of things. It's worth checking out, I think YouTube has some clips up now.
Spider Burks Presents Leo's Five - Direct From The Blue Note Club
posted a review of Spider Burks Presents Leo's Five - Direct From The Blue Note Club. over 5 years ago
Really interesting and unique record. "Are You Real" is a dreamy jazz organ song, slow, dreamy... sounds like if a r+b act turned jazz or something. The second track follows suit. The third track is more up tempo, swings... most of the record is... See full review
James Brown - For Your Precious Love
submitted James Brown - For Your Precious Love. over 5 years ago
Donald Byrd - Slow Drag
posted a review of Donald Byrd - Slow Drag. over 5 years ago
An overlooked jem in the Byrd catalog. I have owned a large amount of his records and this is up at the top with Kofi, Knights, etc. Byrd went through a lot of styles, etc but this is some of his finest. It's not overly innovative or anything (at... See full review
The Ray Tabs Trio Introducing Sandra Mandella The Songs And Music Of Raphael Chicorel - I'm In Love With You
posted a comment on The Ray Tabs Trio Introducing Sandra Mandella The Songs And Music Of Raphael Chicorel - I'm In Love With You. over 5 years ago
Lounge jazz record with some breaks, nice power piano vibes, and some decent songs if this is your bag. Record one is mainly Sandra on vocals and not my thing. Record two is the better, more instrumentals and interesting. The pressing is a tad shoddy.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago
Walter Bishop, Jr.'s 4th Cycle - Keeper Of My Soul
posted a review of Walter Bishop, Jr.'s 4th Cycle - Keeper Of My Soul. over 5 years ago
One of my favorite soul jazz records. Walter Bishop tears it up while is full band keeps up with him. I really enjoy Woody Murray (vibes) on this, he has played on a lot of other great records. Ronnie Laws is wonderful, the whole band plays really... See full review