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posted a comment on John Williams (4) - Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). over 3 years ago
Wow $49. Cheeky b*****ds!!! Well I guess they worked out that copies of this in good condition will fetch those sorts of prices on here eventually, so they've just cut out the middlemen. Sucks for people who want to own it and enjoy it though.
posted a review of Wolfnacht - Töten Für W.O.T.A.N.. over 3 years ago
Fucking racist Nazi shit
posted a review of Paradox - Paralexia / Ambiguity. over 4 years ago
This is an unhurried juggernaut of precise, oily menace
posted a comment on Enjoy (6) - Layering Errors LP. over 4 years ago
Is there any talk of this being released on vinyl?
posted a comment on Spor - Caligo. over 4 years ago
Will this ever be released on vinyl?!
posted a comment on Evol Intent, Mayhem (7) & Psidream / Ben Sage - Assimilation / Sleepless (VIP Mix). over 4 years ago
I may be pretentious, but I was just describing what the tune does for me. No need for you to be a knob about it, and then follow up with a useless generic comment like "it's a belter"
posted a review of Various - Spine EP. over 4 years ago
Fearless is an awesome track - wave after wave of abstract threat crashing like a digital tsunami. In my personal opinion, the other three tracks are utter pants... they'd go well as backing to a "Chicken Tonight" advert!
posted a comment on Breakbeat Era - Ultra Obscene (Limited Edition Deluxe). over 4 years ago
Get over it buddy... many of us wish that ALL vinyl releases were 1 track per side!
posted a review of Grooverider - Pure Drum & Bass. over 4 years ago
I bought this when it was new and not a week has gone by since then that I have not played it! Brilliant track list, brilliant mix
posted a review of BC* - Digital Nation. over 4 years ago
A great album during what is widely recognised as a low point in time for dnb releases
posted a review of Flytronix - Second Encounta (Remixes). over 4 years ago
Although I'm not hugely keen on the "plinkiness" of the snares, this is still a great track with a satisfying, brooding baseline that glows through the percussion.
posted a comment on Proktah - Shadows EP. over 6 years ago
will this ever be released on vinyl? I love shadows and moodswing!
posted a comment on Sepultura - Roots Bloody Roots. over 6 years ago
yes, a better description would be red/white marbled, not the blend of the two colours. Any chance you could post a photo of the "first day cover"? - it might warrant a separate entry
posted a review of Mikal - The Chant / Headbanger. over 6 years ago
Headbanger clearly demonstrates to the dnb nose-curlers that this genre isn’t quite done yet. This is a guns-blazing, machete-wielding spanker!
posted a review of Grooverider - Where's Jack The Ripper?. over 6 years ago
For me this is definitely the stand-out track from Mysteries of Funk. This is textbook dark drum n bass – if you like minor key, bass and/or stormclouds then you’ll love this.
posted a review of Evol Intent, Mayhem (7) & Psidream / Ben Sage - Assimilation / Sleepless (VIP Mix). over 6 years ago
Assimilation is one of those tracks that I’m grateful to have heard. Overall a rather discreet, moody track, with the tiniest hints of optimism quelled at each turn by roaring bass and amen chops, it conjures up images of low-flying at supersonic speeds ... See full review
posted a review of Current Value - Prism / Delirium. over 6 years ago
Delirium is a nice, slow-burning dark roller, jam-packed with a simple, grinding, ominous, rising sense of panic. This track emphasises what I think is Current Value’s talent at creating the maximum sense of atmosphere with a minimum of layers.
posted a comment on Doc Scott - Far Away (Fourteen Flavours Of Funk) / It's Yours. over 6 years ago
good review :-)