I was DJ BLADE from 1996 - 2008. Started out with Jungle & DNB, continued with UK Garage, 8 Bar, Grime Dubstep and 4x4Bassline.

Organised bookings and parties with Dj Cameo, Hatcha, Crazy D, N-Type, Youngsta, Mary Anne Hobbs, D Double E and MC Purple.
Played also alongside Skream, Benga, Loefah, Male, Coki, Stg. Pokes, Kano and many others. It was a good time. Stopped when it all went "downhill" with dubstep.
Always liked to play Grime, but no-one beside me (ok like five people maybe) liked it aswell here in Switzerland i guess it was too ghetto.

Took like five years off from Djing. I still play sometimes, but im more or less retired.

Now i organise exhibitions in a old but renovated house, its a ARTSPACE / OFFSPACE. Im into New Materialism, Speculative Realism and Accelerationism. Will figure out later what that exactly means for me and my practice.

Anyway music is my second love.
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posted a comment on The House Crew - We Are Hardcore / Maniac (Hypermix).... over 3 years ago
Thank you for this insight into the history of the Orange Rave and the surroundings. History!
submitted Toxik Synther - Agent Of Technology . over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Sy Kick* - Nasty (Remix). over 3 years ago
Kind of a sad sentiment... anyway nice written words .
posted a comment on James Ferraro - Cold. over 3 years ago
One of the best albums from James Ferraro to date
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Eomac - One Spirit. over 3 years ago
Very interesting take on UK Garage. Sounds like a story from a far...
posted a comment on 2814 - 新しい日の誕生. over 3 years ago
im a dj for 20 years... now i cant get my hands on those vaporwave vinyls. You have to be constantly on guard. Its really a shame. Why the do this ? Just to make it ultra rare?
posted a comment on DJ Bigga.G* - Mind Body And Soul. over 3 years ago
Mind Body and Soul is such a classic! The drop is so good, instant rewind!
posted a comment on Code 3 (5) - Living Proof. over 3 years ago
Response call sounds VERY much like 12.01 from Lemon D on Valve 01 _ 1997.
posted a comment on Clarity (4) - Fractured / Off The Cuff. over 3 years ago
40£ Really? These prices are off the hook! Isn't there another exit?
posted a review of Commix - Talk To Frank / Electric. over 3 years ago
Talk to Frank reminds me quite a bit of the "Uprising" from Artificial Intelligence. Not to say it is in any way a bad track.
posted a comment on All Soundbwoy Out - Asbo. over 4 years ago
This is a Loefah production right? It was heavy chained on Rinse by Youngsta
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Rice & Peas. over 4 years ago
Does anyone know something about the artists on this one? Sounds like a compilation of different artists.
posted a comment on El-B - El-Breaks Vol. 2. over 4 years ago
No sticker here either. Just tagged EL B - B
posted a comment on New Horizon* - Sweet Release Part One. over 4 years ago
Find The Path might be the most sloppy and wonky piece of UK Garage i ever heard. Almost unbearable, but so catchy and funky like a chicken marinated in cajun.
posted a comment on Tom And Jerry - We Can Be Free. over 4 years ago
Scammers are the worst. Im sure they will roast in hell. Amen.
posted a comment on Spinback & Windmill* - In Effect / Divine Inspiration. over 5 years ago
from 63 to 250 quid? Wow that is quite a bit...
posted a comment on The House Crew - We Are Hardcore / Maniac (Hypermix).... over 5 years ago
The rocket in1991 was the club orange in camden right?
My friend got the first Hype mixtape from there.
posted a review of Various - Untitled. over 6 years ago
On my copy, on B1 there is a song from a producer named System F from Rotterdam, not Good Cop Bad Cop by Blatant.
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - F. Off - Vol. 4. over 6 years ago
Does anyone know the name of the B1 Track and the Producer?