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posted a comment on Delta 9 - Disco Inferno. 10 months ago
The original guitar part taken from Voïvod - Cosmic Conspiracy (Negatron CDA) 1995 :)
posted a comment on Culture Beat - Serenity. about 1 year ago
There are 2 types of eurodance projects:
1st is for the masses, it is good for dance only. Common pop. I mean bands like La Bouche, DJ Bobo etc. I listened to it in childhood, later stopped.

And there is the 2nd type of euro which consists of small... See full review
posted a comment on Delta 9 - Disco Inferno. over 2 years ago
I thought that too. But there is no such guitar melody in any song from this album :)
posted a comment on Centory - Alpha Centory. over 3 years ago
On cover track Point Of No Return is listed with 6.13 duration. Real time is 4.22.
posted a comment on Shape Of Despair - Monotony Fields. over 5 years ago
2015, not 2014 :)